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Tips On Picking A Color Scheme - How do you pick a a color palette?

We are all psychologically and socially influenced by color.

Color has been found to have connection with health and it can help to set the mood of your designs. It helps you to communicate further on meaning that we are trying to convey.

For example:

Red is associated with Love, Energy and Intensity.

Yellow is used to convey Joy, Attention and Intellectual.

Green stands for Growth, Safety and Freshness.

Blue tends to be related to Stability, Trust and Serenity.

Purple has been associated with Royalty, Wealth and Feminity.

Choosing a color palette is crucial in selling your product and making it appealing to certain instincts and people's desires.

So how do you pick a set of color scheme? There are three main types of color combination.

Analogous: Groups of three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel creating a sense of harmony.

Complimentary: Pairs of colors which are opposite to each other on the color wheel creating a strong contrast.

Triadic: Groups of three colors that are distributed evenly on the color wheel creating a set of vibrant accent colors.

The 70-20-10 color decorating rule.

This means choosing your 60% main color, 30% secondary color and choose two 10% accent color (Just in case the other don't work) and use it on your overal design.



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