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AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Molecular and PCR Laboratory - RT-PCR (COVID 19) Test for Seafarers

UPDATE as of 02 December 2020

Please see below updates regarding crew RT-PCR testing requirements at the AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Molecular and PCR Laboratory or ASHMPL.


1.    Since the average number of daily referrals from PJMCC members is below the allocated 50 slots per day (September to November 2020), control measures implemented to manage the number of test referrals to the ASHMPL have been relaxed. The following are the updated conditions:


·         testing referrals must be limited to AMOSUP-member Filipino seafarers boarding vessels covered by JSU/AMOSUP-IMMAJ CBA, regardless of port of embarkation

·         crew members, with or without confirmed flight schedules, will be accommodated for testing


2.    On the other hand, the ASHMPL is now requiring manning companies to submit copies of seafarers' passports when making referrals for RT-PCR testing. According to ASHMPL, this would help them in verifying seafarers' information before releasing the test results.


The AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital has recently acquired license from the Department of Health to operate its PCR laboratory, known as “AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Molecular and PCR Laboratory” or ASHMPL.


The following are for your information:


1.    The ASHMPL has offered to allocate 50 slots per day to IMMAJ/PJMCC joining crew, and agreed to accept testing referrals from IMMAJ/PJMCC members. In view of this, the following measures will be implemented to manage the number of test referrals to the facility:


·         testing referrals must be limited to AMOSUP-member Filipino crew joining in Japan and boarding vessels covered by JSU/AMOSUP-IMMAJ CBA

·         only crew members with confirmed flight schedules will be accommodated for testing


2.    Main points of the Swab Testing procedure are as follows:


·         Application is by manning agency:

o    ASHMPL will accept applications as early as 5 days before the requested RT-PCR Testing Date.

o    Cut-off for application and/or cancellation is 1200H of the day before the requested test date.

·         To apply, the manning agency is required to fill-up the attached Referral Form, Line List, and seafarer’s Case Investigation Form (CIF) and submit all requirements to ASHMPL by email.

·         A seafarer is required to give consent to the manning agency and ASHMPL to process his personal data as submitted/obtained during application as well as his COVID test result.

·         ASHMPL will send an email to the manning company confirming the swabbing schedule. Swab testing schedule at ASHMPL is from Monday to Friday only.

§  AM session starts at 8:00am and ends at 11:00am

§  PM session starts at 1:00pm and ends at 3:00pm


3.    The ASHMPL COVID-19 Test Result form is also attached.


·         Test results can be expected at 24 hours.

·         The date and time of the release of the test results is also the date of issuance of the medical certificate.

·         Test results of referred seafarers will be sent by ASHMPL to the manning agency’s designated email address.


4.    Cost of the RT-PCR test is at PhP3,500.00 per individual seafarer.


·         Cancellation after the cut-off or no-show case will also be billed to the manning agency at same cost above.

·         ASHMPL will send billing statements to each manning company after testing.


Please see below contact numbers of the AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Molecular & PCR Laboratory (ASHMPL):

    Phone: 8527-8116 to 20 locals 2102/2068/2016
    Mobile Number: (+63) 961 910 4388

Likewise, in order to easily identify and properly address referrals coming from the group (PJMCC Members) , ASHMPL created a new email address dedicated for IMMAJ/PJMCC. 

Please send your applications (including referral forms, line lists and Case Investigation Forms) through the email address:


Aims to implement CBAs that help deliver holistic programs and services such as health programs, education program, welfare plans, and basic needs that Filipino seafarers deserve.

AMOSUP members and their dependents can avail of improved healthcare and medical services.

Pinoy Seaman Guide: AMOSUP Programs & Services for Filipino Seafarers | Free Webinar Para sa MARINO

Free Webinar: All about ASSOCIATED MARINE OFFICERS' AND SEAMEN'S UNION OF THE PHILIPPINES (AMOSUP) - What are the benefits of AMOSUP? What are AMOSUP Provident Funds benefits? Address: 550 Cabildo St, Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila - This video discusses amosup covid assistance and vaccination as part of their services to seafarers, amosup provident fund claim 2021, development of amosup online appointment and digitization, amosup covid vaccine registration, amosup id online application and other matters related to marinong pinoy (Filipino seafarers / seaman). Philippine maritime industry. AMOSUP Founder Captain Gregorio S. Oca, master seafarer, mariner and visionary. Capt. Oca established AMOSUP to look after the welfare and best interests of the Filipino seafarer.  In the five decades since its inception, the AMOSUP has grown to become the largest seafarers’ union in the country. AMOSUP Basic Need services includes: SAILOR'S HOME, SLOP CHEST, SEAMEN'S VILLAGE, SEAMEN'S HOSPITAL, WIDOW/WIDOWER SURVIVORSHIP PENSION FUND, PROVIDENT FUND, etc.   

0:00 Introduction - Dr. Conrado F. Oca
0:19 Capt. Gregorio S. Oca
0:42 AMOSUP Benefits
1:35 AMOSUP Seamen's Hospital
3:16 AMOSUP Sailor's Home
4:32 AMOSUP Seamen's Village
4:56 AMOSUP Slopchest
5:14 MAAP
6:25 Welfare Mutual Benefit Plan
6:41 AMOSUP Provident Fund
6:59 Widow / Widower Survivorship Fund
7:28 AMOSUP Seamen's Hospital Molecular & RT-PCR Laboratory
8:01 AMOSUP Vaccination Program for Seafarers
8:52 Open Forum

This video is part of the “KNOW YOUR MARITIME INDUSTRY” WEBINAR SERIES - AUGUST 2021 - The webinar has an accompanying theme: “ALL HANDS ON DECK!  MARINONG PINOY:  BE INFORMED! BE FUTURE READY!” and it aims to educate our Filipino Seafarers about the Private and Government Agencies in the Philippines that play a big role in the maritime industry and agencies that are responsible for the welfare of Filipino Seafarers.

Invited guest speakers include Heads of Government Agencies who are dealing with the Maritime Industry. Various topics would be discussed and would include what our Government has been doing to further improve our maritime industry as well as ensure their competitiveness and secure their employment amidst the stiff competition in the world seafaring market.

The webinar is organized by the IMO-ASTIG, an association of young seafarers which assists the IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador of the Philippines, Ms. Josephine J. Francisco, in organizing various projects that help promote the maritime profession. Officially established in February 2020, IMO-ASTIG stands for International Maritime Organization - Alliance of Seafarers Towards Achieving IMO’s Global Maritime Mission.

1 AMOSUP MEMBER S HANDBOOK Cover photos by Mr. Stefan Lindberg

2 SEAMEN S HOSPITAL (Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and AMOSUP Clinic Dagupan) FAMILY MEDICAL AND DENTAL PLAN (FMDP) Your well being as well as the well-being of your family is important to us. We understand that to be able to work well, you and your family have to be healthy. This is the reason why AMOSUP created the Family Medical and Dental Care Plan. Through the Seamen s Hospital in Manila, a level three hospital with teaching and training facilities, and level 2 hospitals in Cebu, Iloilo and Davao and a hospital-based satellite clinic in Dagupan, AMOSUP brings hospitalization, treatment and medicines free-of-charge to qualified members like you and your dependents. AMOSUP is continuously improving and AMOSUP Hospital Iloilo expanding the facilities of the Seamen s Hospitals to address more of your health concerns. For the Hospital s future expansion, the Union is carefully studying location where it can offer specific services that will be of greater benefit to more of its members. More of your Frequently Asked Questions, answered: Q: Am I qualified? A: If you are an active bona fide member of AMOSUP, you and your legal dependents are qualified to avail of the Seamen s Hospital. Q: Who are my qualified dependents? A: If you are married: - your legitimate wife - your legitimate unmarried children below 18 years old If you are single with no children: - your natural parents - your unmarried brothers and sisters below 18 years old If you are single with children - your legitimate unmarried children below 18 years old Q. Where can I avail of the benefits under the Family Medical and Dental Plan (FMDP) A. At the different facilities established by the AMOSUP such as the Seamen s Hospital Manila in Intramuros, Seamen s Hospital Cebu in Mandaue, the Seamen s Hospital Iloilo in Madurriao, Gig Oca-Robles Seamen s Hospital in Davao and the AMOSUP Clinic in Dagupan City. Q: How can I avail of the services of the Hospital? A: Entitlement to the benefits under the Family Medical and Dental Plan (FMDP) is based on the membership status of the member. If you are an active bona fide member, you or your qualified dependents can avail of the services of the hospital by going to the nearest AMOSUP Hospital branch and present for verification/screening purposes, the following documents upon registration at the Medical Records Section. Please note that each branch may differ/vary in their initial registration process such as the use of queuing system and the triaging of patients in the general outpatient department as practiced by Seamen s Hospital Manila. Member Member s ID issued by AMOSUP & Seaman s Book or photocopy of the page bearing the member s personal data & last vessel Dependent s ID issued by Seamen s Hospital Latest allotment slip bearing the name of the vessel covered by AMOSUP CBA In the absence of the above documents, the patient may temporarily present the following: verification slip from the Record Section of the hospital or Seamen s Center, employment certificate/contract, marriage contract & birth certificate of children (PSA copy), CENOMAR for parents.

3 SEAMEN S HOSPITAL (Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and AMOSUP Clinic Dagupan) FAMILY MEDICAL AND DENTAL PLAN (FMDP) Accommodation of patients is done on a first-come, first served basis except for emergency cases wherein the patient is directed to the Emergency Room for immediate management. Note: Application of ID is encouraged to avoid delays when availing the services at the hospital. The medical record personnel may require additional requirements as part of the verification process. For members and dependents residing in the province of Cebu, Iloilo and Davao, you are encouraged to apply for your ID in any AMOSUP Seamen s Hospital branch near you. For Manila, member s ID is processed at the Seamen s Center while the dependent s ID is processed at the Seamen s Hospital. To speed up the releasing of your ID, please make sure to bring all the required documents (original copy and one photocopy of each document). For further information about the ID application, please visit the AMOSUP website at Q: My husband is an AMOSUP member so why should I bring a verification slip or Seaman s book. A: A verification slip and Seaman s book are necessary to determine the embarkation and disembarkation dates of the member so entitlement to the benefits can be verified. Q: Why do we have to submit marriage contracts and birth certificates with registry numbers? A: The Seamen s Hospitals seek to extend its quality service only to the true legal dependents of its members. To accomplish this, it needs to verify the legality of marriage contracts and birth certificates to guard against unauthorized availment of the benefits. Q: How long can I avail of this benefit? A: All qualified members and their dependents can avail of benefits at the Seamen s Hospital from the date of embarkation of the member up to six months after disembarkation. Please be reminded that it is only when you are onboard a vessel covered by an AMOSUP CBA that your shipowner is required to contribute to the funds that help run the Seamen s Hospital and entitles you and your dependents to the benefits. Q: What are the benefits? A: As a qualified bona fide member, you and your legal dependents can avail of consultations, be provided with medicines, treatment, hospitalization and examinations free-of-charge subject to availability of services and supplies. Seamen s Hospital does not handle medico-legal cases for members and their dependents. However, it is prepared to give first aid treatment before the patient is transferred to a government hospital with a medicolegal officer or offers the procedure. You may visit our website at org for more detailed list of services offered by each branch. AMOSUP Hospital Davao Q: Transfer of admitted members / dependents to AMOSUP Seamen s Hospital A: Transfer of patient to AMOSUP Seamen s Hospital requires two basic procedures: 1. Verification of membership status of the seaman must be established. For telephone verification, always note the correct spelling of the vessel s name to ensure proper verification. Always bring the required documents for verification purposes. 2. Doctor-to Doctor coordination must be done prior to transfer to check for the availability of service, bed so as not to inconvenient the patient. Q: Can we go to other medical facility and just reimburse our expenses with AMOSUP Seamen s Hospital? A: No. The benefit is limited to the services units established under the FMDP program (Amosup Seamen s Hospitals & Clinic) However, AMOSUP has introduced a Cost-Plus Arrangement under the Group Hospitalization Plan in partnership with Insular Life. The plan provides for the reimbursement of the actual, necessary, customary, reasonable and eligible expenses for covered disabilities for

4 confinement including maternity-related cases like delivery, out-patient procedures, lens implant, radiation therapy and other medical conditions as defined under this program. Basic considerations for coverage under the Cost-Plus Arrangement are (1) non-availability of service in the Seamen s Hospital; (2) proximity to Seamen s Hospitals; (3) emergency situation. The reimbursement has a maximum limit of P20,000 per family unit and may be availed only once a year. The policy on the eligibility of member applies. Meaning, only those with active membership are eligible for claim. All claims received with valid and complete documents will be processed and settled byinsular Life within seven (7) days Claims with lacking document will be communicated to Ms. Liza Panim or Ms. Anna Ibarra within three (3) days from the date of receipt of claims. Claim checks will be issued under the name of the seaman. INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSULAR S MEDICAL REIMBURSEMENT: 1. Application forms are available at the AMOSUP facilities indicated in No Please fill up Parts I, III & IV of the form. Part I should be filled up by the member Part III by the Hospital (only if the Statement of Account from the Hospital is not detailed and wherein the room and board charges are billed separately from the other charges; Part IV by the Attending Doctor 3. Please attach to the form the following: Original official receipt (OR) with TIN and original statement of account of the hospital/facility where payment for either confinement or procedure/s is made. 4. Submit the form together with the above required documents to any of the following facilities: 1. AMOSUP Seamen s Hospitals- Business Office/Executive Office (Manila /Cebu/Iloilo/Davao) 2. AMOSUP Clinic in Dagupan 1000 Medical Arts Bldg. Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital 3. AMOSUP Seamen s Center Attn: Anna Ibarra /Liza Panim From its very modest beginning as a small out-patient clinic to its present roster of four hospitals, the AMOSUP is continuously expanding to serve the growing medical needs of all its members. The establishment of the Family and Community Medicine, a training program accredited by the Philippine Academy of the Family Physicians, will reduce patients waiting time in the hospital as licensed resident physicians will be on-hand to primarily handle out-patient consultations and initial management of emergency cases. On the other hand, the Refill Booklet scheme will provide speedy service to all patients whose only purpose in visiting the hospital is for a refill of their maintenance medicines. TELE-HEALTH SERVICES A joint project of IMMAJ and AMOSUP, Tele-Health is the newest program made available at the AMOSUP Seamen s Hospital Manila. This service is open to all seafarers, regardless of nationality, on board JSU/AMOSUP-IMMAJ CBA covered vessels and to all seafarers, regardless of nationality, on board Japanese-flagged vessels of IMMAJ members. Tele-Health system operates on a 24/7 schedule with the following contact details: Telephone No: (+632) Telefax No: (+632)

5 SEAMEN S HOSPITAL (Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and AMOSUP Clinic Dagupan) FAMILY MEDICAL AND DENTAL PLAN (FMDP) AMOSUP SEAMEN S HOSPITAL SERVICES SERVICES MANILA CEBU ILOILO DAVAO DAGUPAN DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGY Anesthesia requirement to all surgical departments Out Patient services only for the following departments DEPARTMENT OF DENTAL MEDICINE Medicine General Dentistry OB-GYN Occupational Oral and Dental examination Pediatrics Surgery DEPARTMENT OF EYES, EARS, NOSE & THROAT EENT Diagnostic, medical and surgical management of EENT cases DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY AND COMMUNITY MEDICINE Medical Consultation, Health Education Primary care counselling & health care (Adult & Elderly) Promotion of wellness Innovative & Traditional Residency Training Program DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE Internal Medicine Cardiology Dermatology Endocrinology Gastroenterology Infectious Disease Nephrology Neurology Oncology/ Pulmonology Psychiatry DEPARTMENT OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE Radiation Iodine Therapy Whole Body Scan Dacryoscintigraphy Cardiac Scan DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Pre & Post-natal check-up Deliveries and C-Sections Diagnostic and therapeutic management of gynecological cases OB-Gyn Sonology OB-Oncology Residency Training Program DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY Bacteriology Clinical Chemistry Clinical Microscopy Exfoliative Cytology Hematology Immunology Parasitology Phlebotomy Serology

6 AMOSUP SEAMEN S HOSPITAL SERVICES SERVICES MANILA CEBU ILOILO DAVAO DAGUPAN DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY Histopathology Drug & Alcohol Blood Station BloodBank DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS General Pediatrics Allergology Cardiology Infectious Disease Neonatology Neurology Hematology Pulmonology DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY Computerized Tomographical (CT) Scan Mammography Fixed X-Ray Examinations * Digital X-ray * Analog X-ray (use of x-ray films) Mobile X-Ray Examinations Ultrasound Ultrasound with Doppler and 2-D Echo Examinations Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Venous & Dupplex/Peripheral Studies DEPARTMENT OF REHABILITATION MEDICINE Physical Rehabilitation Services Wellness Program DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY General Surgery Orthopedics Thoracic & Vascular Surgery Urology-Lithotripsy Unit/ESWL Neurosurgery Pediatric Surgery Laparoscopic Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Program OTHERS Administrative Pre & Post Medical Examination (ISO CERTIFIED) Regular Pre-employment medical examination according to the ILO-IMO Standards & the Department of Health Issuance of Health Certificates for International Maritime Affiliates : UK-MCA, The Netherlands / Dutch Medical, Swedish, Panamanian, Liberian, K.O.T.C. Breastfeeding Station Hemodialysis Unit TB-DOTS Clinic Chemotherapy Treatment Psychometric Screening Section Nursing Services Ambulance Services Dietary Pharmacy (dispenses medicines, prescribed by the Seamen s Hospital Doctors, free of charge, depending on the availability)

7 WELFARE AND MUTUAL BENEFIT PLAN (WMBP) The WMBP seeks to provide members and their legal dependents with welfare and financial benefits. Instead of the member, the participating employers who sign CBAs with WMBP provision make the contributions for the upkeep and maintenance of the Plan. Q: Who are the qualified for the Plan? A: All active bona fide members whose CBAs provide for WMBP Q: What are the requirements: 1. Letter of request for benefit addressed to Dr. Conrado F. Oca, AMOSUP President 2. REGISTERED Death Certificate 3. REGISTERED Marriage Certificate (if married) 4. REGISTERED Birth Certificate and Certificate of NO Marriage (CENOMAR) if single 5. Marriage Certificate of parents (if single) 6. Service Record duly certified by the Company/Employer Dependents (for Old Age Assistance) 7. Certification from Barangay Chairman (for Fire Victims) Q: What are the benefits for members? A: I. Death of a member while on board I-A. Should death occur to member while on board a vessel under a valid and subsisting CBA between the AMOSUP and the shipowner and during the effectivity of said CBA, the services offered are: FUNERAL SERVICE rendered to all bona fide members FREE-OF-CHARGE under the Plans contracted by AMOSUP with the APEC Plans**. All extra charges such as upgrading and extra kilometers (if remains will be bought to the province), airline or ship fare will be charged to the family or to the company. Plan limit is 25 kilometers. AIRPORT ASSISTANCE provided in cooperation with the manning agent to help the widow process the release of the remains of the deceased up to servicing by the mortuary. For CBAs with WMBP provision, the AMOSUP agrees IMMEDIATELY to pay the designated beneficiary/ies the amount of: a. Master and Chief Engineer P250, b. Other Officer P210, c. Rating P170, on submission of documentary requirement. I-B. If the member is no longer working on board the vessel due to completion of contract, expiration of CBA, naval/maritime risks and hazards ceases, and within the grace period of 30 days from arrival in Manila, death or serious disabling physical injuries occurs, the reduced benefits and schedules are granted: Loss of life within 30 days grace period P20, Note: This is applicable to CBAs where employers recognize the WMBP provision Q: What are the benefits for dependents? A: After two years of continued contributions by the shipowner and while he is still working on board a vessel with an existing CBA, should death occur to a dependent of said member, benefits are: - Legitimate spouse of a married member P10, Either parents of an unmarried member P10,000.00

8 WELFARE AND MUTUAL BENEFIT PLAN (WMBP) After three years of continued contribution by shipowner and while he is working on board a vessel with an existing CBA member will receive: - Legitimate minor children below 18 years old and unmarried P4, For any other cases but seaman is a bonafide member of the AMOSUP who has been active for at least two years, benefit is: - Financial assistance and Funeral allowance Member s spouse/child/parents P2, II. Old Age Financial Assistance A bona fide member for a minimum of 5 years onboard vessels covered by AMOSUP Collective Bargaining Agreement and has reached the age of 55 years old and can no longer work onboard shall receive an Old Age Financial Assistance approved by the Union President as follows; a) for the first year of service P2, b) for each year of service thereafter P If a member is below 55 years old and is physically and medically unfit for any kind of work, he or she can avail of said benefit This is payable in lump sum but shall not exceed the total number of years you have actually served on board vessel/s with Union CBA. III. Financial Assistance for Fire Victims IV. Limitation or Exclusion of Benefits No benefit or financial assistance shall be drawn or granted under the WMBP is case of death by suicide, war or acts of war and/or civil commotion, insurrection, rebellion, uprising or similar political controversies, earthquakes, tidal waves or acts of God. SERVICE UNITS AVAILABLE MANILA Service Units Family Medical & Dental Plan (FMDP), Provident Fund, Welfare & Mutual Benefit Plan (WMBP), Legal Services, Sailor s Home, Slop Chest, Widow/Widower Survivorship Pension Fund, AMOSUP Member s ID, Dependent s ID CEBU Service Units Family Medical & Dental Plan (FMDP), Provident Fund, Sailor s Home, Activity & Wellness Center, Slop Chest, Welfare & Mutual Benefit Plan (WMBP), AMOSUP Member s ID, Dependent s ID ILOILO Service Units Family Medical & Dental Plan (FMDP), Provident Fund, Sailor s Home, Activity & Wellness Center, Welfare & Mutual Benefit Plan (WMBP), AMOSUP Member s ID, Dependent s ID DAVAO Service Units Family Medical & Dental Plan (FMDP), Provident Fund, Sailor s Home, Activity & Wellness Center, Welfare & Mutual Benefit Plan (WMBP), AMOSUP Member s ID, Dependent s ID DAGUPAN Service Units Family Medical & Dental Plan (FMDP) BATAAN, MAAP AMOSUP TRAINING CENTER Service Units AMOSUP Seamen s Training Center (ASTC), Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), Center for Advanced Maritime Studies (CAMS) CAVITE, SEAMEN S VILLAGE Service Unit Pilot Medium Cost Housing Project

9 PRESIDENT S MESSAGE Seafarers welfare has long been the priority of AMOSUP in pursuit of its members needs. Over the years we have established numerous welfare and benefit schemes for the general membership and their dependents. Beginning with our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiations with the employers along with other social partners, the union is able to look after our members best interests and welfare and perform its tasks of laying down and implementing the programmes. In this handbook, the members will come to know of available services they can access and enjoy. From health and medical care to training and education, and from lodging facilities to owning a home, the union seeks to provide guidance and information to members in the best way possible. As we ensure that seafarers must receive the fruit of their labor in the form of fair remuneration and benefits, AMOSUP members and dependents can rely on the delivery of continuing welfare programmes. This simplified handbook contains a digest of all the information about the union. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in AMOSUP. Through this endeavour we renew our commitment to serving you with even more passion and dedication. Dr. Conrado F. Oca President, AMOSUP The Seamen s Hospital Manila expands to its new wing, erected at a 786 sqm. lot area located at the corner of San Jose and Gen. Luna Sts. Various services such as the doctors clinics, hemodialysis unit, oncology unit, pathology, operating room complex and intensive care unit (ICU) will be transferred to accommodate the increasing medical needs of our members and their dependents.

10 AMOSUP-PTGWO-ITF CONTACT DETAILS MANILA AMOSUP SEAMEN S CENTER Seamen s Center Building, Cabildo corner Sta. Potenciana Streets, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines Contact Nos.: (+632) to 98 Fax Nos.: (+632) / (+632) Web site: Provident Fund Tel: (+632) to 98 loc. 808 Fax: (+632) Welfare and Mutual Benefit Plan (WMBP) Tel: (+632) to 98 loc Widow/Widower Survivorship Pension Fund Tel: (+632) to 98 loc Legal Affairs Office Tel: (+632) to 98 loc Sailor s Home Tel: (+632) / (+632) Slop Chest Tel: (+632) Fax No.: (+632) MAAP Manila Office Tel: (+632) Professional Career Development Center (PCDC) Contact No.: (+632) AMOSUP SEAMEN S HOSPITAL MANILA Cabildo corner San Jose Streets, Intramuros, Manila Tel: (+632) to 20 / (+632) Fax: (+632) CEBU AMOSUP SEAMEN S HOSPITAL CEBU Camino Vicenal St., Umapad, Mandaue City, Cebu Tel: (+6332) to 75 / (032) Fax: (+6332) / (+6332) Provident Fund - Tel: (+6332) loc. 311 Sailor s Home - Tel: (+6332) loc.106 Slop Chest - Tel: (+6332) Activity & Wellness Center Tel: (+6332) ILOILO AMOSUP SEAMEN S HOSPITAL ILOILO Oñate St., Mandurriao, Iloilo City, Iloilo Tel: (+6333) / (+6333) Fax: (+6333) Activity & Wellness Center DAVAO GIG OCA ROBLES SEAMEN S HOSPITAL DAVAO R. Castillo Street, Brgy. Centro, Agdao, Davao City Tel: (+6382) / (+6382) local 231 Fax: (+6382) Provident Fund - Tel: (+6382) / Tel: (+6382) DAGUPAN AMOSUP CLINIC DAGUPAN DOCTORS VILLAFLOR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Room 1000 Medical Arts Building 1, Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital, Mayombo District, Dagupan City, Pangasinan 2400 Contact Details : (+63917) Mobile No.: (+63917) BATAAN MARITIME ACADEMY OF ASIA AND THE PACIFIC (MAAP) Kamaya Point, Brgy. Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines Tel: (+6332) Mobile No.: (+63917) Fax: (+6332) CAVITE SEAMEN S VILLAGE 2F Seamen s Village Admin Bldg., Charles Blythe Drive, Seamen s Village, Brgy. Piela, Dasmariñas, Cavite Tel: (+6346) / Fax: (+6346)

11 AMOSUP MEMBERSHIP I.D., AMOSUP DEPENDENTS I.D. All Filipino seafarers who boarded a vessel enrolled under AMOSUP Collective bargaining Agreement is bona fide member and must acquire an AMOSUP membership card. All qualified members can acquire the membership I.D. up to six months after disembarkation. How to apply for Membership I.D. Go to AMOSUP records department located at Sailors Home Annex Bldg. from Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm. Get a number at the entrance of the sailor s home and go strait to the waiting area and wait for your number to be called, When your number is called the one in charge at the counter 6 at the RECORDS Dept, will issue an application form for you to fill up. After filling up please return the form to the in charge and submit any of the following: 1. Seaman s Book 2. Latest pay slip / allotment slip 3. Updated passbook from Provident Fund 4. Certificate of Sea Service from manning agent 5. Last contract of employment. After the person in charge check your application form and submitted documents you will be ask to wait for your I.D. Capturing. A fee of Php will be charge for the new membership I.D. For lost I.D. same procedure but you need to secure an Affidavit of Loss at Legal Department located at third (3) floor Seamen s Center building a fee of PhP50.00 is charge for the re-issuance of the lost AMOSUP I.D. How to apply for Dependent s I.D. LIST OF REQUIREMENTS FOR DEPENDENT S I.D. APPLICATION NEW UPDATE LOST/ STOLEN SINGLE MARRIED SINGLE PARENT WIDOW/WIDOWER PSA Registered Birth Certificate of member PSA Registered Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of member PSA Registered Marriage Contract of Parent PSA Registered of Birth Certificate of seaman s siblings, 17 y.o. & below Latest Allotment Slip PSA Registered Marriage Contract of member PSA Registered Birth Certificate of unmarried children 17 y.o & below Latest Allotment Slip PSA Registered Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of member PSA Registered Birth Certificate of unmarried children 17 y.o. & below Original Copy of Court s Decision on Annulment of Marriage, if separated Latest Allotment Slip PSA Registered Birth Certificate of unmarried children 17 y.o. & below PSA Registered Death Certificate of deceased spouse Latest Allotment Slip * Please SUBMIT photocopy of the above requirements and place in a long, brown envelope. Label it with the following information: LAST NAME, GIVEN NAME & MIDDLE NAME written at the upper left corner, back part of the envelope. Indicate the member s or the applicant s contact number under the member s name. * BRING ORIGINAL COPY OF ALL THE REQUIREMENTS for verification purposes. * Photo of the ID holder will be taken on site via webcam

12 HOW TO SECURE A DEPENDENT S ID: 1. Fill out a Family Data Registration Form. You can obtain this at Medical Records Department of the Hospital or you may visit the AMOSUP website for downloadable forms under contact details. 2. Dependent s ID will take 5 days to process from the date of Approval of the Family Data Registration Form by the Medical Records Department. 3. All Dependent ID applications will be processed at the Medical Records Department. Accepting of Application is from Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 11:00 am. 4. Releasing of Dependent s ID is from Monday - Friday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 5. LOST/STOLEN ID Please submit the following requirements: - Latest Allotment Slip - Notarized Affidavit of Loss 6. Payment : php for the 1st issuance of ID php for the 2nd issuance of each lost ID php for the 3rd issuance of each lost ID php for 4th issuance of each lost ID ALWAYS BRING YOUR AMOSUP DEPENDENT S I.D. AND LATEST ALLOTMENT SLIP IN AVAILING OF THE HOSPITAL BENEFITS PROVIDENT FUND The Provident Fund is a benefit scheme for AMOSUP members wherein Participating Companies contribute to the Fund of the seafarer s account. It was established by the union under several CBAs it negotiated with various shipowners and shipowners associations. Presently, there are thirteen (13) CBAs provided with the Provident Fund provision agreed administered locally, namely TCCC, JSU, Belgian, British, FKSU, French, Italian, LSA, NCL, NCSU, Netherlands, SMOU and Swedish. The scheme is non-contributory and therefore, not deducted from the members wages on board. The contributions are directly remitted by the participating companies to the designated depository bank/s. Contributions also vary in amount depending on the provisions agreed on each CBA. The Rules and Regulations of each Fund are detailed in the Provident Fund Passbook. The passbook is issued to qualified members through the manning agent that serves as a record of contributions for Participating Vessels. The member should regularly update the passbook with the manning agent and validate said contributions with the Provident Fund Office. The qualified members is entitled to receive the total amount of contributions made in his favor by the Participating Company, plus any interest that may have been earned in accordance with the Fund s Rules and Regulations. The NIS/AMOSUP CBA and the NSA MODEL AMOSUP CBA also have provident fund provisions agreed with the employer but this fund is administered by Uni-Storebrand Norway. Members can be assisted by the Fil-Nor Gain Office for any queries, claim assistance regarding provident fund under the NIS and Model agreement. The Provident Fund Office also assists the Danish International Ship Registry in forwarding the claims of inactive members under the DIS Provident Fund, which is managed in Denmark by Atlanticlux Lebensversicherung S.A.

13 PROVIDENT FUND Note: This is applicable to CBAs where employers recognize the PROVIDENT FUND provision. Please verify with the AMOSUP Office if needed. Q: Who are qualified to claim? (Except NIS and NSA Model Agreement) A: Members who have reached the retireable age of fifty (50) years old (applies to all CBAS with Provident Fund provision except for Swedish which is at fifty-five (55) years old); Members who have been a member of the Fund for ten (10) years; Members who have been inactive from the Fund for two (2) years counted from the date of their last disembarkation; and Members who have been declared permanently unfit for sea duties due to illness. In case of death of a qualified member, his legal dependents are entitled to receive the full amount of benefit plus 100% of the earnings or interest. Q: Documents required to claim contributions: A: The following are the basic documents required when a member applies for the withdrawal of his contributions: Personal letter addressed to AMOSUP President, Dr. Conrad F. Oca, requesting for the withdrawal of the contributions; Letter of endorsement from the company/ies where the member earned the contributions; Updated Provident Fund Passbook; Passport and Seaman s Book; and AMOSUP I.D. and Residence Certificate for the current year. Additional documents will be required by the office depending on the reason for claim such as: Medical certificate for members who have been declared permanently disabled. In case of death, the beneficiary/ies should present a death certificate and marriage contract (for a married member) or the birth certificate of an unmarried member. For the convenience of the members, AMOSUP satellite offices in Cebu, Davao and Iloilo can now assist members with their Provident Fund transactions such as validation of contributions and filing of claim. LEGAL SERVICES Legal services are dispensed by the union s Legal Affairs Office (LAO), housed at the 3rd Floor, of the Seamen s Center, Cabildo corner Sta. Potenciana St., Intramuros, Manila. It is headed by a Director for Legal Affairs and complemented by seasoned lawyers and paralegal officers mainly tasked to perform advice-giving and consultative functions. The core legal services include assisting and representing union members in relation to their employment, employment benefits, union benefits and privileges. The office is also responsible for responding to other union matters requiring legal opinion, and inquiries from companies on the interpretation and implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) provisions vis-a-vis the POEA individual Standard Employment Contracts. Cognizant of the dynamics of the global maritime policies and conventions, the LAO also constantly reviews the applicability and relevance of provisions of CBAs and whenever necessary, recommends revisions thereto. The office is likewise the hub of dispute settlement through the grievance procedure instituted in all the CBAs. Being a core activity of the union, a separate section on Industrial Relations is devoted to this subject. As part of its outreach program, the LAO also offers lectures and advice to medically repatriated members on their benefits and entitlements. Such activities are conducted at P&I Club-accredited hospitals during selected and scheduled weekends. Very often, the seafarers visited welcome the assistance extended by the union through this outreach program of the LAO, especially that physical disability limits their mobility and access to the union s services. Notarial services for documents that are employment and union related are rendered free of charge.

14 LEGAL SERVICES Q: Do the AMOSUP lawyers handle all the cases for/ against its members free-of-charge including assistance in criminal cases? A: They handle cases that arise from employment in vessels covered by AMOSUP CBAs What should a seafarer do if he feels he is aggrieved, unjustly treated, encounters a problem on board the ship or if he was accused of a violation that would result to termination of his contract? Here are the basic steps to follow: 1. Consult and present complaint to immediate superior 2. Present his/her side to the immediate superior or the highest Filipino officer on board or Master in the presence of a crew witness 3. Abide by the findings/decision of the matter 4. If termination is the result of the on-board grievance, the seafarer may, upon arrival in Manila, be best to consult and confer with the company and the union on his concerns. It is advised that seafarer should be able to get hold of the minutes or records of the meeting and other employment related papers. The Seafarer must exert efforts at communicating with the company and the union to avoid unnecessary court action. It would be helpful if the seafarer has contact persons and contact numbers of both the company and the union. SLOP CHEST Intramuros, Cebu, Davao, and Iloilo (soon to open) Slop Chest addresses the basic food and non-food requirements of members like you. As a convenience store open only to AMOSUP members, it provides goods at competitive prices and purchases can be made on credit within designated credit limits with no interest. The purchases can then be reimbursed to AMOSUP through your allotments with participating manning agents. You may also purchase appliances at competitive prices, payable in six months with zero interest. Q: Who are qualified to shop at the Slop Chest? A: An active bona fide member of the AMOSUP and his designated allottees, can avail of this privilege. Q: What are the requirements? A: AMOSUP I.D. / ALLOTTEES I.D. (Allottees I.D. is required if allottee is not your legitimate wife, child, parent, sister or brother) Allotment Slip or Latest Payslip Employment contract (photocopy) Q: What are the benefits? A: Purchase at the Slop Chest on credit based on the ff. credit limits:

15 Designation Groceries Appliances Officer P6, P36, Petty Officer P5, P30, Rating P4, P24, Payment is on an interest-free deferred payment scheme basis, via salary deduction on your succeeding allotment through the cooperation of manning agents. You and/or your dependents can use the privilege more than once, providing previous purchases have been settled through the allotment. These privileges will cease two months before termination of your employment contract. In case your contract has been extended, you must present documents to verify extension. Q: Am I allowed to bring my family and friends to shop at the Slop Chest? A: Yes, your family and friends can shop with you. However, if the facility is full, the management reserves the right to limit the number of people who can enter. SAILOR S HOME Intramuros, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo The Sailor s Home Program was established by AMOSUP for the board and lodging needs of transient members domiciled in the provinces away from Metro Manila. The program began in 1978 to provide temporary residence to AMOSUP members who are waiting to go on board or have disembarked and are on their way home to their domicile in the different provinces. Since the beginning, AMOSUP has provided for its free use to all members in good standing. At present there are four Sailor s Home locations: Intramuros, Cebu, Davao and Iloilo which can accommodate 667, 150, 54, 35 members, respectively, in fully air-conditioned dormitorystyle rooms. Each location has amenities for recreation of the Union members. The Cebu and Davao facilities have adjacent union sports and social amenities that members and their guests can conveniently avail of while the Intramuros facility has an arrangement with the AJSU/AMOSUP Multipurpose Sports Complex in Malate for use of their facilities by the members. Plans are under way to provide the same in house for Intramuros. Q: Who are qualified? A: Active members are qualified to avail of this privilege; however, priority is given to those newly-arrived from overseas. Q: What are the requirements? A: AMOSUP I.D. Card Proof of line-up or disembarkation (Seamen s Book, dispatch slip, allotment slip, etc.) Accomplished Request for Sailor s Home, Registration Form, Conforme and Accountability Q: Is the use of Sailor s Home free? A: Sailor s Home and its benefits are free-of-charge to active bona fide members of AMOSUP.

16 WIDOW/WIDOWER SURVIVORSHIP PENSION FUND To provide the surviving widow/widower or other designated next of kin assistance in time of need, the Survivorship Fund was established. The benefits is a fixed regular and reasonable stream of funds for limited period of time and given, when applicable, on top of the existing death benefit provided under the CBA. The employers, through their Philippine manning agents, shall remit to the Benefit Fund US$5.00 per seafarer covered by the CBA. The monthly contributions shall be remitted to the designated account which is maintained with a depository bank. The Fund is administered and implemented by a Board of Trustees in accordance with the implementing rules and regulations of the Fund. The Board of Trustees is composed of representatives designated by the Union and by participating companies/shipowners. Q: What are its benefits? A: In the event of death of a seafarer, while working on board or while travelling to or from a covered ship or vessel, his/her designated beneficiary/ies may receive death benefits depending on the type of CBA, the monthly benefit will be from USD250 to USD The payment of benefits shall be subject to any and all applicable taxes or similar fees and charges, unless a contrary final ruling is issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue or any appropriate taxing authority or agency of the Philippine government. After the death of a seafarer, the payment of the monthly benefit shall commence twenty four (24) months following the valid and due payment of the death compensation. However, no monthly benefit shall commence to be paid until after final resolution of any pending actions/ disputes arising from such payment of the death compensation. The payments of the monthly benefits shall be made to an account opened and maintained by the Beneficiary with any branch of the depository/trustee bank. MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING The functional chart / diagram below will give you an understanding of how AMOSUP is involved in Maritime Education and Training with its existing MET facilities. After MAAP was established and registered, most of the union s MET facilities were placed under its operational control. AMOSUP PTGWO-ITF UNION WELFARE PROGRAMS SHOS, SV, SHOM, SC, AWC, ETC SHIPBOARD TRAINING (T/S/ KFO) GRADUATE STUDIES (CAMS) HIGHER EDUCATION (MAAP) IMO COURSES SKILLS UPGRADING (ASTC) CAREER DEVELOPMENT (PCDC) While Filipino ratings and officers are the most sought-after in the maritime industry, elevating them to truly world class standards doesn t happen by chance. It is the existence of a number of quality and well-equipped maritime education and training institutions in the country that helps make this possible. AMOSUP has always been committed to making Filipino seafarers competitive with the best in the world by providing creative advancement programs to upgrade their skills. We want to be instrumental in giving Filipino seafarers opportunities to advance in their careers, earn a good living and support their families even as they do their country proud. Over the years, AMOSUP has established all the learning institutions and facilities necessary to cover all aspects and phases of the seafarer s career. The MET Facilities offerings are as follows:

17 MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (4years) Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (4 years) Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation and Engineering (5 years) Bridging Program for Non-Maritime Engineers (6 months) AMOSUP Seamen s Training Centre (ASTC) MAAP CGSO Campus, Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan STCW Courses Basic Training (BT) (7 ½ days), Advance Training in Fire Fighting (ATFF) (4 days) Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) (5 days) Engine Room Simulator (ERS) (5 days), Radar Simulator Course (RSC) (5 days) Medical Emergency First Aid (MEFA) (3 days) Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat Other Than Fast Rescue Boat (PSCRB) (5 days) Radar, ARPA, Bridge Teamwork and Search and Rescue (RABTSR) (5 days) Radar Navigation Radar Plotting and Use of ARPA (Radar Navigation at Operational Level) (RNRPA) (10 days) Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork (SSBT) (5 days) Security Awareness Training and Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (SAT&SDSD) (1 day) NON - STCW Courses Freefall Familiarization Lifeboat (FFLB) (1 day) Freefall Familiarization Lifeboat with Coxswain (FFLC) (2 days) Bridge Equipment Familiarization and Watch Keeping Course (BEFWKC) Part of BST (8 hrs), Separate course (1 day) Engine Room Equipment Familiarization and Watch Keeping Course (EREFWKC) Part of BST (8 hrs), Separate course (1 day) Electric Arc Welding and Cutting (EAWCC) (5 days), Gas Welding Course (GWC) (5 days), FDLTEL (1 day), Fire Fighting (FF) (2 days) OFFSHORE Courses HUET w/ ERS (1 day), FOET (1 day), BOSIET (3 days) Training Ship Kapitan Felix Oca (T/S KFO) MAAP Pier, Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan & Manila South Harbour Berthing Pier Shipboard Training to complete Baccalaureate Courses (6-month cycle) Specialized Training for maritime industry partners (user-specified) Centre for Advanced Maritime Studies (CAMS) MAAP JSU-IMMAJ Campus, Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan Master of Science in Marine Transportation (2 years) Major in Marine Superintendent Master of Science in Marine Engineering (2 years) - Major in Technical Superintendent Advance Management Program and Research Services AMOSUP TRAINING CENTER Q: Who are qualified? A: Both active and inactive members are qualified. Non-members can also enrol subject to payment of training fees.

18 MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING Q: What are the benefits of the Center? A: If you are a qualified member, you may enrol in a course of your choice at subsidized costs. There is also free transportation service bus is available in front of the AMOSUP Seamen s Center every Sunday: ETD 1900H for MAAP; and every Friday ETD 1700H at MAAP bound for Manila. Note: Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Q: What are the Center s training facilities? A: The center has facilities that provide realistic scenario for political exercises of courses: Fire Fighting Complex (SBFF, ATFF, etc.) Sea Survival Complex (BST, PSCRB, etc.) Offshore Training Complex (BOSIET, HUET, etc.) Q: Is studying at the AMOSUP Seamen s Training Center Free? A: All training courses are subsidized. MAAP Q: What are the qualification requirements for Baccalaureate Program (MAAP) A: 1. Male or Female, single 2. Filipino citizen 3. Physically fit 4. Morally upright and has no derogatory record 5. Aged 18 and not more than 24 years old by Dec. 31 of the year examination 6. Maybe a highschool or college graduate or candidate for graduation for both 7. Minimum height: 5 4 (162.5 cm) for male and 5 2 (157.5 cm) for female 8. Has never been officially admitted at MAAP Note: Strictly comply with the qualification requirements; inaccurate records may disqualify an applicant Q: What are the benefits? Full scholarship grant, four-year college education in BSMT or BSMarE Free board and lodging with meals Insured while enrolled in the Academy In-house shipboard training Assurance of employment after graduation State-of-the-art equipment and facilities; same modern instructional methods used in global maritime institutions Lucrative employment on board modern vessels of foreign shipping companies. CENTER FOR ADVANCED MARITIME STUDIES (CAMS) Q.: Who are qualified to study for the Masteral Program (CAMS) A: Senior maritime officers and other maritime professionals sponsored by the Union s social partners may be admitted to undertake advanced education subject to admission guidelines prescribed and implemented by an Executive Committee.

19 AMOSUP SEAMEN S VILLAGE PILOT MEDIUM COST HOUSING PROJECT We at AMOSUP understand that every Filipino dreams of owning his own home in a peaceful and safe community. However, for most Filipino seafarers, this remains but an elusive dream. That is why AMOSUP established the Seamen s Village, a first-of-its-kind medium-cost housing and shelter program, in About 50 units were built every year and given to qualified members the following year. So far, close to 500 house and lot packages have been awarded to deserving beneficiaries. New housing units will be offered on a cost recovery basis and reimbursement scheme. A new series of guidelines are being formulated to arrive at a sustainable community development program. This will ensure its continuity and will benefit more Union members in the years to come. More than building houses, AMOSUP is shaping the Seamen s Village into a well-planned community complete with a Chapel, Village Clinic, mulit-purpose sports and recreation center, multi-function covered court, swimming pools, skating rink, and green open areas with trees and vegetable gardens. In addition, an elementary and high school, the Saint Pancras Academy is also located within the village. Q: Am I Qualified? A: If you are an active bona fide member of the AMOSUP, you can apply for this benefit. Q: What are the requirements? A: Application Letter this must be addressed to the AMOSUP President. This should describe your capacity to pay, character, membership profile and explanation why you are interested in the AMOSUP shelter program over the commercial housing projects Bank Certification, NBI Clearance, Certification of Line-up/Years of service Marriage Contract with Local Registry Number (if applicable) Member I.D., Dependent s I.D. (if applicable), Character reference from the Company Copies of Seminar/Training participation (if applicable) Special Power-of-Attorney Seaman s Book, Birth Certificate of Children (if applicable) Self-evaluation/Pre-Test/Post-Test Credit Reference Q: What are the benefits? A: The cost of the house and lot units to be charged to the Awardees will be on a reimbursement basis consisting of the direct house construction and subdivision development cost and other directly related miscellaneous expenses only. Awardees can move in immediately upon approval of application Subdivision perimeter wall providing security and peace of mind Well-constructed homes in a well-developed community Well-planned amenities and facilities for recreation and various services Q: What are the units available? A: Below are the kinds of units available with their respective specifications: Single Detached Duplex Townhouse Two Storeys Floor Area starting from 96 Sq M 3 and 4 Bedroom Units 3 Pax Toilet and Bath Powder Room Trellised Carport Colored and Insulated Long span roofing Tiled Floors Front Lawn Generous and Secured Utility Area Two Storeys Floor Area starting from 96 Sq M 3 and 4 Bedroom Units 3 Pax Toilet and Bath Powder Room Trellised Carport Colored and Insulated Long span roofing Tiled Floors Front Lawn Generous and Secured Utility Area Two Storeys Floor Area starting from 96 Sq M 2 Bedroom Units Toilet and Bath Trellised Carport Colored and Insulated Long span roofing Tiled Floors Front Lawn Generous and Secured Utility Area

20 ACTIVITY AND WELLNESS CENTERS Cebu, Davao, Iloilo First established in Cebu in December 2012, AMOSUP Activity and Wellness Centers in the regions are the latest facilities that have been added to the wide range of services and benefits for AMOSUP members and their dependents. Davao s centre was established in 2014 while that in Iloilo was completed in With such addition to the union s services, manning companies/agencies may use the said facilities for their family gatherings, social events, sports festivals and other special occasions. As the facilities are open for use by all members and their dependents, they may now regularly engage in fitness and wellness programs as well as other recreational activities that promote a healthier lifestyle. Top left: Cebu Basketball Court, top right: Davao Swimming Pool, bottom right: Iloilo Activity Center The amenities available may include some or all of the following: multi-use covered court (basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.), swimming pool, multi-purpose pavilion, game room, fitness gymnasium, wellness center. Children also get their treat in the playroom where they can enjoy educational toys, reading materials and other interesting board games. With the establishment of the said activity and wellness centers, the industry social partners, union members and their dependents in the regions can now experience and enjoy a healthy way of living through the exciting possibilities the facilities offer. While the companies will need to coordinate with the union for the use of the facilities, members need only to present their AMOSUP identification card when they want to use the facilities. The facilities are perfect wholesome venues for the maritime community. At present there are three (3) AMOSUP Activity and Wellness Centers and these are located in Cebu, Davao and Iloilo. Q: Who are qualified? A: Active members, qualified dependents and industry social partners are qualified to avail of this privilege. Q: What are the requirements? A: For Members and their qualified dependents: AMOSUP I.D. Card Proof of line-up or disembarkation (Seamen s Book, dispatch slip, allotment slip, etc.) For industry social partners: Letter request addressed to AMOSUP President (subject to availability of the facilities) Q: Is the use of Activity Center free? A: Activity and Wellness Center and its benefits are free-of-charge to active bona fide members, their qualified dependents and industry social partners of AMOSUP.


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