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Tops Lookout at Mt. Busay Skyline Garden » The Antipolo of Cebu City

Ulong-pugot trick shot
The Tops Lookout is nice place for OL trippers, at the mountain area of Cebu City — Brgy. Busay, which locals simply refer to as “the Tops” is a sphere- themed fortress-like Skyline Garden, that provides spectacular view of the Cebu City. It is the counterpart of Antipolo over-looking (OL) sites in Manila.

If it is your first time in Cebu City and find yourself having no definite plans after an eat-all-you-can dinner or doesn’t want to do a very early bar hopping, I suggest you go visit the Tops Lookout at Mt. Busay. Or it is better if you could have your dinner there to catch the awesome sunset.

Awesome evening view of Cebu City from the Tops Lookout
A billion fireflies
The road going up there is quite steep and winding making it a very nice evening roadtrip gig with friends. You’ll just have to pretend it’s a roller coaster ride and shout at every steep curve – crazy but fun. 

However, going to the Tops Lookout could be quite difficult for visitors who do not have any friends in Cebu City and do not have their own car. It’s a good thing we have our crew with a car who brought us there. The only option for visitors is to rent a car going there or hire a taxicab, which could cost from 800 to 1000 pesos - quite expensive.

The main purpose of the place is just to have a view of the whole Cebu City so don’t expect anything fancy up there. There are no clubs, restaurants and facilities for outdoor activities. However, there are snack stalls up there, selling chichirya, softdrinks and beer.

Cebu Skyline Garden Bell
But wait, there’s a bell! (I know that doesn’t deserve an exclamation point, but aside from the view, it’s the only thing that is quite interesting up there)

The inscription on the Tops Bell is somehow interesting which says:

“A bell has soothing sound that seems to linger in one’s ears. This sound best signifies the feeling of endless bonding between individuals. Partners around the world have long used this sound to portray their lasting relationship or feelings for one another. This could be used in business partnerships, true friendship, or to symbolize everlasting love.”

At the lower part of the inscription is the direction for use:

“Standing face to face, or around in a circle (for groups), hold hands to unite the bond. With the other hand, ring the bell once for a firm partnership, twice for friendship, or three times to symbolize never-ending love. Repeat the process on anniversaries to strengthen the bond! For special celebrations, the bell may be rung repetitively."
Yodz emo-at-the-dungeon shot
What else you can do at the Tops Lookout? Well of course you can always have your endless camwhoring there. It’s also a best place for a date or simply to have your self-talk emo moment. If you’re on superman mood – you can do the mountain ravine jump – but one thing is for sure, you’ll die, so forget I said it and just stick to jumpshot camwhoring. 

Feeling artista..yay!

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