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Pangkat Kawayan Orchestra - Pilipinas | Bamboo Musical Instruments | Philippines Banda Kawayan

The “Pangkat Kawayan” (literally ‘Bamboo Band’) otherwise known as the “Singing Bamboo of the Philippines ” is a unique orchestra that draws music from unconventional bamboo instruments. This orchestra is composed of musically – talented students. The group’s musical instruments, numbering more than a hundred, are made of six genera of the versatile bamboo in various sizes, shapes and designs. Included are the bamboo tube or “bumbong,” the bamboo marimba or” “talungating,” the bamboo piano or “tipangklung,” the bamboo flute or “tulali,” the bamboo knockers or “kalatok,” and the bamboo musical rattles, the Philippine “angklung”. Completing the bamboo assortments are the drums, cymbals gong and triangle. The forte of this bamboo band is native Philippine songs, mostly folksongs from different regions of the country. However, the group’s repertoire also includes folk melodies from other countries, modern and popular music and some light classics.

The "Pangkat Kawayan" otherwise known as the "Singing Bamboos" of the Philippines is the first and only tuned-up "Musikong Bumbong" in the Philippines today. One can but proudly clam that this bamboo orchestra is most indigenous to our country and people.  These instruments consists of the musical tubes or Bumbong, the native marimba or "Talunggating", the bamboo piano or "Tipangklung", the Moslem inspired native xylophone or "Gabang", the bamboo flute or "Tulali", the bamboo clapper or "Bungkaka", the bamboo knockers or "Kalatok". Completing the ensemble and adding flavor and rhythm to the music of Pangkat Kawayan are the non-bamboo instruments like the cymbals, bass and snare drums, gong,triangle and the Kulintang.

The Talunggating of four octaves and the Tipangklung of two and a half octaves produce the melody or the contrapuntal parts. The Bumbong which are chromatically scaled to two octaves and which produce standard tones compose the sustaining powers of the orchestra. These instruments are basically used to provide the harmony but may at times play the melody.

The forte of the orchestra is native Philippine airs mostly folk songs from the different regions of the country.

Bamboo musical instruments

Musika ng Kawayan: Yaman ng Bayan, A Virtual Concert

The "Musika ng Kawayan, Yaman ng Bayan" virtual concert is a showcase of Filipino talents, highlighting the use of local bamboo musical instruments (BMIs).

The event aims to promote the versatility of bamboo as an excellent and sustainable material for musical instruments, and feature the various BMIs used across the country.

The concert is organized under the "Bamboo Musical Instruments Innovation R&D Program" of the DOST-FPRDI, in partnership with UP Diliman, PNU, and DOST-PCIERRD.

Featured Bamboo Musical Instruments:

Among many others, the musical instruments which was featured in this concert include the bungkaka which creates a buzzing sound, the guitar-like kollitong, the nose flute tongali, the koratong bamboo tubes, percussion instruments such as tambi, patatag, marimba, and tongatong, as well as banduria, ukelele, and an organ all made of bamboo.



Bamboo Music, Wealth of the Town ′′ virtual concert - held November 27, 9-11 AM. Performed Online on DOST-FPRDI Facebook page.

Performances: Joey Ayala, Mr. Armando Salarza featuring Las Pinas Bamboo Organ, Bamboo Team, Dulag Karatong Festival Performers, Benicio Sokkong, Huni Ukulele, Dipolog Community Rondalla, and PNU Himig Bamboo. This is part of National Science and Technology Week celebration.

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