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Youtube Creators: Finding Peace in Your Passion - Adapting Through Creativity

It's been an interesting year, to say the least, but it's been inspiring to see how you've managed to stay motivated. With World Mental Health Day happening this month, we thought it'd be a good time to check in to see how you're feeling. If you're feeling out of sorts, remember that you're not alone. Read on to see how other creators are coping and pick up some tips to support your journey along the way.
Finding peace in your passion
Support from your community is more important than ever. Just ask Nikkie, the always upbeat creator behind NikkieTutorials, who found support in her fanbase after being the victim of an armed robbery. Her passion for makeup was the first step in regaining her voice and confidence.
Comfort in discomfort
Emmanuel Acho creates community by connecting individuals in his hit series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Acho provides a safe space for people to discuss race and societal constructs with the intent of educating. Building a common understanding amongst people who couldn't be more different is what creating a community is all about.
We've got your back
Phil DeFranco humanized what it means to be a creator when he stepped down from his platform to prioritize his mental health. Fans showered him with support—one of whom said, "Take care of yourself. You and your family need to come first. We'll be here when you get back." Reaching common ground and building understanding is how we create community and connect through shared experiences.
Just Talk It Out
Your brain and body get a lot out of talking and it can play a major part in finding solutions. Knowing the power behind expressing feelings, The Psych Show's, Dr. Ali Mattu hosted a virtual chat with Connor Franta, Cydnee Black, and Hallease to hear about their pandemic journeys, talk through their unique coping styles and learn more about their approach to maintaining the creative spark.
Creators everywhere are making 2020 their own by regaining a sense of hope through their content. We're encouraging creators to Find a Way #WithMe by sharing how they're adapting creatively through life's challenges. The Black Mental Wellness Lounge takes the idea of creating connections to the next level by acting as a lead resource for all things #BlackMentalHealth. Both healing and learning can be more effective when they are done with others. Just ask Josh Gad, who uses his channel to heal through laughter as he reunites classic movie casts and evokes nostalgia. Gaining a sense of stability is a group effort, so let's learn, laugh, and connect together.
Find a Way #WithMe
Maintaining a healthy mindset comes in a variety of practices—explore these options to see what works for you:
A new state of mind
Check out creator Nathaniel Drew's playlist, In Search of Mental Clarity, where he gives viewers advice on living a life dedicated to purpose and intent. Similarly, creator Lavendaire uses her platform to give viewers tips and tricks on transforming their lives for the better. Lavendaire is huge on challenging your old way of thinking. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and remember, "Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece."
Become a plant parent
According to Google Trends, houseplant ownership is more popular than ever. Studies show that being a plant parent can have the same mental effects as activities like yoga or journaling.
Local creators: Who to watch for a little self-care
From Melbourne's Braincraft with science-based tips on everything from how to get a better sleep, quick guided meditations with Jason Stephenson and healthy eats with Bondi Harvest, we're shining a light on our growing community of healthy wellbeing creators this month. Take a pause, unwind and find some balance with our self-care playlists below.
Creator Spotlight Story: Jacksepticeye
Dealing with stress? You're not alone. Back in August, Jacksepticeye opened up to fans about his personal journey and answered questions on mental health, depression and anxiety.
Balancing life in the spotlight
Paris Hilton and Lele Pons opened up at Vidcon about life in the spotlight, balancing stress of fame, and tips for managing burn out as a creator in today's world.
Watching the Pandemic
Don't miss how the world's united around similar trends in Watching the Pandemic—a quick glance at how YouTube viewership has illustrated human needs in 2020.
YouTube Space has your back
Stressing about your home camera and lighting set up? Want tech expert one-on-one time? Check out Spaces diverse slate of virtual offerings designed to give you some at-home comfort.
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