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5 Tips to Master Youtube Super Chat and Super Stickers [Youtuber and Vlogger Guide]

Grow Your Youtube Channel - Tips and Tricks
Step 1 is done–you've enabled Super Chat & Super Stickers. Now, for step 2–rallying an active community of fans to help take it to the next level. Fans want to stand out, back you up, and be a part of your next big thing. Follow these steps to grow that community and your earning potential.
Tell fans about Super Chat & Super Stickers. Let them know what you're using money for so they can feel like a part of your next project.
Spark discussion & deepen connections. If you're going live, read viewers' questions on screen to show them you're listening. If you're hosting a Premiere, reply to fans in the chat with an @-tag.
Thank your supporters in real time. Shout it from the rooftop (or your camera), as they flood your Live Chat with stickers. There's nothing fans love more than to feel seen and heard by their favorite creator.
Experiment, go crazy, have fun with it! Take live requests, do a challenge with your Super Chatters, or have them chime in on your next Premiere – there are so many ways to encourage fans to join in on the super fun.
Always hype up your live streams or Premieres. Get the word out on your socials that you're going live or Premiering an event so fans never miss a moment.


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