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YouTube Shorts: A Fun, New Way to Create!

Introducing the shorter side of YouTube

Discover and create short content

Now you can create, edit, and share short videos on YouTube Shorts. All you need is a phone, your ideas, and ✨ voilà! New ways to create mean new chances to be seen. Where will your creativity take you?


Have fun with Shorts!



Share your Shorts + get discovered


Connect with the millions of fans already watching Shorts. Share recipes, hacks, or start a movement.



Use YouTube videos as your soundtrack


Pick your favorite vid*, sample the song or audio clip, and put your twist on it!



Join the #PermissiontoDance challenge


Dance your heart out to the new BTS song! Then, show off your moves exclusively on Shorts.



We can't wait to see how you flex your creativity! Find tips from our Creators channel as you get started.


*Available for videos that are opted-in. Learn more about sampling content.



Show millions your moves in aespa's #DreamsComeTrue challenge on YouTube Shorts!

Join aespa's dance challenge on YouTube Shorts

Here’s your chance to be discovered by generations of K-pop fans! Watch aespa’s remake of S.E.S.'s 1998 hit song Dreams Come True and record yourself dancing along. Your Short could be featured in aespa’s dance compilation and be seen by new and lifelong fans worldwide in 2022.


Step 1


Open aespa's Dreams Come True remake dance video from your phone to learn the moves. Ready to dance? Tap the sound button on the bottom right corner.



Step 2


Select 'use this sound' and start recording your moves. Edit the clip to make it uniquely you!



Step 3


Add a title and description with #DreamsComeTrue and #YouTubeShorts. Finally, share it with the world of Shorts!


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