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Crew Change at Japan Ports - JSA Letter of Request for Issuance of a Boarding Ticket / Boarding Pass for Joining Seafarers

There are reports that some ship manning companies faced problems with airlines, that foreign on-signing / joining crew in Japan ports are declined to board their flight, with airline companies saying that crew entry into Japan is prohibited due to COVID-19.

Japan Government permits crew entry into Japan for seafarers joining their vessel, because seafarers are a key factor for international trading & considered essential workers.

For clarifications with airline companies, JSA (The Japanese Shipowners’ Association) made a letter to explain crew entry permission in Japan.

Joining crew may bring with them copy of this letter when joining vessel at Japan ports, and show the letter to airline check-in counter for their reference.

Letter of Request for Issuance of a Boarding Ticket / Boarding Pass

Content of Letter:

The Japanese Shipowners' Association represents 127 Shipping Companies in Japan and, it is in that capacity, that I write to inform you of the current situation regarding Seafarers travelling in to Japan.

Whilst the Japanese Immigration Office is currently placing restrictions on foreigners entering Japan, they regard Seafarers as an exceptional case and are accepting their entry under the foIlowing conditions:

> The seafarer has a valid negative cerificate of COVID-19 for which was done within 72 hours before boarding a flight.

> The seafarer will undertake a COVID-19 test upon arrival at a Japanese airport with entry only permitted upon obtaining a negative result.

With knowledge of the current status of Seafarers entering Japan, you are kindly requested to permit the holder of this letter to board and continue their travel to Japan.


Secretary General

The Japanese Shipowners' Association

Link to download copy of the Letter:

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