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What are the travel requirements going to Siargao Island? + List of DOT Accredited Hotels, Accommodations, Resorts, Inn and Homestay

This just might be your next destination after the long days of quarantine. Go surfing through the most swell surf spot in the Philippines, SIARGAO! Ride the waves of Cloud 9 and live the island life of your dreams. Enjoy the beaches and sunsets in beautiful Region 13--Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Dinagat Islands, Surigao del Norte, and Surigao del Sur--on your next adventure.

The Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte hereby issued the 10th Supplement to Executive Order No. 20-054, S. of 2020 revising the Siargao documentary travel requirements for all tourists travelling to the Province of Surigao del Norte by air, land, and sea.

Also on this article are the list Department of Tourism (Philippines) accredited hotels, accommodations, resorts, homestays, inns, guest lodgings and pension house.

siargao surfing big waves philippines surfer

If you are a tourist INVITED by local resident of Surigao del Norte, the following are your travel requirements:

1. Negative Result on RT-PCR Test or Negative Result on COVID-19 Saliva Test taken within 48 hours or 2 days from the date of release of the result.

Gov. Lalo Matugas issued Ninth Supplement to EO No. 20-054, s. 2020 thereby accepting Negative Result on COVID-19 Saliva Test as a substitute to the usual RT-PCR Test as part of boarding requirements of all passengers of aircrafts bound for Siargao Island Airport and Surigao City Airport

2. Valid Identification Card

3. E-Health Pass which can be generated from this link:

4. Travel Certification issued by the Mayor of the City/Municipality of destination (within the Province of Surigao del Norte)

tourists enjoying swing at the white beach paradise island in Siargao Philippines

If you are a tourist NOT INVITED by local resident of Surigao del Norte (Walk-in Tourist), the following are your travel requirements:

1. Negative Result on RT-PCR Test or Negative Result on COVID-19 Saliva Test taken within 48 hours or 2 days from the date of release of the result

2. Valid Identification Card

3. E-Health Pass which can be generated from this link:

4. Confirmed booking of accommodation for at least 2 nights from the resort, hotel or hostel duly accredited by the Department of Tourism

Send all requirements to 

The aforementioned travel requirements shall be presented upon boarding at the airport/port of origin or upon demand at any of the checkpoints within the Province, and upon arrival to this Province.

The requirement of Post/Antigen Testing on all tourists arriving to this Province after 7 days from the date of arrival is also hereby LIFTED. All tourists arriving to this Province shall no longer be required to be tested with antigen test after their respective dates of arrival to this Province.

Hotline Numbers:

0963 890 6838 (Smart)

0927 281 8555 (Globe)

Also Check Out:

Surigao del Norte Tourism and Culture Office
Siargao Tourism Assistance Center

tourist in a kayak on clear blue waters approaching beach houses

List of DOT Accredited Hotels, Accommodations, Resorts

We all love a room with a view or a safe and comfortable accommodation. A hotel room is not just a place where you return to at night and sleep off your tiring day. It is a destination and venue for important moments and decisions in your life besides leaving your memory with timeless stamps of the best views available in the present days.  

Here is the updated list of accommodation establishments that have been issued with Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) and Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate (PCAO) by the Department of Tourism (DOT) – Regional. 

With the re-opening of tourism in General Luna, all tourism stakeholders especially the accommodation establishments must first secure the mandatory DOT Certification before such will be allowed to commence their commercial operations. 

DOT urge everybody to strengthen compliance on the health and safety guidelines for the operation of establishments under this new normal situation to ensure safety of both the management and guests. 

For questions, you can coordinate with the Municipal Tourism Officer Arcely Gallentes through this number and email: 

(0950) 503 1164 /

Check out this List of Accommodation Establishments, hotels and resorts in Siargao Island and mainland municipalities of Surigao del Norte, with:

    ✅ DOT-Accreditation

    ✅ DOT Provisional Accreditation

    ✅ DOT - Certificate of Authority to Operate

    ✅ DOT - Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate 

For Further Inquiries Contact:

Department of Tourism - Region 13 
Mobile Number: 09381580681 / 09153374606

Provincial Tourism Office 
Contact Numbers: (086) 826-9017 / 0963 890 6838 / 0927 281 8555

DOT Accredited Accommodation Establishments
Siargao Island

1. Cherinicole Beach Resort - General Luna
2. Darosa Del Mar Beach Resort - Sta. Monica
3. Isla Cabana Resort - General Luna
4. Jonas and Twins Resort - General Luna
5. Kalinaw Resort - General Luna
6. Kermit Siargao Surf and Restaurant - General Luna
7. Lotus Shores Siargao - General Luna
8. Nay Palad Hideaway - General Luna
9. Ocean 101 Beach Resort 
10. Palaka Resort - General Luna
11. Retreat Siargao Resort Corp. - General Luna
12. Sandy Feet Vacation Home Rentals - General Luna
13. Sairago Bleu Resort & Spa - General Luna

Accommodation Establishments with DOT Provisional Accreditation
Siargao Island

1. Apsaras Tribe Philippines Inc. - General Luna
2. Arka Hayahay Surf & Beach Resort - General Luna
3. Bakhaw Hotel and Breakfast - Del Carmen
4. Bambog Garden Bar & Lodging - San Isidro
5. Bravo Bech Resort - General Luna
6. Bulan Villas Siargao Inc. - General Luna
7. Casa de Loren - General Luna
8. Eddie's Beach Resort - General Luna
9. Greenhouse Siargao - General Luna
10. Kawayan Siargao - General Luna
11. Kawili Resort & Hostel - General Luna
12. Las Palmas Villas and Casitas - General Luna
13. Lukay Homestay - General Luna
14. Ohana Resort - General Luna
15. Riad Masaya Homestay - General Luna
16. Ronaldo's Inn & Restaurant - General Luna
17. Surfing Carabo - General Luna
18. Vivo Inn Resort and Restaurant - General Luna

Accommodation Establishment with Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO)
Siargao Island

1. Lamari Siargao - General Luna 

Accommodation Establishment with Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate (PCAO)

1. Alpas Hostel - General Luna
2. Balanghai Tara Sohoton Beach Resort Inc. - Bucas Grande Islands, Socorro
3. Banakod Homestay - General Luna 
4. Bayud Boutique Resort - General Luna
5. Broken Board - General Luna
6. By Grace Pension House - General Luna
7. Blauset House - General Luna
8. Buddha Resort - General Luna
9. Club Tara Resort - Bucas Grande Islands, Socorro
10. Casa Bianca - General Luna
11. Daluyong Beach Resort - General Luna
12. Don Remegio Villas - General Luna
13. Gardenview Homestay - General Luna
14. Harana Surf. Inc. - General Luna
15. Hidden Island Resort - Bucas Grande Island, Socorro
16. Harris Camping facilities - General Luna
17. Isla Haruhay Homestay - DAPA
18. I Love Siargao Resort - General Luna
19. Islandersville Pension House - DAPA
20. Jacking Horse Homestay - General Luna
21. Kaza Boutique Hotel - General Luna
22. Kalipay resort - General Luna
23. Kenvin's Homestay - General Luna
24. Lampara Siargao - General Luna
25. Lubihan Siargao - General Luna
26. Little Nap - General Luna
27. 'L Osteria Ristorante Italiano-Vineria - General Luna
28. Mpire Resort - Corregidor, DAPA
29. Marajaw Homestay - General Luna
30. Maya Villa Homestay - General Luna
31. Privacy Residency - General Luna
32. Patrick's On The Beach - General Luna
33. Presko Hostel - General Luna
34. Palm Tree Guest House - General Luna
35. Romantic Beach Villas - General Luna
36. Sandy Feet Village Realty - General Luna
37. Siargao Island Emerald House Inc. - General Luna
38. Siargao Inn Beach Resort - General Luna
39. Sohoton Nakiauit Resort - Bucas Grande Islands, Socorro
40. Sallt Bungalows - General Luna
41. Soultribe Beach Retreat - General Luna
42. Siargao Mysorre Sadhana, Inc. - General Luna
43. Sing Property Rental - General Luna
44. Sleepy Gypsea Homestay - General Luna
45. Single Fin - General Luna
46. Sinag Hostel - General Luna
47. Tres Islas Hostel Siargao - General Luna
48. Tarzan's House - General Luna
49. The Mango Tree Siargao Inc., General Luna
50. Tropic Hostel - General Luna
51. Warung Island Villas - General Luna
52. Yay Lodge - General Luna
53. Zuwayee Home Stay - General Luna

Accommodation Establishments with Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate (PCAO) - Mainland Claver Siargao

1. Anna Marie Gouldz Welness Salon, Spa and Suites (Claver)
2. Claver Suites (Claver)
3. Camille Suites (Claver)
4. Revlun Pension House (Claver)
5. Roexcin Tourist Inn (Claver)
6. Valentin Travellers Inn (Claver)

Siargao Island Hidden Tourist Attractions:

In the 1980s, surf tourism started a steady buzz in Siargao. But in recent years, more people, including a high amount of international travelers, frequent Siargao even when there are no waves. Siargao has many beautiful beaches and pristine coves and those who tread further than the bustling towns of General Luna and Catangan will discover this destination's hidden attractions.

Sohoton Cove Siargao Island Philippines

1. Sohoton Cove is a 60-hectare cove in Bucas Grande Island and is about a one­ hour boat ride from the port in Dapa. It's the idyllic definition of paradise: towering limestone hills covered in tropical plants and hardwood trees like the magcono, aptly called ironwood, framing a shoreline of white sand and tiny shells.

Hagukan Cave

2. Hagukan Cave produces an echoing sound similar to a human snore-haguk, in the local tongue-when the waves lap against its walls. To enter the cave, one must swim through a narrow passageway leading to water with a luminescent sapphire glow. Nearby, another cave called the Magkukuob Cave is covered in shimmering stalactites and stalagmites. To exit the cave, one has to climb up a cliff and jump off!

3. Balitas Cave and the Crystal Cave offer challenging paths for more advanced spelunking. But arriving in the belly of these caves is a worthy reward: crystal formations and cool, clear water. Once inside, the cawing of swiftlets, locally known as balinsasayaw birds, reverberate.


Guyam Island Siargao Philippines

4. Guyam Island is the smallest of the three islands and you can walk around its small patch of sand in less than 10 m inutes. 

Daku Island Philippines Aerial Shot

5. Daku Island is a bigger island where you can spend most of your day time relaxing . A lunch of seafood and tropical fruits is served on the back of a surfboard or on top of a banana leaf.

Naked Island Siargao Aerial Shot White san beach

6. Naked Island is a fun but peculiar island because it has nothing but white sand on it. No vegetation or structures can be found.


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