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Different Kinds of Bikes - How to Pick the Best Bicycle Type for You | Biking and Cycling [INFOGRAPHICS]


Downhill bicycle bike cycling

Downhill Bike

Designed for downhill terrain only. The most dangerous side of mountain biking.

road bike

Road Bike

Bike frame designed to make riding position more aerodynamic for speed

race bike

Race Bike

Perfectly engineered for speed and distance

hybrid bike

Hybrid Bike

A versatile bike designed for the town and city, as well as miled off-road terrain

touring bike

Touring Bike 

Ideal bike for long distances over road and mild off-road conditions

cross country bike

Cross Country Bike

Designed for uneven terrain and the surprises the countryside may hold

play bike

Play Bike

Designed for jumps, drops, tricks and trails. The daring side of mountain biking


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