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Paskong Pinoy: Disney Christmas advert 2020 - Filipino-themed Christmas Ad Sparks Nostalgia Among Filipinos Across the Globe

 #FromOurFamilytoYours: Disney’s Filipino-themed Christmas ad sparks nostalgia among Filipinos across the globe - This Disney UK’s 2020 Christmas ad centers on Paskong Filipino or Paskong Pinoy.

It’s a known fact that the Philippines is among the many nations that have the longest celebration of the Christmas holiday. As soon as September kicks in, the Yuletide feel is already present.

Despite November just beginning, it's never too early for some holiday cheer! Disney just released their newest animated ad for the Christmas season and it somehow found a way to make everyone cry in just under 3 minutes: A lola’s love and parols, this ad sure thugs the heartstrings.

Set on the poignant song “Love Is A Compass” by UK-based musician Griff, the three-minute-long video features a story that starts in a 1940s Philippines, with a little girl receiving a Mickey Mouse toy for Christmas.

Media company Disney on Monday released a video for the holidays that featured Filipino Christmas traditions, which tugged at heartstrings among Filipinos online.

The ad, which features the Christmas traditions between a granddaughter and her lola (grandmother), is part of Disney EMEA's "From Our Family To Yours" campaign. They've partnered with Make-A-Wish to sell the vintage Mickey Mouse doll shown in the short to benefit the foundation.

The video was posted on Disney UK‘s social media accounts and Disney‘s account on November 9, which garnered combined views of almost two million and six million views, respectively.

“We’re proud to introduce the 2020 Disney Christmas Advertisement. From Our Family to Yours,” the caption read.

The three-minute video clip follows a Filipino girl’s relationship with her grandmother through making a parol, a star-shaped lantern unique to the Philippines, each year.

It was initially set in the 1940s wherein a girl received a Mickey Mouse doll from her father, and then forward to 2005, the girl who grew up as a grandmother passed the doll on to her granddaughter while residing far away from the Philippines.

Aside from the lantern, other noticeable details in the video that showcase Filipino culture are the tin can to keep sewing materials, the “mano po” gesture and the word “lola” on a letter atop a cabinet. The word “lola” is a Filipino word that means “grandmother.”

As of writing, Disney Facebook post gathered more than 387,000 reactions wherein 316,000 are hearts, 60,000 are likes and 10,000 are care emojis.

It was also shared over 271,000 times on the social network site and earned 23,000 comments. Most of the comments were messages of gratitude from Filipinos, particularly those who also live far away from their homes.


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