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Dear SmartBro, I need You, Now Na! » Why subscribing to Smart Bro NOW is as exciting as playing Angry Birds

So I woke up today on a rainy Sunday morning, stay curled up on my bed, shirtless and feeling so comfy with my oversized boxer brief suddenly thinking about whether the world will really end in 2012, and whether Lady Gaga is really human while staring at the albino lizard on my wall. But before I could ask my lizard roommate, it ran off. Probably got scared with that morning hump on my baggy boxer brief. This part of the day, this “angry-bird morning salute,” which is of course is a natural morning phenomenon for guys (but a miracle for viagra-dependent baby boomers) usually bewilders me.

But enough of that – I have that tendency to entertain trivial things in the morning – so I grab my smartphone to check what’s on my Google calendar and Active Tasks to check what’s on for today.

To my surprise, my calendar has no saved entries I’m feeling weird because I’m supposed to go somewhere today. I felt like I’m missing something.

Then there’s this one item on my Astrid Active Task – finish level 4 of Angry Birds and look for golden eggs. I guess I have to ponder on that one. Yes, I ‘m spending an embarrassing amount of time entangled in crashing funny birds into some green sardonic pigs.

My Angry Birds addiction

Here comes Yodz.. weeeee!!
Angry Birds is simple and perfect, with cute graphics, sneering characters and funny sounds. I love those little “wheeee!” and “ngorrk ngoorrk” whenever you slingshot your angry-yet-funny birds at those grinning green pigs.

Since I don’t have anything to do and playing my angry bird is a little too early – oopps, I mean playing Angry Birds, the android game, not that other angry bird – I grab my laptop and connect my prepaid SmartBro to check on the latest news, update my blog and bloghop, connect on my Facebook friends and spy on my favorite celebrities on Twitter.

On being disconnected

To my horror, my Smart Bro doesn’t have any pre-paid credits left! Oh my gulay, this is a tsunami like disaster. Hmmmm, should I go out and buy a pre-paid load or just stay home and play Angry Birds. After a millisecond thinking on that one, I decided I’m too lazy going out for re-load.

I don’t have an unlimited home broadband plan yet because I’m convincing myself that I don’t really need it. I just go online from time to time using the SmartBro Unlisurf 50, besides there’s free online connection at our office.

So my plans to do some blogging and Facebook surfing today got shot to heck. I couldn’t update myself with what’s happening outside. Couldn’t do much of anything really, except play Angry Birds.

Sabi ko na nga, I’m forgetting something

Killing my forgetful self
Wer U na!” that was the text message I received late in the afternoon from a long lost former co-worker and a friend.

Irritated, I replied, “Wag ka magulo, naghahanap ako ng golden eggs.

What! mag start na ang binyag! San ka na ba?” my friend quickly replied.

Anong binyag?” I asked, totally confused.

I tagged you in our invitation sa Facebook, di ba nag LIKE ka? I also sent event reminders this morning in FB,” replied my friend obviously pissed off.

Then it hit me. Today is the baptism of my long lost friend’s first daughter and I’m invited as Ninong.

I managed sending a quick reply ”K, I’ll b der.” To do that, I need to hurry. I didn’t have time to brush my teeth and shower so I just gargled a mouthful of Oracare and wash my face, changed into something formal and run.

News black-out

I can’t find a cab so I decided riding a jeep instead.

Makikiabot nga po” I said while handing out my seven pesos. I was imagining my friend so angry at me like those black bomb Angry Birds annihilating green pigs if I didn’t make it to the church.

Then I heard the driver saying “Hoy kulang bayad mo!” It can’t be me because I know that I gave seven pesos which is the minimum fare, so I look at the girl beside me who stared back with that Sen. Mirriam Santiago angry look as if saying “how dare you!

Then I realized they are all staring at me, so the driver is really talking to me.

I confidently said “Siyete po yung inabot ko

Hindi ka ba nanonood ng balita, nagtaas na ang pamasahe, kulang ka pa ng piso!” said the irritated-andropausal driver.

I just handed additional one peso without saying any word, feeling totally humiliated – because yes, I’m not watching TV because all they got is bad news and I don’t have home broadband plan or home Wi-fi to regularly check my e-mail news subscription.

When I regained consciousness and came back to the physical world, I remembered that I need Superman or a teleporting power to make it to the church – because the event is in Antipolo. Poor old me.

I just sent my usual alibi to my friend saying, there’s an urgent matter came up at work so I can’t make it.

I know my friend didn’t believe me.

A personal note to my friend
Yes, I know my friend, you wanna do this to me
Even if I apologized to you a few times, I know you are still disappointed. It’s an important event for you and your firstborn and I didn’t give it any importance.

I wanted to explain what really happened, but I can’t say it to you in person. What will I say? I didn’t make it because I’m playing Angry Birds? Because I don’t have internet pre-paid load and didn’t got your reminder on Facebook?

I know that sound so silly but admittedly that’s the real reason and it’s kind of senseless at the same time.

I know you’re lurking here sometimes, and I want you to read this. Just poke me on Facebook and let’s talk about this over bottles of beer. All charges are on me.

I need SmartBro Home Broadband Plan – Now na!

There’s more to Facebook than reading our friends status update - every meal eaten, every TV show and movie watched, every rainy days experienced (which is of course obnoxious most of the time). Facebook is also being used in sending invitations for family and personal events. You just have to design one invitation card, upload it and tag everybody. Maybe it lacks personal touch but it’s the trend nowadays.

There was no intentionally forgetting that event of my friend. So, what I’m thinking now is how can I prevent that from happening again. Time is valuable and I later realized that I need to be constantly connected now.

I need SmartBro Home Broadband Plan NOW not only to be constantly connected with friends and family but because of other personal reasons:

  1. The need to share and write: Lately I decided to take blogging seriously. I don’t know but somehow I find it therapeutic, stress relieving and fun. Who knows maybe someday I can make a career out of blogging.
  2. The need to be informed: It’s really important not only to avoid embarrassing moments but also to keep in touch with the physical world. I don’t watch TV and I don’t want to buy newspaper everyday. Why buy it when you can read news online?
  3. The need to finish workloads: Although I hate bringing work at home, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.
  4. The need to be connected with family and friends: I know you can still be connected with them through mobile phones but still the internet is so far the best medium.
  5. It’s no longer a luxury but a necessity: I think I’m already at this stage.

Subscribing to SmartBro Home Broadband Plan NOW is like having the Angry Birds’ Golden Eggs

As I’ve said, having constant and reliable connection to the internet right now is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It may depend on everybody’s personal situation and needs but I can safely say that most of us do.

Timing is also perfect because if we subscribe to SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 now, we can have this amazing freebies:

  • Free All-In-One HP Printer
  • FREE Call and Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription
  • Free 1 month broadband subscription

Not only that, with the SMART BRO Unlimited Home broadband, we can surely get consistent surf speed and stable signal.

I learned that this Smart BRO Unlimited Home broadband promo is from March 4 to June 4, 2011 only and this probably will not happen again so we better grab the opportunity.

I’m sure subscribing to SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 now is like having all those golden eggs in Angry Birds.

Got any related Angry Birds experience? Comments? Thoughts?
I’ll definitely appreciate it if you could share that on my comment section

* For further inquiries about the promo, you may visit the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents.
Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011.

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