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Ilocos Tour » Laoag-Pagudpod-Vigan Impromptu Weekend Getaway

I say unplanned trip is way better than planned one, maybe you won’t agree. But for me, those quick getaway trips are more gripping and remarkable especially if it’s one of those arbitrary barkada gigs. That’s the beauty of randomness – always tickles our unconscious desire for chaos. We always have that hidden desire to escape routine and a wish for that sudden bump on a boring road.

Conversely, best-planned trips are always impacted by cancellations. Of course we all know how safe and sane it is to plan a vacation in advance: we save for the expected expenses, cheap resort is booked, itinerary is neatly pre-decided and vacation leave is filed. There is no way the trip could go wrong. However, I don’t know if it’s just us (I mean our backpacker group), but most of our long planned barkada gigs are always being cancelled.

We all have that occasional urge for a quick break. And at this moment, we no longer care for a neatly planned trip. I find it amazing because if we are on a getaway travel mood, we always managed a really quick preparation and an exciting itinerary. It’s group dynamics I guess, and I’m lucky I got an awesome kaladkarin group – Thanks guys!

Planning an unplanned Ilocandia getaway

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happened to us last weekend. We managed to have an Ilocos tour – which includes Laoag, Pagudpud and Vigan – in just two days!

But prior to our Ilocandia getaway, we all felt slightly intimidated because of not planning in advance. We all have valid reasons - fear of costly expenditures, uncertainty of not finding a proper resort or hotel, uncomfortable and tiring road trip, skepticism on transportation (and driver’s integrity) and lots of other reasons, hassles and barkada drama. (Is that right Anjho? Ha ha)

These haunt us until the day before our trip. But this is when sharing of ideas, group consultation, commitment and a little bit of common sense comes into play.

And before we know it, we are in ILOCANDIA!!!

Ilocos Tour – Laoag – Pagudpod – Vigan Two-day Barkada Trip

I want to share here how we managed to sneak out of Manila last weekend for a two- days-only weekend getaway.

Here’s our super itinerary and a sneak peek of the places we visited

Friday, 25 March 2011 – After work

8:00 p.m. Depart Manila going to Laoag

Saturday, 26 March 2011


  • 12:00 Check-in at Jun and Carol Beach Cottages - Pagudpud

  • Tour of Ilocos Norte – Southbound » Kabigan Falls Trekking » Patapat Viaduct » Agua Grande » Kalbario Patapat Natural Park » Timamtang Rock » Bantay-Abot Cave » Blue Lagoon » Swimming at Pagudpod Beach
  • Dinner and Peryahan trip at Pagudpud Town Plaza

Sunday, 27 March 2011

  • 8:00 AM Resort Check-out

  • Batac-Ilocos Norte Tour » Merienda at Batac Riverside Empanadahan » Marcos Museum » World Peace Center (Imelda Marcos Office) – Photo Gallery » Malacañang of the North (closed) » Quick peek at the Sand Dunes » Paoay Church

  • 1:00 p.m. LUNCH at Grace’s Crib » VIGAN Ilocos Sur » Pagburnayan Pottery » Hidden Garden » Baluarte ni Chavit » Crisologo Street
  • 7:00 pm Back to Manila

28 March 2011 Monday
  • 3:00 am Arrive Manila
  • 8:00 am Back to work

Wallet Damage:

3,000.00 Pesos each (for 7 person)
Inclusive of:
Van rental and Driver’s Service Fee: 15,000.00 Php
Resort/Room Accommodation: 2,000.00 Php per room
Other Misc. Expenses (Entrance fees, toll fee, etc.)
Meals and budget for pasalubong not included.

My Tips for an impromptu Getaway Tour

Visiting all these places in just two days is really amazing – it’s like time travel. Now here’s a few tips I can give you if one of these days, you felt you badly need a change of weekend scenery.
  • 1. Do an ocular inspection of the place via the Internet: With the Internet and blogs, everything is at your doorstep. Collect as much information about your travel destination as you can. This would give you a preview and make you feel much comfortable and prepared for new place.
  • 2. Always look for cheap resort/hotel: There are always cheap hotels and resorts in every Philippine travel destinations with great service than can compete with known and famous hotels – always spend extra effort on finding them.
  • 3. Check your wallet: Last but not the least: make sure you have extra cash before you leave or a credit card might be handy. There’s always an unplanned purchases, I’m sure of that!

On my upcoming posts, I will share my experiences (and mobile photos) of each place we visited.

I will appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and experiences on having an impromptu and unplanned trips.

Until then folks, more of our Ilocos Tour soon!


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