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15 Mountains in Montalban (Rodriguez) RIZAL Worth Hiking


Montalban Rizal is just a few hours away from Metro Manila making it an ideal backpacking destination for those who want to have a weekend of fresh air and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. A first-class municipality, Rodriguez has become a sort of "dormitory" for Metro Manila because of its proximity to the capital city. 312.70 sq. km., but only 5, 346 hectares of urban land from aggregate soil in seven lowland barangays, making it one of the most unusual urban settlements in the Philippines.

Tourists from neighboring towns and those from further afield are increasingly attracted to the growing number of inland resorts, making this a rapidly expanding industry. Rancho Luisito, with its zipline, big bucket, and waterslides, is a standout, as are Noah's Park's adventurous team-building facilities, Coco Mountain Resort, with its Australian surf camp motif, and Costa Abril, with its wave pool. Located on the banks of the San Mateo River, the convention center is the first of its kind in Rodriguez, Rizal.

The province of Rizal has become a haven for adventurers and mountaineers alike, especially in the town of Rodriguez. Montalban is truly blessed with gorgeous mountains mostly with jagged limestone crags and breath-taking mountaintop vista. There are about fifteen summits and hiking sites in Montalban, making it one of Rizal's most popular and frequently visited mountain hiking destinations near Metro Manila. These mountains may not be as high as many of their Sierra Madre rivals, but that doesn't mean the trails aren't hard.

Here is the list of hiking destinations in Rodriquez (formerly Montalban) in the province of Rizal:


Elevation: 424+ MASL

Difficulty: 3/9

Location: Brgy. San Rafel, Montalban Rizal

MT. BINICAYAN Montalban Rodriguez RIZAL

Depending on your pace, the hike to the top will take you between 1.5 and 2 hours.  The hike is only 2.3 kilometers long, but the ascent and descent will take around 3 hours if you take your time and enjoy the scenery. The ascent and descent are both extremely steep, necessitating the use of proper trekking footwear. It's a good idea to have a pair of hand gloves because the rocks can be very sharp. Your Instagram feed will be awe-inspiring from the summit, especially if you climb early enough to catch a sea of clouds against the sunrise. 

This is a recommended mountain for beginners because it's not too difficult to climb. If you enjoy scaling rocky outcrops, this hike is for you. This is usually part of the trilogy trek (Mt. Binicayan, Mt. Pamitinan, and Mt. Hapunang Banoi). To have the best view of the sea of clouds at the summit, it is best to start trekking early in the morning. This mountain's features are its unusual rock formations and the thick fog near the peak. In the wet season, the trail becomes treacherous and requires a certain amount of maneuverability.

There is a 50 PHP entry charge per individual. The guide costs 500 PHP for a group of five. 

There are no water sources along the trail, so be prepared and make sure to bring extra drinking water.

How to get to Mt. Binicayan:

Travel to Eastwood Subdivision in Quezon City by taking the UV Express Van from Gateway Mall Cubao and getting off at the Ministop branch in front of the building. It costs around P50 via van ride. To go to the DENR Registration area, take a tricycle to Sitio Wawa and get off at that stop. This mountain is sometimes called Mt. Binacayan.


Elevation: 426+ MASL

Difficulty: 3/9

Location: Brgy. San Rafael, Montalban Rizal

Mt. Pamitinan Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

The Pamitinan Protected Landscape, according to historians, served as a protected area because of its historical significance as a secret haven for the Katipuneros during the Spanish era. Historians claim that Andres Bonifacio uttered the first battle cry of Revolution inside the Pamitinan Cave at So. Wawa, Brgy. San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal.

Aside from its historical significance, PPL is also popularly known to spelunkers and cave enthusiasts because of its two popular caves - the Pamitinan Cave and Bat Cave. During summer, the Bat Cave becomes an interesting site for tourists who wish to trek across it. The Bat Cave boasts hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites and numerous ring stone dams that enthrall tourists and enthusiasts alike.

The PPL is also known for its ancient rock formations; Some of the Kinabuan, Angat, and Madlum. Some of the rocks were believed to be about 135 million years old. At the Kinabuan Rock Formation, the rocks are made of volcanic basalt and intrusive gabbro believed to have been formed during the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era around 70 - 135 million years ago. Meanwhile, the Angat Formation which existed as early as the Miocene Period of the Cenozoic Era dates about 20 - 25 million years ago. Lastly, The Madlum Formation, well known for Buenacop Limestone, dates back to the late Miocene age formed about 5 - 11 million years ago.

More Information Here: DENR Pamitinan Protected Landscape 

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Elevation: 396 MASL

Location: Brgy. San Rafael, Montalban Rizal

MT. LAGYO Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

Mt. Lagyo is usually paired with Mt. Susong Dalaga if you are doing a twin hike. This mountain features rock-climbing trails same as Mt. Pamintinan and Mt. Binacayan. The rocks are very sharp so you have to prepare gloves to protect your hands. 

If you want to try more exciting trilogy hike, you can do Mt. Parawagan (grassland) + Mt. Lagyo (rockies) + Mt. Suso ng Dalaga (grassland).

Popular side trip when climbing Mt. Lagyo is El Rancho Trail and Natural Spring. Go to Barangay San Rafael then just ask for directions going to "Sitio Lagyo". Turn left if you are in Acacia going to Mt. Lagyo. It is approximately 30 mins trail/walk from Ka Andres Store. Ask for directions on where you can find El Rancho. 


(sometimes spelled as Mt. Hapunang Banoi)

Elevation: 517+ MASL

Difficulty: 4/9

Location: Brgy. Mascap, Montalban Rizal

MT. HAPUNANG BANOY Banoi Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

It is well-known for its stunning rock and limestone formations, which blend seamlessly with the dense forest's diverse array of greenery. The Sierra Madre Mountains may be seen from this perch. The "older sibling" of Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan, Mt. Hapunang Banoy (Banoi) is much more difficult, higher, and takes a lot longer to hike. The trail to Mt. Pamitinan follows the same route as the one from Mt. Banoy until you reach the junction where you must turn left (turn right is to Pamitinan). The rocky trails are dotted with bamboo groves. The view deck on the observation deck offers a stunning vantage point.

In most cases, Mt. Hapunang Banoi and either Mt. Pamitinan or Mt. Binacayan can be ascended as a twin hike. The sequential hike might be recommended by your tour guide if you indicate your interest in it prior to the hike. You'll of course, have to pay an additional fee for this. 


Elevation: 462 MASL

Location: Brgy. San Rafael, Montalban Rizal

MT. PARAWAGAN Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

Mt. Parawagan is one of Rodriguez, Rizal's most demanding and beautiful mountain hikes. Brgy. San Rafael is located on the western side of Sitio Wawa and has a route that leads to the trailhead in Sitio Parawagan. Views of tiny streams, mixed forests, the Sierra Madre Mountains and the rolling green greenery along the trail's sides will greet you. You'll be able to see the La Mesa Dam Reservoir and Makati's skyline from a distance of about 6 kilometers.

If you're searching for a beginner-friendly hiking experience, this might be the spot for you.  It features one of the most straightforward routes, making it perfect for trail running. The good news is that the views from this easy hike are on par with the breathtaking views found on the tougher ones.

You'll be able to see the entire area from the summit, which is completely free of obstructions.


(Also called Mt. Purro)

Elevation: 545MASL

Difficulty: Minor, 5/9, 4-6 hours (ascending), Trail Class 1-3

Location: Brgy. San Rafael / Puray, Montalban Rizal

MT. MATAMIS NA LUYA Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

Also called Mt. Purro. This mountain offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. The adventure involves 11.5-hour trek, 8 river crossings, and rafting. The trail is mostly exposed with some loose soil and cogon grass. Narra and bamboo trees are also common along the trail. The descending trail sometimes has loose soil and rocks with streams along the way. Common wildlife are cows, goats, chicken, swift and crows but there are no limatiks.

You can have a view of Marikina, Anipolo, Tanay, Rodriguez, Rizal and General Nakar Mountain Ranges. It is recommended to wear sun protection - sleeves and gloves can be helpful. There are no campsite here. Always pass thru the required registration and secure guides. You may need special permission as this mountain is protected.


Elevation: 627+ MASL

Location: Brgy. Mascap, Montalban Rizal

MT. AYAAS Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

One hour from Manila, Mt. Ayaas is a convenient location to explore. From the summit of Mt. Ayaas, 627 meters above sea level, one can see the Sierra Madre and its adjacent peaks, such as Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Binacayan, and Mt. Hapunang Banoi.  It is a gateway to the vast Sierra Madre mountain range that hikers cannot miss.

On the journey to the summit of Mt. Ayaas, you'll pass through rivers, deep forests, and open grasslands. While the mountain is suitable for novices because of its gentle slopes, it gradually becomes more challenging as you ascend the mountain. Hikers may rest at the summit and marvel in the surrounding mountains from the peak. 

Mt. Ayaas is the only non-limestone formation-type mountain among the Montalban Pentalogy (Mts. Pamitinan, Binacayan, Hapunang Banoi, Sipit Ulang, and Ayaas). This mountain also has the longest trail among all Montalban mountains.

The trail is mostly ascending with partly-shaded areas. As the heat might cause dehydration, it is recommended for hikers to bring plenty of water. If you're going trekking in the summer, be prepared to hike in the scorching sun all the way to the top.

8. MT. ORO

Elevation: 340+ MASL

Location: Brgy. Mascap, Montalban Rizal

MT. ORO Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

This mountain is the latest addition to the so-called Montalban Pentalogy turned Hexalogy. 

Mt. Oro's is known for its exposed trails, with only a few shady spots. If you've climbed Mt. Maynoba, you'll have a good idea of the trail's type.

This mountain's trail is ideal for first-timers because it is not primarily on assault and is only a short distance in total. If you go at a decent pace, you can reach the summit in 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

There are two summits on Mt. Oro, both of which offer a 360-degree view over the Rizal highlands.


Elevation: 252 MASL

Difficulty: 3/9

Location: Brgy. Mascap, Montalban Rizal

MT. SIPIT ULANG Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

Rodriquez, Rizal is home to Mt. Sipit-Ulang. Great rock formations and limestone pathways have made it a popular destination in recent years. It has a grade of 3/9 difficulty and is only a short walk up to 252 MASL. 

For whatever reason, the name "Sipit Ulang" refers to a petrified huge crab's claw that looks to be reaching toward the sky (or crabs claw). This rock's vantage point provided a postcard-worthy view of Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Binacayan, and Mt. Ayaas, all of which can be seen in the distance from the summit of the rock.

After crossing a small brook, the hike begins in a meadow and gradually ascends. The majority of the trail was surrounded by trees and plants, as well as rocks and narrow rock formations that were both menacing and eerie.

Passing through tight corridors between rocks and crawling up sharp rock formations were a challenge, but the experience of slipping and sliding through these passageways was both amazing and exciting. The variety of rock formations on the trails added to the beauty of the hike.

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Elevation: 955+ MASL

Location: Brgy. Puray, Montalban Rizal

MT. LUBOG Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

Mt. Lubog is a very promising dayhike in Rizal. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes of hiking to reach the summit depending on your pace. It’s so much like Mt. Lagyo and other mountains in Montalban because of the limestone. The one thing that sets Mt. Lubog apart from the other hiking destinations in Rodriguez, is the thick forest canopy that provides cover to climbers until one reaches the clearing at the rocky summit.

At 955 MASL, the summit is a wonderful haven of rocks, where hikers can feel perched in one of the gateways to the breathtaking view of the southern Sierra Madre. The summit resembles a labyrinth of boulders and karst formations. This is one of the reasons why the summit of Mt. Lubog is also referred to as "Simbahang Bato".

Side trips include the Lubog Cave and the Panintingan Falls.


Elevation: 777+ MASL

Location: Brgy. San Isidro, Montalban Rizal

MT. BALAGBAG Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

Mt. Balagbag is a popular hiking destination because of its proximity to Metro Manila. It is part of the Sierra Madre Range as it transitions into the lowlands of Central and Southern Luzon. Easy and broad, Mt. Balagbag is also a popular mountain bike destination. Hikers who attempt this trek during the summer will endure primarily exposure to the sun - though locals recall that the peak was once covered with trees - which maybe now lost due to illegal logging. For this reason, dim trekking or early morning or late afternoon hikes are recommended. 

Some tiny waterfalls and rivers may also be seen on the road to Mt. Balagbag in Rodriguez, Rizal, which can also be crossed from San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan or other nearby towns. Aside from hiking, this mountain is also a favorite destination for runners, bikers, and 4x4 wheel enthusiasts. It's a great training venue for them before joining a competition. The trail is also wide so big cars can go up near the helipad.


Elevation: 455 MASL

Location: Brgy. Mascap, Montalban Rizal

ESPADANG BATO Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

It's not hard to see why the locals referred to it as Espadang Bato because of its highly pointed shape that resembles a sword. There is no doubt that this peak is one of the most popular in Rodriguez's mountains.

The distance from Barangay Hall of Mascap to this location is roughly 3.6 kilometers. Mount Sipit Ulang's trail forks to the south, about 1.5 kilometers in length, at the junction of the two trails. Espadang Bato may be found just beyond the junction, a prominently protruding limestone rock structure.

With a walk to neighboring mountains, falls, and summits, you can get the most from Espadang Bato. A typical day trek includes a trip to Mount Sipit Ulang and a stop at Payaran Falls as well.


Elevation: 325 MASL

Location: Brgy. San Rafael, Montalban Rizal

MT. SUSONG DALAGA Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

There are many mountains in the Philippines called Mount Susong Dalaga or Bundok Susong Dalaga, which means "Maiden's Breasts Mountain".

Mount Susong Dalaga is a scenic viewpoint in Rizal situated nearby to Mount Lagyo. This mountain is usually part of the Trilogy hike - Mt. Parawagan + Mt. Lagyo + Mt. Susong Dalaga. 

The initial trails were relatively easy until reaching the grassland which eventually leads to the very steep ascent to its peak. This steep incline would actually make it harder for climbers to reach the summit during the rainy season. Mt. Susong Dalaga has a 70° assault downslope composed of loose soil with ridges on both sides.

Mt. Lagyo and Mt. Binacayan can also be seen at the summit of Mt. Susong Dalaga.

Mt. Susong Dalaga summit is just a small open space with no trees and can only accommodate a small group of hikers at a time.

14. MT. MAL-AC

Also spelled Mt. Malac (Mal-ak)

Elevation: 639+ MASL

Location: Brgy. Puray, Montalban Rizal

MT. MAL-AC Mt. Malac (Mal-ak)  Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

Mt Malac is a perfect trail for those looking for a less-traveled mountain to hike, with the reward of a refreshing side trip to waterfalls after. The trail is a combination of grasslands ridges and minor rocky river trekking. Although the trail takes 2-3 hours to the summit, 1.5 hours to the waterfalls, and 2 hours back to the jumpoff, totaling 5.5 to 6.5 hours of walking on sometimes uncovered path, the terrain is pretty easy and can be dared even by persistent beginners. Mount Malac is situated southeast of Mount Cabuan, and north of Mount Caypipili.

The first part of the trail traverses the dry riverbed before starting the assault. The second part of the trail is the first assault with vegetation providing shade to hikers. Some parts of the trail can be characterized by burned grassland due to kaingin.

Some vegetation still served as shade from the scorching heat of the sun at the beginning of the ascent. However, close to the summit, the grassland has dominated the panorama with a few trees here and there.

The usual twin hike combination includes Mt. Macareba + Mt. Mal-ac with a side trip to Puray Falls or Baawan Waterfalls.

Hiking Mt. Mal-ac highlights a breathtaking 360 view of Sierra Madre Mountain with an option to do overnight camp at Mogul Peak.


Elevation: 535+ MASL

Location: Brgy. Puray, Montalban Rizal

MT. MACAREBA Montalban Rodriguez Rizal

This mountain is also one of the less-traveled mountains in Rodriguez, Rizal. The trail is a combination of grasslands, bamboo, and narra covered forest. Trails are very muddy in the wet season. The hike features a view of Sierra Madre (Rizal) Mountain Range and the Manila skyline.

The usual event combination is a day hike to Mt. Macareba plus a side trip to Biting Uhay & Puray Falls. As mentioned above, this mountain is usually paired with Mt. Mal-ac for a twin hike.

Hiking Combos

Montalban Octa

Not Advisable for Beginner

8 Mountains in 1 day



📍Mt.Hapunang Banoi




📍Mt.Susong Dalaga


Montalban Trilogy

Mt. Binicayan 

Mt. Pamitinan 

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

For Further Mountain Hiking Sites  Information per Area:


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