A Future for the Tamaraw: Saving the Largest Land Mammal Endemic to Mindoro [Biodiversity Advocacy]

This TAMARAW MONTH (October), let's get to know more our largest land mammal, and how our Mangyan tribes value and protect them - Biodiversity Conservation Advocacy

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MBCFI is an NGO working towards conserving the biodiversity of Mindoro Island.


The Protected Area Management Board of Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park serves as the policy body of the protected area and makes sure that the Management Plan is implemented in the PA. The PA Management Office and its rangers and wardens are key to implementing the management plan to ensure that the protected area is conserved including the wildlife considering it as home. 

Watch this video by the PA Management Board and Office of MIBNP and learn how it works with the Tamaraw Conservation Program to protect the tamaraws and other wildlife and their home.


Support the rangers and wardens affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so they can continue to protect the tamaraws and its home. Let's continue to come #TogetherforTamaraws! 


To give a gift, simply access bit.ly/TogetherForTamaraws


#TogetherForTamaraws is led Biofin Philippines, with the support of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), DENR-Biodiversity Management Bureau, DENR Mimaropa, UNDP Philippines and The Biodiversity Finance Initiative - BIOFIN.


The tamaraw or Mindoro dwarf buffalo (Bubalus mindorensis) is a small hoofed mammal belonging to the family Bovidae. It is endemic to the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, and is the only endemic Philippine bovine. It is believed, however, to have once also thrived on the larger island of Luzon. The tamaraw was originally found all over Mindoro, from sea level up to the mountains (2000 meters above sea level), but because of human habitation, hunting, and logging, it is now restricted to only a few remote grassy plains and is now a critically endangered species.

Tamaraw (Inside Philippine National Museum of Natural History)

Contrary to common belief and past classification, the tamaraw is not a subspecies of the local carabao, which is only slightly larger, or the common water buffalo. In contrast to the carabao, it has a number of distinguishing characteristics: it is slightly hairier, has light markings on its face, is not gregarious, and has shorter horns that are somewhat V-shaped. It is the second largest native terrestrial mammal in the country next only to the carabao.


Capacity reinforcement and agro-ecological approach to better protect the critically endangered Tamaraw – Mindoro Island - Philippines

The island of Mindoro in the Philippine Archipelago is considered as a biodiversity “hotspot” and important center for endemism. It is importantly home to the tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis), a dwarf buffalo solely endemic to the island and the only wild cattle species living in the Archipelago.


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