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We Survived Typhoon "Ondoy" But Our House Didn't

Our house - Aftermath of the typhoon "Ondoy" - Dela Costa Homes Rodriguez Montalban Rizal Philippines.

This is just a quick note on what happened to our house in Dela Costa Homes, Montalban Rodriguez Rizal because of the typhoon "Ondoy". We visited our house today together with my younger brother and sister to check if we can still salvage something out of the rubble. We were so shocked at what happened to the whole village. The 12-foot flood leaves a thick mud all over the place. The residents are already rescued from their roofs and temporarily staying in nearby schools and church. Some of them returned to their homes to check if they can still save some of their belongings. Their blank and confused faces are reflections of their own horrible story and experience of last night’s deadly flood. 

We are so thankful because we are not there last night to witness and experience that horrifying flood. My sister was attending a birthday in Laguna, my brother and I was at work. I don’t know how many died in our subdivision. Although all our appliances, furniture and almost everything in our house were gone, still we are very thankful because we are all safe.

Below are few photos I took using my mobile phone:

Dela Costa Homes 5 residents trying to visit their homes after the flood

Thick mud left by the flood 

Our neighbors' car totally abandoned to save their lives

Unusable appliances & furniture covered with mud littered our neighborhood's alley

Our own house didn't missed the wrath of typhoon "Ondoy" - This is what we saw when we opened our locked door.

Our neighbor's abandoned motorcycle

My brother's favorite pet fish

This Calvin Klein perfume is a gift from my sister, which I am supposed to receive next week for my birthday. Well, I'm happy because I can still have it - wrapped in mud.

For those who are still looking for their relatives in Dela Costa Homes, most of them are currently staying in a nearby High School campus and the St. Joseph Church. They need drinking water, food and dry clothes.

Here are some emergency numbers that you may wish to send out to your friends and family.
National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC)
Emergency Numbers:
+63 2 912-5668
+63 2 911-1406
+63 2 912-2665
+63 2 911-5061
Help hotlines:
+63 2 734-2118
+63 2 734-2120

ABS-CBN Typhoon Ondoy Hotline:
landline: +63 416 3641

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