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Quiz: How Well Do You Know The World's Mountains? | Mountaineering Trivia Challenge

Mountaineering Quiz | 10 Questions - Fun Trivia Quizzes: Test your knowledge on a variety of Mountaineering topics. If you're after a quiz as challenging as a climb, look no further. Time to test your knowledge of the mountains of the world – from Kenya to Kilimanjaro, Altai to Aconcagua... How well do you know the mountains of the world? The tests below will test your knowledge when it comes to the highest mountains in the world and where they are located. Definitely useful geography questions. Mountaineering Quiz - The Quiz about Mountains. Mountain Quizzes & Trivia: Mountains offer some of the most pristine environments and some of the most impressive views one can find. This is the reason why they make the topic of our current trivia and we put together some of the toughest questions. 2020 Mountain Trivia Challenge. Take a peak at this mountains quiz. When it comes to knowledge of the lofty places of the world, will you be reaching dizzy heights or bumbling about on lower slopes? Lockdown quiz questions and answers - LOCKDOWN QUIZZES have surged in popularity, and thanks to technology, family and friends are able to take part in virtual pub quizzes from around the world. Here is sample lockdown quiz questions and answers for the next time you host a pub quiz. This is perfect for mountaineers, mountain climbers, hiking enthusiasts, trekkers and geography buff. Put your general knowledge to the test with this ultimate sample youtube video quiz about mountains of the world. This is a sample of ultimate youtuber quizzes: Quiz - Celebrating The Mountains - Mountains provide freshwater and biodiversity, and are a major source of food. By definition, they dominate their surroundings with towering height and protect valleys and their inhabitants. They play a critical part in moving the world towards sustainable economic growth and have a leading role as indicators of climate change. Let's see how much you know about mountains because #MountainsMatter Ten Questions: 1. We all know Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain. But which is the second highest? 2. Mount Wycheproof (not pictured) is often touted as the world’s smallest mountain. Where would you find it, exactly? 3. In which mountain range would you find this peak? 4. When determining mountain height (and the world’s tallest mountains), the figure is usually… 5. Do you know which mountain is thought to have the highest altitude? 6. Can you identify this mountain? Hotaku, Huangshan, Yushan or Kinabalu 7. In which country would you find Mount Damavand? 8. Which of the following is NOT an official classification of mountain type? 9. Can you identify this famous European mountain? Grossglockner, Kirkjufell, Matterhorn, Zugspitze 10. On which Japanese island would you find the famous Mount Fuji?

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