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Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna » Can You Imagine Life Without Magic?

Let's face it, corporate lives can become mundane especially if they have become predictable, the same thing every time, day after day. That in itself can be a major reason why we are having too much stress. Often, work simply becomes boring, or becomes too stressful – and that’s definitely bothering. 

Well, that is why we need to spice up our days – and it wouldn’t hurt to bring back some special magic on our day off.

Spending time at home on our day off can be magical in many different ways but sometimes that could be boring or stressful too. Hence, we sometimes wish for a place where we can momentarily leave our worries behind and be engrossed in a place of fun, enchantment and make-believe – a magical place.

The magic is here
Enchanted Kingdom Entrance Gate
Enchanted Kingdom's Victorian inspired entrance gate
After sorting out mundane weekend priorities, and on the last minute, I finally decided to join a trip to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna planned by our accounting peeps. It is my second time visiting this theme park. The first one was a couple of years ago, which was a real blast – the rides are so nerve-wracking I temporarily lose my soul.
Enchanted Kingdom Wheel of Fate Ferris Wheel
Towering Wheel of Fate
Enchanted Kingdom opened its gates to the general public in 1995 and for more than a decade now, this very first and world-class theme park in the Philippines has been a famous attraction for families, barkada gigs and school field trips. Due to its fun-filled world of make-believe and adventure, themed zones, carnivals and heart-stopping line-up of thrill rides, it attracted not only kids and teens but also professionals and career-driven parents and adults who just want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with its traffic congestion, noise and polluted air.
Space Shuttle Roller Coaster
Nerve-wracking Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Roller Coaster Peak
This is the hardest and thrilling part
Before Enchanted Kingdom, which we simply refer to as “E.K.” I only experience a few carnivals and fairs which are mostly seasonal, all of which were not permanent and mostly mobile. Around Metro Manila, there is the Star City in Pasay, but it is smaller in scale and not that “thrilling”. Enchanted Kingdom, in terms of quality, magnitude and execution is definitely bigger – but not that grand compared to HK Ocean Park. 
Towering Ferris Wheel
Relaxing Wheel of Fate (Ferris Wheel)

Enchanted Kingdom Colorful Swing Gondola Ride
Swing-on at the Flying Fiesta
I love places like this where I can forget those tight office polos and just wear my sneakers, t-shirt and shorts, and have an exciting stroll on a laid back ambience. Also, Grand Carousel and huge Ferris Wheel can amazingly bring back my childhood memories. Magical memories I must say, like what I felt when I first saw the Bagui Windmills in Ilocos.
Enchanted Kingdom Top View Panorama
Awesome view from the top of the Ferris wheel

Let the magic stays with you
Enchanted Kingdom Exit Gate

Can you imagine life without magic?

I can’t! A world where all people are the same? I can’t imagine how dull it would be, if all that we have were work, work, work. Some will say we should grow up and be more mature, you know like the common description of a corporate normal adult – go to work, pay the house amortization, have kids, buy gadgets, drink beer, then go to work.

And I'll bet that you feel that way too.

Exit Tower
Truly, the magic stays with us!
Grand Magical Carousel
Grand Carousel at Victoria Park
I say we must take advantage of those opportunities to do something spontaneous. I mean those activities that provide wonderful memories that tickle the child in us. Magical places that can lift us up during stressful times.  
Enchanted Kingdom Victorian Entrance at night
Entrance facade at night
So when you have the chance, just do it. Don’t think too much about it, just take a break and have some fun – then let the magic stays with you! 
Enchanted Kingdom fireworks
Colorful fireworks to end the magical day!

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