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Travel Nostalgia » My Unique Regional Souvenir Keychain Collection

I’ve confessed my love for travel before, and now I have another confession: I am a total sucker for unique keychains. There’s something so refreshing about those souvenir regional keychains - maybe because of the travel nostalgia related to them. Their craftsmanship, unique to each place brings guileless wonder to them.

There’s always one thing common to us that we usually do when we visit a new place. That is, we buy things for ourselves, for our friends, family and co-workers. Buying “pasalubong” or take home gifts is actually a must when we happen to visit a place that was really awesome. Why we usually do that? As far as I know, it might be the first and last visit we can have for the said place , that is why we buy souvenirs, aside from taking lots of photos of course. Most of us prefer buying souvenir items unique on the said place. The good thing is there’s always a nice-looking keychain reflecting the place we are visiting.    
Keychains are one of the most common souvenir items especially in the Philippines. They are very inexpensive and small to store while traveling back home. We love mementos and a unique souvenir keychain can act as a reminder of the trip since they can be carried around during everyday life.

I want to share here my small keychain collection from friends and from my local travel.  (I'll try to post my other unique keychains in a separate post.)

This one is from Bohol.
I find it cute so I bought
it. Unfortunately, even
the saleslady doesn't
know what kind of animal
it is. Looks like a rat,
but it's not a rat! It
looks like a beaver though.
But whatever animal it is,
it is kindda cute.

Antipolo is famous for
cashew nuts, so they have
lots of kasoy keychains as
souvenir. This one is from
Bernard, my office-mate
from Antipolo 
This is from Boracay. 
A local Banca which is very
common in the area.

Nice starfish keychain
from Coron, Palawan.
Pasalubong from Sally
Another one from Palawan.
Cool crocodile eh?

Carabao from my Pagadian
City trip.
The famous guitar from

Kalamay keychain from
Bohol. Yummy!
Seahorse from Coron
Wide-eyed tarsier
from Bohol
Keychain from Hong Kong
Pasalubong from 
Ma'm Emma  
New York souvenir,
Statue of Liberty from
Atty. Rhesa
Souvenir bottle opener
keychain from Canada.
Pasalubong from Mama
Sarah (miss you mama 

So, to my friends and relatives, and also to my visitors here, if anyone of you got a chance to visit an amazing place, don’t forget to buy all the things you want, enjoy every second of the stay and take lots of pictures because in the coming years you’ll definitely enjoy browsing your photos and souvenir items you brought during that particular vacation.

Also don’t forget to look for interesting and nice-looking keychains for me. I’ll definitely appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Special thanks to my friend Aldan Reposo for the keychain photos. I will be featuring more of his photo shoots on this blog soon. Visit his Multiply site - Chicharapp


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