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Ten Ways to Escape Work and Afford a Vacation

It's reality. It's not easy to escape work for a mini-vacation. However, it is necessary to be more productive and of course we always deserve it as a reward for hard-work. 

I want to share here ten tips if you're planning to escape your stressful office for a mini-vacation.

1. Let the trip be the inspiration.

This is the best tip I can provide. Always consider the trip as a reward to yourself. The trick is to set your mind to it and to be flexible with your travel plans to get the most value from your hard earned money. Plus, being spontaneous about your travel destination can be half the fun of the vacation.

2. Finish your paperwork, file your vacation leave and be prepared.

First things first. If you have a specific trip in mind and already booked a flight, then finish your pending paperwork at the office. Also, file your vacation leave in advance so that when something in the office came up, your boss will make necessary arrangements to distribute tasks to other teams - no hurt feelings. Some bosses don't like their employees having a mini vacation while the office has some unfinished projects, so schedule the trip on a non-hectic day and the key is to act fast.

3. Set your budget for your vacation and save for it in advance

You are more likely to take that office escape if you set aside your budget ahead of time. Alternatively, you can also set a clear target price range for your trip, including extra expenses for pasalubong (take-home gifts) and miscellaneous expenses. Once the budget is set, you’ll feel more comfortable in planning your trip quickly.

4. Know your barkada or office-mates' travel style, and stick to it.

Would you rather lie on the beach all day, bond with your barkada drinking vodka all day or see as many sights as you can? It's best to identify the type of vacation you and your travel companions want up front. Also if you are traveling with other group, it's best to know their travel style. Do they prepare food on their own, what are their bonding moment activities, are they in for camwhoring etc. It is important because if you're only a guest traveler on that group, you maybe surprise when you discover that they are on a diet and you didn't bring extra food on you own like what happened to us in our Majayjay trip.

5. Look for all-inclusive packages.

Bundled pricing makes your vacation planning easy. All-inclusive resort vacations are being offered with big discounts at certain time of the year.The key here is extra research and bartering skills. Famous destinations are fighting over business right now, and you never know who’s going to come out with the next great deal, promos and discounts.
6. Understand seasonal travel trends.

Masses of people attend the Flower Festival in Baguio in February. Travelers flock to Boracay during summer. These events drive prices up, so it’s cheaper if you plan your trip on off-peak season and you’ll have easier access to activities than at busier times of the year.

7. Avail airline promos

You can save a thousand pesos on airfare just by availing airline promos. You’ll find the best fares generally offered six months to one year ahead so you better be on the look-out for these deals. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific offer big airfare deals which is mostly on book-and-buy scheme. Early booking is great because you will have plenty of time planning and saving for the trip.

8. Do the art of canvassing.

Be sure to look for and compare prices, amenities and extras when making your travel decision. You should ask ahead for any available upgrades or freebies or inclusions as they increase the value of your stay and experience. Plus, it can save you a lot of money.

9. Ask for the smaller details

The package deal might look amazing at first, but think about how much you’ll be spending on food, entertainment, and pasalubong shopping while you’re traveling. It's always good to ask smaller details  such as airport transfer and other transportation requirements, service fees, entrance fees and corkage. Also, always ask if you can cook in the resort, it can save you a lot of money.

10. Utilize online resources to score the best deals.

Let online travel tools do the hard work for you. It is easier to do your research on social media such as Multiply and Facebook for promotional discounts and contest giveaways to the latest in travel.This is also a great way to save.


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