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Las Piñas Bamboo Organ - Musika ng Kawayan - Suite Cortesana - Pipe Organ Music

Bamboo Organ - St. Joseph's Church - Las Pinas, Philippines - Church organ in the Philippines constructed out of bamboo.  The Las Piñas Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph Parish Church in Las Piñas City, Philippines, is a 19th-century church organ with unique organ pipes; Of its 1031 pipes 902 are made of bamboo. It was completed after 6 years of work in 1824 by Father Diego Cera, the builder of the town's stone church and its first resident Catholic parish priest.

Suite Cortesana - played by Prof. Armando Salarza

Suite Cortesana is a collection of dance tunes that evolved into instrumental form characterizing the baroque period. This particular examples shows the Spanish influence in the movement that use dances from the Spanish colonies such as the canarios, las vacas and el villano.

Suite Cortesana huighlights the different tone qualities of the many organ stops in an instrument from soft and flute-like to loud and brassy-sounding. The bamboo organ merges western technology with the aesthetics of Philippine historical musical practices.

Armando Salarza ‎– Armando V. Salarza On The Historic Bamboo Organ

AFTER EIGHT LONG YEARS OF construction, Father Diego Cera finally finished his organ in St. Joseph’s Church in 1824. Although he was forced to include metal stops in the organ to retain its sound, every other piece was built entirely out of bamboo, creating a unique instrument. Today, not only is the organ playable, but it is the centerpiece of a concert called the Bamboo Organ Festival. With its strange construction, the Bamboo Organ has become a legend for organists around the world, who travel across the world to stroke the bamboo keys.

The Saint Joseph Parish (Spanish: Iglesia Parroquial de San Jose), otherwise known as the Las Piñas Church (Filipino: Simbahan ng Las Piñas) or Bamboo Organ Church, is a parish church in Las Piñas, just south of the city of Manila in the Philippines. 

Musika ng Kawayan: Yaman ng Bayan, A Virtual Concert

The "Musika ng Kawayan, Yaman ng Bayan" virtual concert is a showcase of Filipino talents, highlighting the use of local bamboo musical instruments (BMIs).

The event aims to promote the versatility of bamboo as an excellent and sustainable material for musical instruments, and feature the various BMIs used across the country.

The concert is organized under the "Bamboo Musical Instruments Innovation R&D Program" of the DOST-FPRDI, in partnership with UP Diliman, PNU, and DOST-PCIERRD.

Featured Bamboo Musical Instruments:

Among many others, the musical instruments which was featured in this concert include the bungkaka which creates a buzzing sound, the guitar-like kollitong, the nose flute tongali, the koratong bamboo tubes, percussion instruments such as tambi, patatag, marimba, and tongatong, as well as banduria, ukelele, and an organ all made of bamboo.



Bamboo Music, Wealth of the Town ′′ virtual concert - held November 27, 9-11 AM. Performed Online on DOST-FPRDI Facebook page.

Performances: Joey Ayala, Mr. Armando Salarza featuring Las Pinas Bamboo Organ, Bamboo Team, Dulag Karatong Festival Performers, Benicio Sokkong, Huni Ukulele, Dipolog Community Rondalla, and PNU Himig Bamboo. This is part of National Science and Technology Week celebration.

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