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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Search of Christmas Spirit and Magical Sunset

Colorful giant Christmas Tree against sunset at SM Mall of Asia, San Miguel by the Bay
It’s already a few days before Christmas but I am still a bit struggling with Christmas spirit. I’m not sure if my holiday clock was thrown off-target by work-related stress due to recent news about our yet another company re-organization or due to self-imposed pressure to catch up on some romantic relationship. Probably a bit of both. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Binondo Church » The Conflict Between Cultural Heritage and Commercialization

Photo of the facade of Binondo ChurchI was recently on a shopping spree to the famous bargain shopping paradise - the Divisoria. Going there, I took the China Town route and I couldn’t help but drop by at the century old Binondo Church for some snapshots, knowing that it will be an awesome addition to my Philippine-old-churches series on this blog – aside of course from my recently discovered personal attraction to historic religious sites, not for the sake of religion but as an opportunity for cultural and educational experience.

Unlike many old churches located in major Philippine cities, this church were somehow able to maintain its old touch of a plaza, a common feature of century old Catholic churches but now usually being converted into commercial establishments. Undoubtedly, Binondo Church, with its rich cultural heritage is currently fighting against the threat of commercialization.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Abra de Ilog Pier » Your Lovely Gateway to Occidental Mindoro

Welcome arch at the gate entrance of Abra de Ilog Pier
I was browsing through photos on my mobile phone from my last hometown vacation and found this snaps taken at the Abra de Ilog Pier. I found the snapshots lovely and posted it here. Being a Mindoreño, I passed this place countless times and these are the amazing scenes I tend to ignore.

Well, when I travel back to my hometown, I don’t usually think of the touristy things to do there like taking photos and stuff – and I’m a bit guilty of not featuring my own province here on this blog (well, I guess I have to do something about that).

Maybe it’s because I tend not to think of my hometown as a tourist destination, unlike those places with famous beaches, or a historical church or some overrated resort. What I see, whenever I’m traveling back to Mindoro, is a collection of vivid images in my mind that together make up the idea of a special happy place, a “home”, or at least the idea of a small, almost unknown, peaceful and solitary hometown – a perfect hide-out and the pleasure of a small town life, not meant to be shared with others.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Upstairs Bed and Bath » Baguio’s Budget-Savior Accommodation for Backpackers

Photo of a surreal house art
It was because of misadventure or probably wrong planning that we discovered this budget friendly lodge in Baguio City. I and my office mates decided, on the last minute, to attend the Panagbenga Flower Festival. We thought we are already billeted on one of the transient houses in city area but when we got there, the room was already taken and the only option offered by the owner was for us to share a room with another family – of course we decline.

We arrived in Baguio the night before the Panagbenga grand parade, hence all hotels and transient houses are already fully booked. My friend who works on a travel agency tried contacting some of their travel-related clients and luckily referred to us the Upstairs Bed and Bath lodge. Some of the rooms are still under construction that time so even if the only available room still smells of paint, we have no choice but to spend the night there.

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