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Kabigan Falls, Pagudpud Ilocos Norte » The Best Lazy Trekking to Waterfalls in Ilocandia

Pagudpud is famous for its scenic beaches, but staying too long in the waves can bore you and sometimes you felt this need to escape the salty breeze . So, for a little freshwater twist in your Ilocos Norte tour, never miss this lazy trek to the Kabigan falls.

Kabigan Falls is surrounded by thick forest and well-known for its concaved basin, located at the eastern part of Barangay Balaoi, around 1.8 kilometers away from the national highway.

Kabigan falls is also part of the town of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte and a trek going to this falls is usually included in the tricycle tour offered in the area. The tour is locally called tourcycle for two to three persons per tricycle. It is divided into Southbound and Northbound tour for 600.00 Pesos per tour. Anyway I'll talk about Ilocos tourcycle, including the itinerary and quick stopovers on my next post. 

We availed the Pagudpud Northbound tour only, because we already visited the Southbound destinations on our way to Pagudpud from Laoag City. 

There is a 20 Pesos/pax entrance fee at the jump-off point where you will be assigned your official trek guide going to the falls. You don't have to worry about being lost or being conned in the area because the locals organized their official group to guide tourist and receive payment. 

The official Kabigan Falls tour guide wearing their official green shirt
The trek going to Kabigan Falls takes 30 to 40 minutes mostly of flat area so you'll have time to enjoy the verdant panorama. Although there is a visible trail going to the falls, you'll still need a tour guide if it's your first time there just to be safe. 
The cold freshwater along the trail will definitely add to your excitement to see the Kabigan falls. Against the snaking clear river are verdant mountains, rice fields and wild flowers.     
It's a very light mountain trek so expect no concrete pavements. Flip flops or sandals is the advisable footwear on this trek because you'll pass by small streams, soft mud and a few rocky trail. 
Again, this is a lazy trek so aside from enjoying the view, don't forget to have some group fun, joke time and of course camwhoring for the souvenir. 

The locals made the trek really easy for you. They made makeshift bridges with handrails on a few slopes along the trail. 

Although the trail is mostly on flat muddy areas, there are also a few uphill climb which are also really easy to pass. It seem to me that the locals designed the trail for the lampayatot Manileño because even this uphill curve has handrails - no real effort needed.
Some exciting part of the Kabigan trail are the area where you need to get across the river through this narrow makeshift bridge.
A few meters from the Kabigan falls are more river crossings with slightly strong current and slippery boulders so you need to be extra careful on these areas.   

Then finally, you'll get to see the Kabigan falls. It rained in the previous days and the current in the falls is a little bit strong when we visited it so for safety we just took pictures although we want to take a little freshwater swimming on its concave basin. However, during summer visitors can actually enjoy a swim on the basin or have a short picnic in the area. 

This is just one of the seven destinations on our afternoon Pagudpud tricycle tour so after taking pictures we head back to the jump-off area where our tricycle driver was patiently waiting to bring us to Agua Grande, Kalbario Patapat Natural Park, Timamtang Rock,  Bantay-Abot Cave  and Blue Lagoon. 

We have a very limited time so we hurry back so as not to miss this other amazing places. 


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