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Combat Jump Shots » Fun Things to Do On A Boring Weekend

Lying on my room reading e-book and eating pancit canton -- this is what I usually do during weekend and I realized how boring it really is behind my dusty gray walled cube. Though sometimes it is really nice to just lie on my bed, surf the net and sleep the whole day after a hell week at work, still it is awesome to spend the weekend outside kicking my lazy butt on a sunny day. 

This half of January has been a crazy whirlwind of a little good and a whole lot of bad at work and everything else. Most working days, I wish I could just have that provincial mundane life everyone complains about – you know, the oh so slow days in the province with ricefields and mountains.

I’m trying to make a point here, alright – that most of our weekend is boring. But enough of my senseless nostalgic rants.

I did go to Antipolo last week at one of our crew’s crib. A friend invited me to tag along for the dinner invitation. Technically I’m gatecrashing on that Friday dinner, but what the heck, that’s the whole point of fun ayt? Dinner was filled with awesome food, booze and small talk. We stayed overnight then hmmm, what else has happened? NONE. The booze didn’t hit the right synapse so we end up normal.

But hey, we didn’t go this far, on this mountainous city just to spend another boring weekend. It’s a good thing Aldan got his DSLR. As you may have notice on this blog, me and my friends are certified camwhores.

We decided to go out and take a little out of the box jump shots. We want to look at some ways to break out of the mold and take striking photos by breaking (or at least trying to change) the pa-cute photo shoots we usually had and adding a little randomness into our jump shots.

This is how we break our supposed-to-be boring weekend.Hiyaaaaa!!!

Yodz and Bernard initial fight

 See what a little posing can do for your jump shot?
Lady Gara and her magic toothpick fighting against Bernard
More of like Pandango dancing than fighting... 
You cannot kill me guys!!! I am Master Yodi!
Another Pandango-sa-ilaw fighting technique from Lady Gara and Bern
I said you cannot defeat Master Yodi!!!
Nice try Evil Anjho! Let's fight till the end.. Hiyaaaa!!!
 This is my favorite shot - with facial expression and a cool combat pose. Nice!
In the end, we will all go to Heaven....

We were all amazed by the result of our quick photo shoot - it was surprising and quite funny. This look like a bit silly but that's the point of having fun ayt?

If you’ve got your own special jump shot, I ask that you post a link to it or post it here on my comment section.

May you always have great weekend guys!!!

Special thanks to Aldan Reposo for the amazing shots.   


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