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Bohol Tour » Three Island Adventures in Panglao You Should Not Miss

This will be the last in the series of posts about our Bohol Tour (whew! finally.) I should’ve posted it on consecutive dates but my evil foe Mr. Procrastination was always winning lately – blame it on the rain and cold weather. To keep the life flowing on this blog, I deliberately posted some “inserts” in between my bohol tour series. Also, I intentionally reserved our Panglao island hopping escapade to be on the last because for me, this is the most memorable and exciting part of our tour – maybe because I’m a water-and-sunset hopeless-romantic type (weeee).

Don’t miss these three activities if you want to visit Bohol:

1. Dolphin Watching /Chasing) – Pamilacan Island

I didn’t expect that on this year, I would wake up on a paradise, lazily prepare to go on a boat trip, to chase dolphins.

Well, that is exactly what we did to escape SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) this year – we chase dolphins in Pamilacan Island, how about that for a change? It sure was a lot of fun plus seeing the diverse natural underwater creatures was a sure treat. 

 It's hard to take picture of the dolphins, so we just took some videos

I’ve seen dolphins before in a trained dolphin show in Subic but not those swimming freely in an open sea. These Panglao dolphins are not the common trained entertainers but I’m sure you will enjoy it because I saw other foreign and local tourists, also chasing dolphins who are seemed to be transported in a chorus of jolly cheers and high spirits. Likewise, we are so thrilled everytime we saw school of dolphins jumping off the water. Not too long, the area looks like a cheering contest, with a number of boats carrying other tourists who are also in for some visual and chasing thrills.

2. Finding Nemo - Snorkeling at the Balicasag Island 

It’s now time to calm ourselves after we got our dose of morning adrenaline rush from the thrilling dolphin chase. We docked at the sandy coral line beach of the picturesque Balicasag Island and immediately prepare to look for Nemo. The locals in the island offer fresh fishes and seafood for lunch so we order fresh octopus/squid and a kilo of fish first and have it cooked, while we do our snorkeling spree.

We boarded a smaller banca to bring us to the sanctuary where we will look for Nemo.

Compared to my snorkeling experience in Boracay, the fishes here are more colorful and friendly and showy. We brought with us a pack of loaf bread for the fishes (and for our merienda of course.) I suggest you bring your own loaf of bread for the fishes because the price is tripled if you will buy it on the island. They also provide snorkeling gear and aqua shoes.

Sea urchins offered by bankeros to be eaten raw with vinegar.    
After an hour and a half of fun in finding Nemo and feeding his colorful relatives, we decided to come back to the island for lunch. We had a really delicious fresh sinigang, and adobong pusit – Hakuna  Matata!

3. The Virgin People: Island hopping at the Virgin Island

Our sumptuous lunch re-energized us so it’s now time to sink an Island! We had another few minutes of motor – banca ride from Balicasag until we saw this amazing oasis amidst the open and pristine sea – it’s the Virgin Island!

 What makes this island notable is the long and looping shallow white sand shore that looks like a slightly submerged white semi-circle bridge.

our calendar-girl travel buddies
the beach boys
A few meters on both sides of the “sand bridge” are shallow sea-grass that gives the water a dramatic turquoise touch drifting into dark blue.

Of course, we immediately ready ourselves for our favorite shot – the JUMP SHOT!

On our way back to our resort, we had a quick nap at the banca, we are all exhausted but still, we got this light feeling. Somewhere on the deep recesses of our mind are the happy memories and the bond that this trip brought us.

Our hide-out at the Alona Beach
This is the view that will greet you every morning
calm reflections
when the clock stops ticking
The struggle of the clouds vs. the rising sun
peace on a bloody sunset
Yodz's Note:

We all have busy corporate lives, but this tour and other trips like this gives us the opportunity to pause the bundy clock. To touch base again. My best memories are forged on trips, so I do whatever is necessary to save some money to make an occasional out-of-town trip. Our next stop, maybe Palawan.

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Our tour was arranged by C. Rule Tours and Transpo Services, which offers the cheapest package tour in Bohol for only 3,000 Pesos per head (all-in). I advise you avail of a promo fare from PAL or Cebu Pacific first to save on airfare.
    * Aircon transfer from airport/ pier to hotel/resort and vice versa.
    * Aircon van for day 1 and day 3 tours
    * Hotel/Resort accommodation (2nights)
    * All entrance fees and permits in all tours
    * Buffet lunch at Loboc River Cruise at day 1
    * Motorized banca for BalicasagIsland(one of the best 3 dive site in the world)
    *dolphin watching and snorkling/swimming.
    * Snorkel Gear / Mask & individual lifeguard/guide.
    * Driving tour guide
Contact Details:
Mobile: Kuya Cirilo 0917 6310388 or 0922 8748768
More Info Here:

(Our hide-out at the Alona Beach - Highly recommended!)

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-wi-fi ready
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