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Hiking Mt. Manalmon in Bulacan [Useful Guide, Information and Tips Before the Climb]

Mt. Manalmon Bulacan

Tourists flock to Mt. Manalmon because of its abundance of caverns and lush green trees. Shorter than most mountains, but with a hard trail and a beautiful view at the top, this mountain is worth the effort.

There are views of Mt. Gola and dense forest in the Biak na Bato National Park (BNBNP) from the mountain's summit, which is also home to the Madlum River's pure, crystalline waters.

Local folklore says a man cursed by a fairy was swallowed by the mountain's rock, therefore the mountain's name, "Manlalamon," was coined.

Found inside a mineral reservation near BNBNP, it is an ideal home for different flora and fauna such as hardwood species of Molave, Lanete, Narra, and Tangile, including indigenous trees like Banaba and Himbabao. In addition, it is home to a wide variety of fauna, including bats, cloud rats, palm civets, monitor lizards, and a number of endangered indigenous species, including the Philippine Python, the Philippine Dwarf-kingfisher, and the Philippine Hawk-eagle.

Our mountains and woods give wildlife habitat, food, a means of subsistence, and other ecosystem services. Please help us keep them that way.

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LOOK: A couple got engaged at the summit of Mt Manalmon in Bulacan! : Dudz Calderon
LOOK: A couple got engaged at the summit of Mt Manalmon in Bulacan! : Dudz Calderon 

Couple Dudz Calderon and Thalia Peñaflor got engaged after Calderon made a surprise proposal on a mountaintop in Bulacan.
Thalia, who thought they were only taking a summit picture, was surprised after she turned around and saw her boyfriend of 8 years on his knee, complete with a ring.
Netizens gushed over the romantic gesture, commenting “Sana all!” in the original post. Calderon thanks After Duty Outdoors for organizing their milestone climb. 

Hiking Mount Manalmon

Bulacan is a popular tourist destination thanks to its proximity to Manila, which makes it a popular destination for thrill-seekers and nature-lovers alike.

Bulacan's Mt. Manalmon is a well-known tourist site. San Miguel's Sitio Madlum, in the neighborhood of Brgy. Sibul, is where most people begin their journey. Mt. Manalmon is considered a moderate climb by mountaineers, with a difficulty rating of 2/9 and a trail classification of 1-2. The cave and river of Madlum, as well as nearby mountains, may be seen from its elevation of 160 meters above sea level.

For those who want a variety of instagrammable sights in one location, this is the place. A combination of hills and waterways.

Mt. Manalmon, a mountain in San Miguel, Bulacan, is part of the ancient Biak-na-Bato National Park. Madlum River, with its rock formations and otherwise uninspiring backdrop of Mt. Manalmon makes up for an otherwise uninspiring surrounding.

Biak-na-Bato can be enhanced by a visit to adjacent places such as the Bayukbok Caves (a 2-hour investigation from the River) and Madlum Cave (historical because of an 18th-century relic).

It's also worth noting that Mt. Gola, a nearby peak, can be reached by continuing left at the bifurcation instead of right; this top provides an excellent view of Mt. Manalmon.

The Sierra Madre mountains to the east and Mt. Arayat to the north may both be seen from the summit of Mt. Manalmon. Manalmon's most noteworthy features, however, are the area's rocky formations, river, and caverns.

The trek's high point is the Madlum River, which you'll cross after first passing through the Madlum cave (also known as Manalmon cave). Depending on where you choose to camp, you have the option of either along the riverbank or at the summit.


San Miguel, Bulacan Major jump-off: Sitio Madlum, Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel 

How to get to Mt. Manalmon

Via Public Transportation

  1. Go to Balagbag Transit Terminal in Cubao then ride a bus going to Gapan (look for the bus with signage going to San Miguel). Travel time takes about 2Hrs. The cost is about 117 Pesos. 
  2. Get off at Kamias Crossing/Junction and from there ride a tricycle going to Biak Na Bato Natural Park. The ride takes about  45Min. Tricycle fare is around 240 Pesos for 3 people. 

Via Private Transportation

  1. From Manila, drive to the north and take Sta. Rita exit from NLEX. You will pass towns like  Plaridel, Pulilan, Baliuag, San Rafael and San Ildefonso. 
  2. From San Miguel, you can ask the locals on how to get to Brgy. Madlum of Mount Manalmon.


Suggested 2-days 1-night Itinerary

Mt.Manalmon + Mt. Gola + Mt. Matinik Trilogy Hike (2D1N) 
Madlum, San Miguel Bulacan
  • ✔️Mt Manalmon 
  • ✔️Mt. Matinik 
  • ✔️Mt. Gola 
  • ✔️Secret Falls 
  • ✔️Monkey Bridge 
  • ✔️Hanging Bridge 
  • ✔️Madlum Cave 
  • ✔️Bayukbok 1 Cave 
  • ✔️Bayukbok 2 Cave 
  • ✔️River Crossing 
  • ✔️BONFIRE 

Mt. Gola

Mt. Gola

Mt. Gola is among the famous tourist attractions in Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan.  It is a popular hiking destination, especially for beginners, as it stands at only 192 meters above sea level. It boasts the beauty of its dense and lush forests, including the crystalline waters of Madlum River. 

One can see Mt. Manalmon at the northeastern part of its summit, while the dense forests of the Biak-na-Bato National Park can be seen at the top of the mountain. 

Hardwood species such as Molave, Lanete, Narra, Tangile, Banaba, and Himbabao thrive in Mt. Gola. It also homes several wildlife species like bats, cloud rats, palm civets, monitor lizards, Philippine Python, Philippine Dwarf-kingfisher, Philippine Hawk-eagle, Philippine Eagle-owl, and the Philippine Warty pig.  

Day Hike Sample Itinerary

6AM- EDT at Cubao
8AM- ETA at Brgy. Kamias, San Miguel, Bulacan
8AM-9AM- Brgy. Kamias to Brgy. Madlum (jump-off)
9AM-915AM- Registration and arrange for guides (required)
915AM- 10:15 AM -Jump-off to Manalmon Peak
1015AM-11AM- Rest and Picture/selfie taking at the peak
1130AM-12NN- Start of the Adventure in Madlum Cave
12NN-1300PM -Caving
1400PM-1430PM-  Preparation to Manila
1430PM - Going Back to Manila


  • Caving / Spelunking

There are two main attractions on the Mt. Manalmon trip: the Bayukbok Caves and Madlum Cave. Stunning rock formations can be found in all of the caverns. It's fantastic to see the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave.

  • Trekking 

Mt. Manalmon is a wonderful destination for novice and experienced hikers alike. The trail meanders through a forest filled with trees and open fields that offer a wonderful perspective.

  • Camping

There are campgrounds in the vicinity. Some campers set up camp near the Madlum River, while others choose to set up camp at the top of the mountain. 

  • Monkey Bridge / Rafting / Cliff Jumping

On Mt. Manalmon, you can take a stroll along the "Monkey Bridge." It's also possible to go bamboo rafting and cliff jumping in the river. Please be aware that the Monkey Bridge and cliff leaping are extremely dangerous, and you should take extra precautions.

Where to Eat

PALUTO sa tindahan at kainan ni tata carling sa madlum/mt.manalmon

Location: Sitio Madlum Brgy. Sibul Spring 3011 San Miguel, Philippines 
Contact Number: +63 921 861 7942 

Tips and Reminders

  1. Because certain trails are both rocky and slippery, it's best to hike with trekking shoes. It's fine to wear rubber shoes or sandals if you're comfortable with them.
  2. Avoid sunburn by using sunblock - or bring a cap and arm sleeves. To protect your skin from the bites of mosquitoes, bring OFF lotion as well.
  3. You should bring a raincoat just in case.
  4. Please bring a waterproof bag or dry bag to keep your valuables and electronics safe.

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