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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lantau Island Wisdom Path » Walking a Spiritual Trail on a Usually Hectic Hong Kong Tour

Smiling colorful scarecrow sitting on fence
In the chaos of modern travel, there is beauty in simply walking. Amazingly, walking gives us time to go deeper, think and relax. As we walk, we give thanks for the beauty we see around us; in nature, in people we pass by or the travel buddies we are walking with. 

One of my peak profound experiences was during my Mt. Pinatubo trek; alone on the volcanic ashes, walking as fast as I could, breathing hard, with only the mountains and burned woods and colored pebbles on my feet. I felt alive, connected to the universe.

I never expected I’d experience it again on my visit to Hong Kong, a hectic and highly urbanized place.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Ride » Discover the Breathtaking Iron Birds of Hong Kong

Distant view of Giant Buddha from cable cars
I was a little bit wobbly when I first hopped in. Excited and nervous.

Then, few meters away from the Tung Chung entrance platform, I caught a glimpse of those soaring beauties, gliding in the fog like suspended birds in trance, delicate and downright dangerous.

Riding these cable cars is the kind of thing I look forward on our visit in Lantau Island in Hong Kong, aside of course from seeing the Giant Buddha. I must say the cable car ride itself is surely worth the visit.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hong Kong Ocean Park » More Than Just A Thrill Seekers’ Playground

Hong Kong Ocean Park Logo Whiskers Mascot
Virtually everyone knows what it's like to feel really thrilled – a pounding heartbeat, cold feet, shouting out your lungs, nervous perspiration, butterflies in the stomach.

Some people like me, actually revel in feeling frightened and thrilled. We, the thrill-seekers relish roller coasters, Ferris wheels, free-falls perhaps even bungee jumping. We crave having the holy crap squeezed right out of us.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Summer Everyone!

Silhouette of Jumping Girl on Beach
If you are living in the tropics like me, you are definitely feeling the summer heat outside. It is so nice to feel the warming rays of sunshine and to truly know that summer is here. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna » Can You Imagine Life Without Magic?

Let's face it, corporate lives can become mundane especially if they have become predictable, the same thing every time, day after day. That in itself can be a major reason why we are having too much stress. Often, work simply becomes boring, or becomes too stressful – and that’s definitely bothering. 

Well, that is why we need to spice up our days – and it wouldn’t hurt to bring back some special magic on our day off.

Spending time at home on our day off can be magical in many different ways but sometimes that could be boring or stressful too. Hence, we sometimes wish for a place where we can momentarily leave our worries behind and be engrossed in a place of fun, enchantment and make-believe – a magical place.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BenCab Museum in Baguio City » Not Your Usual Boring Art Museum

Ifugao Mother and Child Wood Carvings
“I wasn’t planning on going anywhere after the Panagbenga street dancing —” Which sounded like crap when I said it, and my friends knew it. This is Baguio City blessed with lots of interesting places to visit.

“Maybe we should visit the strawberry farm or the Mines View Park,” suggested my officemate, obviously running out of ideas – knowing that this is not our first time in Baguio. These places, of course, are standard must-visit in Baguio for first timers.

With no planned itinerary, we decided to just have a nice leisurely stroll through Burnham Park but immediately lost interest due to the large crowd of visitors attending the Panagbenga Flower Festival.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Panagbenga Flower Festival in Baguio » A Look At Our Summer In Full Color

Smiling Sun made of Flowers during Panagbenga Grand Float Parade
My favorite events, like my favorite landscape photos, tend to be full of colors - perhaps even chaotic. I like looking at loud colors, with an I-will-hypnotize-you combination, cut with the zest of complex patterns. I know, I know I have colorblindness.

I admit that sometimes I see colored things differently, and I like it!

Therefore, I ended immediately saying yes when my officemate asked me if I want to attend the famed Flower Festival in Baguio. It’s nice to have colored weekend every now and then, besides flowers have that magic that always captured the admiration of mankind, maybe because it has the power to break our monochrome life.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Guam Island Fiesta Tour » Experience Guam's Tradition and Culture

Guam Cultural Dancers
The original inhabitants of Guam are believed to have been of Indo-Malaya descent originating from Southeast Asia as early as 2,000 B.C., and having linguistic and cultural similarities to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Chamorro possessed a strong matriarchal society and it was through the power and prestige of the women, and the failure of the Spanish overlords to recognize this fact, that much of the Chamorro culture, including the language, music, dance, and traditions have survived to this day.

True to an old Chamorro proverb, "I erensia, lina'la', espiritu-ta," which means "Our heritage gives life to our spirit."

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