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San Narciso Quezon Tour | Explore Talisay Beach + Napinto Rock Formation + The Venue Beach Resort

Welcome to San Narciso! The ideal tourist beach destination near Metro Manila. San Narciso is a coastal municipality in the province of Quezon. 

San Narciso Quezon Tour | Explore Talisay Beach + Napinto Rock Formation + The Venue Beach Resort

San Narciso offers tourist spots and underrated travel destinations and might be perfect especially on a quick weekend getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. Whether you want to go to the beach, explore nature, or just want to satisfy your cravings for Quezon's unique dishes, you can find it in San Narciso. Beaches here never get too crowded and there are restaurants that offer unique Quezon Province dishes. It also doesn't have any big attractions so if you don't want to be overwhelmed by tourists, this may not be your best choice.

San Narciso features extraordinary rock formations like the submarine-shaped Barkong Bato and the arched limestone formation of Napinto Cave. Dotted with scenic rock formations against the white sand beach, the Talisay Beach Cove cradle another 10m-wide arc that’s the perfect nook for sunset watching. On a clear day, you can see the Mayon Volcano from afar. 

Spend the night at The Venue Beach Resort that offers a beach glamping experience. Have fun bonding with family and friends while enjoying the beach vibe, belt out your favorite song on a karaoke night or just chill out on a bottle of beer.   

You can also stop by the neoclassical St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church for a short prayer. The name "San Narciso" came from Saint Narcissus (in Spanish: San Narciso).

Top Tourist Spots and Travel Attractions that will Leave You Spellbound in San Narciso Quezon!

  • Talisay Beach, Scenic Rock Formations & Caves
  • Napinto Rock Formation
  • The Venue Beach Resort
  • Busay Falls
  • Barkong Bato
  • St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church

Talisay Beach - Picturesque Seascape  

Location: Talisay Beach Brgy. Pagdadamayan San Narciso, Quezon Province Philippines.

Explore TALISAY BEACH in SAN NARCISO QUEZON Province, Philippines [Island Hopping Travel Vlog 2021]

Video Description: Travel and backpacking San Narciso Quezon Province, Philippines (Lalawigan ng Quezon). Hidden travel destinations and tourist spots in San Narciso Quezon. Vlog & Cinematic video. Let's explore Talisay Beach and go island hopping nearby amazing rock formations such as the Napinto Rock Formation. Perfect for a weekend getaway and spend your rest day chilling out on a beach near Metro Manila. Some parts of Talisay beach have fine white sand amid scenic rock formations. Good for family outing and barkada beach trip. However, Talisay beach is just a cove and not a long stretch of white sand beach so it tends to get overcrowded and noisy especially during summer. Cottages (kubo huts) are also limited, so some visitors just spend their time on beach areas. San Narciso, officially the Municipality of San Narciso (Tagalog: Bayan ng San Narciso), is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. 

This place is a good spot for beach lovers looking for a scenic white beach. The seascape features a cove with picturesque rock formations against clear waters and fine white sand on some parts.


The area is not fully developed yet for tourists but there is a public toilet, bathroom, and water source where you can rinse after swimming. There are nipa huts (kubo) where you can rent (maybe around 300 to 400 Pesos) and there is an entrance fee of 10 Pesos per person (daytour) 20 pesos per person (overnight). 

For those who want to stay overnight, you can pitch a tent around the beach area. There is no electricity at the beach area so the place can be perfect for backpackers who just want to enjoy the serenity of the place.

No restaurant, nor small carinderia in the place, just small sari sari stores, where your immediate need for the foods is limited to cold mineral water, soft drinks and ordinary bread and biscuit. You have to walk about 5 to 10 minutes from the beach area to go the sari-sari stores. 

We arrived at Talisay Beach before sunrise, and we haven't have a packed breakfast so we just requested from the sari-sari store if they can cook pancit canton for us. The locals are very friendly and they even lend us a thermos for hot water so we can enjoy a hot coffee at the beach.

How to get there: 

From Metro Manila Ride a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal then Ride a bus again going to San Narciso, Quezon, there are public VANs at Lucena Grand, SM City Lucena, Pacific Mall Lucena going to San Narciso. Get off at San Narciso, then ride a tricycle - tell the driver you are going to Talisay Beach. The beach is accessible inland (no need to ride a banca) except if you want to explore the rock formation (Napinto Rock Formation), you need to rent a banca for island hopping. This is not a beach resort with room accommodations and electricity so having overnight here is not advisable. There are cottages (kubo for rent). BUT if you want to pitch a tent and do beach camping, you can stay there overnight. Sari-sari stores are available where you can buy your basic needs, but it takes at least 10-15 minutes walk going up from the beach. 

as of 03 December 2021:

For those who are coming from other areas, you need to present :

-Vaccination Card (Complete doses)

DAY TOUR RATES : (5:00AM-7:00PM)


👉Round Table-300

👉Entrance fee-10/head (adult&kids)




👉Entrance Fee-20/head

👉Tent Pitching/100






Source: Talisay Beach San Narciso Quezon Facebook Page

Napinto Arch Rock Formation - A Natural Wonder in Unexpected  Place

Napinto Arch (Rock Formation), San Narciso, Quezon Province (Bondoc Peninsula)

Napinto Cave (or Napinto Arch Rock Formation) is situated on the foot of  dramatic rolling hills, of Sitio Caghaligue, Barangay Punta, San Narciso, Quezon Province, Philippines.

Napinto, comes from the word ” pinto” which means door or a gate. It is a limestone formation forming a natural arch perfectly situated on a scenic foothill against a backdrop of a turquoise sea. It is approximately a 15-minute ride from Talisay Beach on a motorized banca. You can arrange an island hopping tour starting at Talisay Beach to explore Napinto Rock Formation.     

Natural rock formation like this may be common with many coastal areas, like the one in Marinduque - the Ungad Rock Formation, but this one has its own natural grandeur. You can spend time at the site swimming at the beach while enjoying the scenery. Make sure to bring some snacks and drinks since the place is isolated and there are no stores in the area.

We tried bringing our snorkeling gear to check if there are good snorkeling spots around the area. However, the nearby surrounding beach features a tropical seagrass landscape hence finding fishes and other marine animals could be a challenge unlike on coral reefs.   

Napinto arch is reversible, both sides are appealing and truly a paradise especially for professional and amateur photographers. Truly instagrammable especially for travelers, nature lovers, and backpackers who want to share their travel experiences. 

According to geologists, an arc or a cave is formed along the coastal area due to the effect of the erosive power of wind and water of the sea. Hence rock formations like this are truly a natural wonder, formed by the hand of time itself. The same forces that built these natural wonders especially natural arches are the same forces that will continue to destroy it at any time until it eventually collapses without any warning. Hence, we must take the chance to wander in awe and see these magnificent natural structures before time erased them. 

The Venue Beach Resort

Location: Brgy. Abuyon, San Narciso, Quezon. 

THE VENUE BEACH RESORT San Narciso Quezon Province Tour [Travel & Backpacking Vlog 2021]

Video Description: The Venue Beach Resort is one of the popular beach resorts in San Narciso Quezon, aside from the Talisay beach resort which has lots of tourist spots (but staying overnight at Talisay beach is not recommended if you are not into backpacking / tent camping). This can be included in your itinerary if you are looking for San Narciso Quezon tourist spot and travel destinations. Here in The Venue Beach resort, there are accommodations with electricity (glamping-like bamboo beach resort). If you are looking for where to spend the night in your San Narciso tour, this resort could be an option, although there are other beach resorts in the area. Check out this video so you can have an idea on what to expect at The Venue Beach Resort in San Narciso Quezon. The beach is in low tide in the afternoon so better enjoy swimming at the beach in the morning. In the evening, you can just chill, have videoke and have some drinks at the resort. Nearby beaches/property is not developed yet and most local folks are into fishing. San Narciso, officially the Municipality of San Narciso (Tagalog: Bayan ng San Narciso), is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines.  

Contact Numbers: 09178609978 or 09152678970

After lunch, we decided to look for accommodation to spend the night. Our original plan was to check-in at a resort just nearby Talisay Beach - our organizer told us that the beach there is also the same as Talisay beach and there are good accommodations such as tree houses and huts. Unfortunately, the road going there is not yet paved and very rough and muddy. Our van was not able to get there, hence we decided to just stay at The Venue Beach Resort. 

We don't have reservations at this resort, so we just rented a kubo. We realized we will not able to sleep comfortably at this open kubo, and it might rain so we just decided to pitch tents and rented mattresses and "banig".

We arrived at The Venue Beach Resort around noontime and the beach is already on low-tide. We were a bit disappointed because you cannot swim at the beach at this time of the day because the water is too low and muddy so we just explore the beach and the resort.

The main instagrammable attraction at the resort is the alley going to the beach with colorful hanging umbrellas. There are also the usual beach huts, kubo and other accommodations which I think are a bit pricey. There are stations where you can cook so it's better if you can bring your own food since there are no nearby restaurants and stores in the area. 

The common comfort rooms and shower rooms are also not well-maintained.   

The following morning during high tide, we were able to swim at the beach. Before lunchtime, we decided to just check out because there's not much you can do at the resort. 

The Venue Beach Resort Room Rates (as of November 2021)

The Venue Beach Resort Room Rates San Narciso Quezon

Room Rates

Room A & B

Family Fan Room

P3,500.00 / 24 hrs. 6-10 pax

Room C

Couple Fan Room

P1,000.00/24 hours

Room D

Couple Aircon Room w/ CR

2,500.00/24 hours


Family Aircon Room

P3,500.00/24 hours 4-5 pax


Fan Kubo Room

BIG: P1,200.00 / 24 hours 2-4 pax

SMALL: P1,000.00 / 24 hours 2-3 pax


Fan Whole House

P7,000.00 /24 Hours 20-30 pax


Whole House Room with Aircon

P5,500.00/24 hours 10-15 pax


Tent Rental

P500.00/24 hours 2 pax

CAMPSITE FEE (If you bring your own tent)

P150.00/24 hours


Entrance Fee for 2 pax is included additional P30.00 for ADULT and P15.00 for Kids

Busay Falls San Narciso Quezon

Location: Brgy. Lakdayan, San Narciso Quezon

There are other tourist spots in San Narciso, but we were not able to visit them since we had some hassles with our itinerary.  

You may also check out Busay Falls which seems like a good spot based on this photos:

Busay Falls Location: Brgy. Lakdayan, San Narciso Quezon

Busay Falls Location: Brgy. Lakdayan, San Narciso Quezon

Busay Falls Location: Brgy. Lakdayan, San Narciso Quezon

What to Eat 


Special Delicacy, orihinal na nag-mula sa Quezon, ito’y gawa sa pinalambot at dinurog na kamoteng-kahoy. Maari rin itong tawaging “𝙣𝙞𝙡𝙪𝙥𝙖𝙠” na ang ibig sabihin sa tagalog ay dinurog.

Pancit habhab

A mouthful of excellent pancit habhab. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a leaf-wrapped noodle that's best eaten with chicharon bulaklak and vinegar. It was given the term "habhab" because it literally means "to feed with your mouth exclusively." There’s nothing more to love than pancit habhab!

Local Products: Dried Fish

San Narciso has a local tradition called the “Tuyo” Festival (Dried Fish)

Where to To Eat - On your Way Back to Manila

𝑪 𝑬 𝑳 𝑬 𝑫 𝑶 𝑵 𝑰 𝑶 ‘ 𝑺

Get that warm fuzzy feeling here @Celedonio’s restaurant. This newly opened restaurant is unique since it is located in the middle of a forest and provides some of the best Filipino food around. *Chef’s kiss*.
📍Barangay Pinagbayanan, 4302. Pagbilao, Philippines.
How to get there? From the bridge of Barangay Tambak (Maharlika highway)
travel 150 meters, past Shell Lasuerte, and then turn right.
Check them out:

Usual Side Trip On Your Way Back to Manila

Girasole's Sunflower Farm

GIRASOLES Farm Candelaria Quezon Philippines Sunflower Field | Side Trip Walking Tour Cinematic Vlog

Video Description: Girasoles Farm Candelaria (Angel’s Sunflower Field) - A Unique Sunflower Farm Blooms (Garden Center) in Sitio 3 Diversion Road Barangay Masin Sur Bypass Road, Candelaria, 4323 Quezon. Travel destination - perfect for sidetrip on your Quezon tour especially for Plantito and Plantita. Tourist destination: Girasole's Farm - Home Of Blooming Sunflower Fields And Ornamental Plants - Must-Visit Destination. In Italy, Girasoles means Sunflower. The farm is planted with thousands of sunflowers blooming all year round. The owners converted their one-hectare idle property into a flower farm to contribute to Candelaria’s Agritourism. Enjoy taking pictures in a SEA of FLOWERS (marigold, gomphrena, cosmos, etc) with hot air balloon and Ferris wheel, to name a few, as backdrop. There are also a lot of potted plants for sale. From culinary herbs such as mint, parsley, basil and herbs. For the Cactus enthusiast they have a different variety including bonsai. I saw a group of senior citizens happily picking their potted floral plants to take home. They have Petunia, Marigold, Cosmos, Zinnia, Vinca, Celosia Plumosa and of course, sun flowers. It’s mind-blowing! Super fantastic and amazing! Trip Planner:   Asia  /  Philippines  /  Luzon  /  Calabarzon Region  /  Quezon Province  /  Candelaria  /  Girasoles Farm Candelaria. Recommended duration: 3 hours | ABOUT GIRASOLES FARM - YOUR LOCAL FLOWER FARM. THINGS TO DO ACTIVITIES IN THE FARM: Rest and Relaxation Enjoy the scenery - see our curated gardens and blooming sunflower fields all year long. Visit our Farm's Playground and Minizoo Just the perfect spots for activities and learning for all kids and the young at heart. (Note: Due to current pandemic, children and senior citizens are not. yet allowed in the farm until further advice.) Ornamental Plants and Cut Flowers for Sale. Visit our greenhouses and find a variety of flowers and ornamental plants perfect for your home and private gardens. Pick & Pay within our Vegetable Maze Looking for fresh produce? Have fun picking vegetables yourselves, and check out on a farm price! Dining. Sit and dine! Daily menu includes your favorite 'silogs', pancit, local desserts, fresh juices and a variety of other merienda ready to be served any time of the day. Shop Quezon's Best Products Bring home and share with your loved ones some of Quezon's best local products. Great souvenirs! Photoshooting. We welcome photoshoots and pictorials for both commercial and personal purposes.

The 2 to 3-Day Itinerary for the Best of San Narciso Quezon - It's Time to Plan Your Trip Now!


Usual Cost for Joiners: 2499 per pax All in⚠️ (But you can search various posts on Facebook to look for seat sale and more cheap group tours)

Places to Visit:

🏖San Narciso Beach
🏝Talisay Beach
⛰Talisay Cave
🌊Busay falls (Depends on water flow)
🌻Girasole's Flower Farm (optional) 

Usual Inclusions:

🚐Van Transfer
🏕Tent Accomodation
⛺️Open Cottage
🍱3 meals (Lunch,Dinner,Breakfast)
🎫All entrance and Environmental Fee
🙋‍♂️Coordinator Fee
🚰Drinking water
🏮Sand Lantern
☕️Unli Coffee 


🏝Island hopping to Napinto Rock formation
🌻Girasole's Flower Farm 

Sample 2-day Itinerary (For Joiner Tours)  

Day 0 

9-10pm pick up 

Day 1
4:00am -  Stopover for breakfast 
6-7:00am - ETA Resort
Free time Explore/swimming
12:00nn - Lunch (hosted meal)
2:00pm - Talisay beach & Cave & Falls
7:00pm - Dinner (hosted meal) then Social
11:00pm - lights off 

Day 2

6:00am - Coffee time
7:00am - breakfast (hosted meal)
Free time
10:00am - ETD San Narciso
1:00pm -stopover lunch
-Pasalubong Center
3:00pm - Sidetrip Girasole's Flower Farm
8-9:00pm - ETA Manila

Sample 3-day Itinerary (For Joiner Tours)

Day 0

9-10pm pick up 

Day 1
4:00am -  Stopover for breakfast 
6-7:00am - ETA Resort
Free time Explore/swimming
12:00nn - Lunch (hosted meal)
2:00pm - Busay Falls
7:00pm - Dinner (hosted meal) then Social
11:00pm - lights off 

Day 2 

06:00am - Coffee time
07:00am - breakfast (hosted meal)
Free time
08:00 - Talisay beach & Cave
12:00 - Lunch (hosted meal)
01:00 - Free time (Play beach volleyball, island hopping(optional)
07:00 - Dinner (hosted meal)
08:00 - Social/Drinks
11:00 - Lights off

Day 3

6:00am - Coffee time
7:00am - breakfast (hosted meal)
Free time
10:00am - ETD San Narciso
1:00pm -stopover lunch
-Pasalubong Center
3:00pm - Sidetrip Girasole's Flower Farm
8-9:00pm - ETA Manila

Additional Information 

Distance from Manila:

205.48 kilometers (127.68 miles) to the Northwest (N56°W)

Nearby Areas Distances:

Based on the great-circle distance (the shortest distance between two points over the surface of the Earth), the cities closest to San Narciso are Naga, Camarines Sur, Iriga, Camarines Sur, Lucena, Ligao, Albay, Tayabas, Quezon, and Tabaco, Albay. The nearest municipalities are Mulanay, Quezon, Buenavista, Quezon, San Francisco, Quezon, Catanauan, Quezon, San Andres, Quezon, and Ragay, Camarines Sur. Its distance from the national capital is 205.48 kilometers (127.68 miles). The following list delineates such distance measurements.

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