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The 'Greta Effect' on Travel [Megatrends on Tourism] - Greta Thunberg Climate Activism [VIDEO]

The Greta Effect, named after the teenage activist who has become the face of the Gen Z environmental movement, has been named one of the major "megatrends" expected to shape the future of travel. 

At the World Travel Market trade fair (November 5-6) in London, global market research group Euromonitor International released their annual forecasting report, identifying eight "megatrends" they predict will define the travel landscape over the next year.  

A megatrend is a trend with longevity, "representing a fundamental shift in behavior that is defining consumer markets." The report is based on research and input from 1,000 expert analysts. 

"The young Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, has shone a light on the challenges of climate change, mobilizing Gen Z around the world and influencing significant positive changes in attitudes and behavior," writes report author Caroline Bremner. 

"Greta has captured the imagination of many young people, emulating her example by taking a stand.... For many destinations, the sense of climate emergency is already all too real and consumers are increasingly taking a stand with their daily actions and choices."

Also out of Scandinavia, the concept of flight shame or flygskam is predicted to become more pervasive, driving travelers to think twice about the environmental impact of their air travel.  

Travel accounts for up to five percent of global carbon emissions according to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).  

In response to The Greta Effect and growing public concern, airlines and aircraft manufacturers are expected to continue exploring cleaner biofuels and energy efficient solutions -- and even discourage travelers from using their services. 

This past summer, Dutch carrier KLM launched a surprising campaign challenging travelers to fly less or fly responsibly by offsetting their carbon emissions. 

Other megatrends to look out for include the rise of accessible travel in Europe; innovation and super apps out of Asia; influencers, social media and Netflix-style subscription travel models out of America; and growth in travel start-ups out of the Middle East and Africa.

The global travel industry is set to grow, forecasted to top almost USD3 trillion sales by 2024, despite sustainability concerns and political uncertainty threatening to disrupt the status quo.

This report looks at the top trends impacting travel globally and how some of the leading players are responding to consumer demands for transparent, ethical and authentic travel experiences. 

World, Transformed: Megatrends and Their Implications for Travel & Tourism In this era of accelerating change, powerful forces are converging to fundamentally alter the ways people live, work and interact all around the world. This inaugural report, published in collaboration with Bloomberg Media Group, provides a data-driven and innovative examination of five-interlinked megatrends shaping the future and the opportunities businesses and destinations alike in the Travel & Tourism sector.

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