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Municipality of Cordova to Become “The Sentosa of Cebu” | Proposed 1,500 Hectares Reclamation to Push Through

Proposed 1,500 Hectares Reclamation in Cordova to Push Through. The plan of grooming the Municipality of Cordova to becoming “The Sentosa of Cebu” is slowly taking progress as the proposed 1,500 hectares reclamation project has been announced to finally push through. This announcement was done online last July 9 after SM Prime Holdings Inc. made known to the local government that they are renewing their commitment of investing in the municipality.

Municipality of Cordova to Become “The Sentosa of Cebu” | Lapu-lapu City 1,500 Hectares Reclamation The proposed 1,500 hectares reclamation project has been announced to finally push through. The Municipality of Cordova is a third-class municipality that borders Lapu-lapu City on the south of Mactan Island. It has one of the biggest seagrass beds in the country - which is the target reclamation site for this project. Development is called “Dolphin Island” since a dolphin symbolizes Marine Life and Beauty. The development aims to promote and provide a World Class and Luxurious Eco-Tourism Development through green architecture. The development is subdivided into 4 zones: public zone, semi-public zone, semi-private zone, and private zone. The 1,500 Hectares Reclamation in Cordova is estimated to be completed by 2028. It will be composed of four artificially-made islands - which will be developed into a world-class lifestyle destination It will feature a cruise terminal, marina, beach, eco-parks, golf course, churches, retail centers, civic centers, cultural centers, and promenades with inland transportation. Consideration includes preserving rich cultural heritage where it gave Cordovanhons opportunities and activities such as Tourism and Livelihood. What about Cordova’s fisher folks & their fishing route and the town’s mangrove areas? Under the law, a proposed reclamation project can only be given clearance if a feasibility study has been done And an environmental impact statement and environment compliance certificate has been issued. According to Greenpeace, It will destroy and lose our marine resources. However, others say that Cordova's pace of economic growth will change - housing development and commercial developments will also change. Do you support this project? Please comment down below.

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