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Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Calendar of Major Philippine Festivals » Lakbay Pilipinas

It’s summertime once again and what a better way to enjoy the fine weather than taking a road or boat trip to various destinations and festivals around the country.

Experience Igorot culture in the Lang-Ay Festival of Bontoc on the way to celebrations in Gawagaway-yan and Cocowayan Festivals in Isabela. Celebrate bountiful harvests in the Dagupan Bangus Festival and Pistay Dayat in Pangasinan. Feel the excitement and beauty of the Bicol region in Rodeo Masbateño and Magayon Festival. Or renew religious fervor in the Turumba Festival, Panaad and Pamalandong Ha Palo.

There are many places to visit this summer and here’s a short list. Have fun travelling around the Philippines!

Cauayan City, Isabela » April 1-13
  • Gawagaway-yan means good harvest and joyous gathering. Activities include cultural shows, float parade, street dancing competition, sports fest and agri-trade fairs featuring mushroom delicacies.
Ms. Maribel D. Eugenio
Contact No. (078) 652-2017 » Mobile Phone (0926) 204-4429

Albay » April 1-30
  • A celebration of the Albayano’s way of life and a thanksgiving for plentiful harvest. Celebration includes agricultural products display, trade fairs, culinary shows, cultural events, street parades, photo and arts exhibit and sport events among others.
Mr. Jose M. Briones
Contact No. (052) 820-6315

Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte » April 1-30
  • A marketing program using a “passport” for summer goers to Samal Island to be able to avail discounts and tour packages. The passport is distributed for free and is valid for the whole summer.
Mr. Nelson Aquino
Mobile Phone (0908) 891-7353, (0918) 429-4745

Bindoy, Oriental Negros » April 4
  • Main activity is street dancing around the town center, an original moving pageantry with choreography based on Philippine folk dances.
Mr. Joel Verna
Contact No. (035) 405-3011; 531-0883

Bontoc, Mt. Province » April 4-7
  • Showcases the rich cultural heritage of the people of the Mt. Province with street dances, theatrical performances, sports competition and agricultural trade fair.
Office of the Provincial Governor
Contact No. (074) 602-1036

Bacolod City » April 4-9
  • A grand celebration that brings together all ten cities and twenty two municipalities in a showcase of trade, tourism, commerce and industry, arts and culture, beauty and talent, as well as games and sport. It features individual festivals in a colorful and jubilant street dance around the Panaad Park.
Ms. Marilyn Sanogal
Contact No. (034) 434-9039

Kidapawan City, North Cotabato » April 7
  • A gathering of highland tribes in honor of Mount Apo – a sacred place.
Mayor Rodolfo Y. Gantuangco
Contact No. (064) 278-3361; 288-1604

Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte » April 8 – May 22
  • The biggest festival of Dipolog City celebrating unity among the tri-people of Dipolog: Moro, Subano and Migrants. Feature talent and sports competition, arts and trade exhibits, special games, garden shows and cultural presentations. Street dancing highlights the event on the eve of the feast of Saint Vincent Ferrer, celebrated every third Saturday of May.
City Tourism Office
Contact No. (065) 212-2485; 212-9677

Mt. Samat, Pilar Bataan » April 9
  • In commemoration of “The Fall of Bataan”, top government officials, Filipino, American and Japanese World War II veterans and other visitors go to Mt. Samat to participate in the annual rites to honor the bravery of soldiers who fought and defended Bataan from invading Japanese forces.
Ms. Sarci Cuayson/Mr. Cesar Cuayson
Contact No. (045) 791-4785; 237-4785; 237-4476

Guimaras Island » April 10-17 Highlight April 16-17
  • A week-long festival that depicts the cultural and historical heritage of the Province with emphasis on its promotion as “mango country”
Ms. Angie Gabinete
Mobile No. (0929) 465-5594

Masbate » April 11-16
  • Feel the excitement as local cowboys pit their brains against bovine brawn in western style rodeo events like bull riding and steer wrestling, apart from local games like the good old Carabao Race.
Office of the Governor
Contact No. (056) 333-6937; 582-0320

Isabela City » April 11-15 and 25
  • A tribute to the coconut, the main source of livelihood in Isabela. With copra trading as the main commercial activity, Isabeleños show their appreciation for the crop in a exuberant celebration of color, pageantry and panoply.
Mr. Filamer Baez
Contact No. (065) 231-6616

Sta. Cruz, Laguna » April 11-17
  • Highlights the biodiversity of Laguna Lake and the rich natural resources of Laguna. It showcases a variety of competitions and activities such as the Dragon Boat Race, brass band competition, flora and fauna farms, cook fest, trade fair and choreographed sight and sound fireworks display competition.
Mr. Delto Michael A. Abarquez, Jr.
Contact No. (049) 501-3323; 501-8212
Mobile: (0916) 538-1157; (0908) 897-4071

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City » April 14-16
  • A yearly float and street dancing competition organized by the Manila Broadcasting Company featuring the various festivals of the different regions in the country.
Tel Nos.: (02) 832-6121; 551-0523

Pakil, Laguna » April 15, 26
  • The religious activity consists of seven fiestas or lupi to commemorate the seven sorrows of Our Lady of Turumba. It starts before the Holy Week and every nine days hereafter and ends in the month of September. It is celebrated with a dancing procession.
Office of the Mayor
Tel. No. (049) 557-1766

Dagupan City, Pangasinan » April 17 – May 4
  • Features street dancing, bangus grill and deboning, day and night variety shows, trade fairs, beauty contest, sports fest, cook fest, medical mission, visual arts, band concerts, dog show, fluvial parade, drum and lyre parade and street party.
Tel No. (075) 515-6196; 515-6291

Boac, Gasan and Mogpog, Marinduque » April 17-24 – Highlight April 22
  • Colorfully garbed and masked soldiers and centurions re-enact the Beheading of Longinus. The entire towns of Boac, Mogpog and Gasan are virtually converted into huge stages as the story of Longinus unfolds.
Provicial Tourism Office
Tel. No. (042) 332-1177

San Antonio, Siquijor » April 20 and 23 Black Saturday
  • A time when herbalists from all over Visayas and Mindanao go to San Antonio, Siquijor to participate in a ritual known as “Tang-Alap”. The gathering culminates in an exclusive ritual that takes place in a secluded cave at dawn.
Office of the Mayor
Tel. No. (035) 344-2088

Camiguin Island » April 21-22
  • Annual Holy Week activity where devotees flock to the island and walk the 64-kilometer circumferential road as a form of sacrifice to fulfill a vow or as a penance for sins.
Ms. Candice L. Borromeo
Tel. No. (088) 387-1097 local 120

Palo, Leyte » April 22
  • Dramatic re-enactment of Christ’s sufferings on the Cross. Pamalandong means meditation.
Mr. Aaron Almadro
Tel. No. (053) 323-3060; 323-9143

Boracay, Malay Aklan » April 23
  • One-of-a-kind music festival featuring five (5) of the top internationally-awarded Disc Jockeys, live performers and vocalists from the United Kingdom, United States and the Netherlands.
Mr. Moumen Daker
Tel No. (02) 632-7762

Carigara, Leyte » April 24
  • Grand homecoming and festivities highlighting the rich history of Carigara, which was once the capital of Leyte. Activities include float parade and contest.
Tel. Nos. (053) 331-2004; 331-2181

Lingayen, Pangasinan » April 24 – May 2
  • Thanksgiving festival for the year’s bountiful harvest from the sea, celebrated every 1st of May. Various activities are the selection of the Limgas na Pangasinan”, drum and lyre competition, trade and tourism fair, dance sport, orchestra contest, concerts, variety shows, youth/family camps and sports fest.
Office of the Governor
Tel. Nos.: (075) 542-6446; 542-8007

Banuae Ifugao » April 25 – 29
  • Held every three years, the festival consists of ethnic thanksgiving activities with cultural demonstrations, ethnic games, chants, songs and rituals.
Office of the Mayor
Tel No.: (074) 386-4052

Liliw, Laguna » April 26 to May 1
  • A parade of floats featuring the agricultural and industrial products of Liliw. Other Highlights include Katutubong Palaro, Gabi ng Harana, musical arts and painting contests and the Gawad Parangal for Outstanding Liliweños.
Office of the Mayor
Tel. No. (049) 563-1001

Pilar, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte » April 28 – May 1
  • Renowned anglers from all over the world converge to join the biggest game-fishing tournament in the country.
Mayor Lucio T. Gonzales
Mobile No. (0928) 756-0743

Davao del Sur » April 29
  • A 24-hour extreme challenge to Mt. Apo Boulders. It highlights mountain biking, trekking to Mt. Apo Boulders, while water tubing and road running.
Mr. Julieto Requiza
Tel No.: (082) 553-9142 Mobile (0928) 292 7813

April 1 to June 30
  • PHILTOA (Philippine Tour Operators Association) offers promotional packages all over the Philippines, especially designed for local residents in support of the Domestic Tourism Campaign of DOT. Promo tours range from 2 nights to daytrip packages.
Tel. No. (02) 812-4513

For complete list of festivals and events, contact the Marketing and Promotions Group
Tourism Promotions Board
Tel Nos: (02) 525-1255; 525-9318 locals 244 and 271

Festival schedules posted are as sub,itted by organizers to the Department of Tourism. Schedules may change without prior notice

Source: DOT-Tourism Promotion Board 
Manila Bulletin Ad – March 28, 2011 Vol. 459 No. 28

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