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Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Images » Mobile Things To Do While in Cebu City

The Griffin at the Cathedral's pediment
This is my noob attempt at phontography and SGS photowalk during our recent Cebu City visit. Although SLR camera is still the best at capturing images, always carrying it around is a real drag. We are now living a high-tech world where “convergence” is everywhere. Gone are the days when a point-and-shoot camera was a camera, an MP3 player was an MP3 player, a mobile phone was a just a phone.

I got some savings for a DSLR camera last year, but I end up buying a smartphone because I realized I need it more than an SLR. However, I’m planning to buy one if I have that extra budget again - I’ll try phontography in the meantime. They say phontography is the next generation revolution in point-and-shoot photography because every second somewhere in the world a picture is being clicked using a mobile phone and being immediately uploaded on the Internet.

I was browsing the net on this subject and came across “Cellular Obscura,” the mobile phone photography blog by Shawn Rocco, photojournalist for the News & Observer in North Carolina. The blog is emphasizing the notion that it's not always the quality of the camera that counts, but the artist behind it. Really inspiring!

I want to dig on this subject on the coming weeks. Now here’s my first attempt at phone photography using my Samsung Galaxy S featuring the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral »The Bishop’s Throne

Ancient church tradition dictates that the local ordinary or bishop wields his power from his throne, the seat of the archdiocese. This was reflected in the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, which has a “throne” or seat made of marble located on the left side of the altar for the politically powerful His Eminence Ricardo Cardinal Vidal.

Aside from entailing authority the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is the symbol of unity of the church, the “unifying factor” in Cebu province.

"Seat of Power"
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is shaped into a cruciform with thick walls that were built to withstand typhoon and other natural calamities. Inside the church, a large dome sits upon the pillars of the transept, accenting the barrel vaulted ceiling. The convent now has balustrades to resemble Spanish era architecture.

"Cathedral Sentinel"

The church was almost completely destroyed during World War II. The remaining original structures are the belfry and the facade.

"Holy Grandeur"
The cathedral is a typical example of a baroque colonial church. When you enter, you will see an old design but it is devoid of ceiling murals typical in old Bohol Churches. 

"Mute Belfry"
During World War II, much of the cathedral was destroyed by Allied bombings of the city. Only the belfry (built in 1835), the facade, and the walls remained. It was quickly rebuilt in the 1950s under the supervision of architect Jose Ma. Zaragosa.

"The Power of the Golden Orbs"
The cathedral also underwent a 30 million peso renovation for the 75th anniversary celebration last April 28, 2009.

That's it! These photos are all from my Samsung Galaxy S phone. I used some built-in phone camera adjustment and scene selections while capturing these  images and do some light and color enhancement in photoshop. 

I'm a real noob at photography and I want to learn the basic tricks so I will be busy reading phone photography articles in a few weeks.

Also if you can help me in any way, I'll appreciate that. Please share your inputs or suggested readings on the comments section.

Thanks in advance!!!


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