AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Molecular and PCR Laboratory - RT-PCR (COVID 19) Test for Seafarers

The AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital has recently acquired license from the Department of Health to operate its PCR laboratory, known as “AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Molecular and PCR Laboratory” or ASHMPL.


The following are for your information:


1.    The ASHMPL has offered to allocate 50 slots per day to IMMAJ/PJMCC joining crew, and agreed to accept testing referrals from IMMAJ/PJMCC members. In view of this, the following measures will be implemented to manage the number of test referrals to the facility:


·         testing referrals must be limited to AMOSUP-member Filipino crew joining in Japan and boarding vessels covered by JSU/AMOSUP-IMMAJ CBA

·         only crew members with confirmed flight schedules will be accommodated for testing


2.    Main points of the Swab Testing procedure are as follows:


·         Application is by manning agency:

o    ASHMPL will accept applications as early as 5 days before the requested RT-PCR Testing Date.

o    Cut-off for application and/or cancellation is 1200H of the day before the requested test date.

·         To apply, the manning agency is required to fill-up the attached Referral Form, Line List, and seafarer’s Case Investigation Form (CIF) and submit all requirements to ASHMPL by email.

·         A seafarer is required to give consent to the manning agency and ASHMPL to process his personal data as submitted/obtained during application as well as his COVID test result.

·         ASHMPL will send an email to the manning company confirming the swabbing schedule. Swab testing schedule at ASHMPL is from Monday to Friday only.

§  AM session starts at 8:00am and ends at 11:00am

§  PM session starts at 1:00pm and ends at 3:00pm


3.    The ASHMPL COVID-19 Test Result form is also attached.


·         Test results can be expected at 24 hours.

·         The date and time of the release of the test results is also the date of issuance of the medical certificate.

·         Test results of referred seafarers will be sent by ASHMPL to the manning agency’s designated email address.


4.    Cost of the RT-PCR test is at PhP3,500.00 per individual seafarer.


·         Cancellation after the cut-off or no-show case will also be billed to the manning agency at same cost above.

·         ASHMPL will send billing statements to each manning company after testing.


Please see below contact numbers of the AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Molecular & PCR Laboratory (ASHMPL):

    Phone: 8527-8116 to 20 locals 2102/2068/2016
    Mobile Number: (+63) 961 910 4388

Likewise, in order to easily identify and properly address referrals coming from the group (PJMCC Members) , ASHMPL created a new email address dedicated for IMMAJ/PJMCC. 

Please send your applications (including referral forms, line lists and Case Investigation Forms) through the email address:


Aims to implement CBAs that help deliver holistic programs and services such as health programs, education program, welfare plans, and basic needs that Filipino seafarers deserve.

AMOSUP members and their dependents can avail of improved healthcare and medical services.

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