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Magical Blue Lagoon and the Cascading Agua Grande » Pagudpud Tricycle Tour Pit Stop

In the center of the mountain’s embrace forming half circle, blanketed by random greenery upon the azure sky fighting the gray clouds, there is a lagoon, and there on its center is the mystical blue riding the sea ripples from its pulsating heart. I look upon it and thought that mystical knowledge was hidden beyond it, like a deja vu of an oblivious soul who has known many things that the years had hidden.

I only had a quick peek at this half-moon shaped bay called Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud but I remembered it as “magical.” The sad fact about travel is that you always had very limited time, but it makes the experience more exciting. This lack of time and hurried glimpse against this magical lagoon was like looking through the eyes of Aragorn when he is looking at Arwen, the Lady of Rivendell – always bestowing an aura of hurried admiration, trying to imprint that awe-inspiring, almost numinous portrait on that quick glimpse.

And Aragorn said: 'Now I know what you bear. Bear it still for me a while!' And he turned and looked away to the North under the great stars, and then he fell silent and spoke no more while the night's journey lasted.

("The Passing of the Grey Company," The Return of the King)  

Panoramic view of the Blue Lagoon at Pagudpud, Maira-ira point: 

Maira-ira, a name that sounded like a ritual tribal hym, is the name given to Luzon mainland's northernmost tip. At its embrace is this cerulean waters, known simply as Maira-ira Point or Blue Lagoon. Its jovial waves are untiringly kissing its fine sand, which is better than its well-known sister Saud Beach (also in Pagudpud).

Located in Malingay Cove in Sitio Malingay, Blue Lagoon is beautiful on its isolation. No beach front hotels and resorts, partying beach combers and unruly commercial enterprises. It might be perfect for nudists finding a mystical nude beach.  

The sun was about to set when we got there, casting our long shadows against the fine sand yellowed by the dying sun rays. Gray clouds are also teasing us, they hung low as if trying to compete with the lagoon's beauty, casting curses and warning if we embrace the lagoon and swim - and so we didn't.    

We just stand there transfixed, like idiots trying to comprehend the mysterious whispers of the Blue Lagoon. 

I will never ever comprehend it, so I just painted its magic on my memories and left.


OK, enough of my senti Blue Lagoon rants. Here, let me also share a quick peek at the Agua Grande Picnic Park which is also part of the tourcycle quick pit stop. Agua Grande is a river park situated about 1 kilometer from the Patapat Viaduct also set at the foot of the scenic North Cordillera mountain range against the white waves of the open South China sea. 

Aside from the scenic sea, also part of the attraction is the Agua Grande River (known in Ilocano as dakkel a danum). It is also known for its eco-friendly and non carbon producing mini-hydro electric power plant constructed during the Marcos years and has a power generation capacity which can supply electric power to some 17,000 households in Pagudpud and nearby villages in Pasuquin and Bacarra.  
At the entrance along the highway is the Chapel of Nuestra Señora de Visitacion de Piat where the Marian Movement of Pagudpud meets regularly. The Chapel is just a small unadorned hut for the faithfuls to pray and for a quick keep-us-safe prayer for the Catholic tourists.   

There is also an information desk at the entrance which is abandoned during our visit. Posted on the nearby tree are the entrance fee rates for children and adults. From the outside, you can already see what Agua Grande can offer - just a perfect view under the towering coconut trees and a nice dose of fresh air.    
Main attraction of the Agua Grande picnic park is the cascading water against gray boulders falling to the sea like reclined waterfalls. There are also picnic huts if you want to stay in the place probably awesome for a nice round of vodka and some hotdogs. 


Before my final Pagudpud tour post, let me insert here some quick info about what the Pagudpud tourcycle can offer. 
The tourcycle is divided into Southbound and Northbound Tour. I almost covered main Northbound destinations which you can check on my previous posts. 

We visited the Southbound destinations on our own since we rented a van and I think it's a little far from Pagudpud if you are staying there. 

The Pagudpud tourcycle is very organized. You can find info cards and official ID of your driver inside the tricycle plus they are very courteous and eager to show you your destinations. You can even ask them some local facts and info if you are a blogger and also are very much willing to be your official group photographer during the tour. 
The tricycle for the tour
Last part of the series of posts about our Pagudpud tricycle tour pit stop will be the quick emo trip at Timmangtang Rock and exploring the giant doughnut Bantay-Abot Cave so watch our for that to complete my tourcycle coverage. 

Till then!
Hit comments if you've been to this part of the Philippines and share your experiences and insights. 

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