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Notice: My Blog is In Transition

I recently decided to take this really cool hobby of mine into the next level - by having my .com domain without a blogspot. I really like writing about random things, and luckily, search engines are noticing it, so I thought why not get a little serious about it. I'm not really into hardcore SEO, and I'm not planning to write only for SEO. SEO-obsessed blogs tend to lose the blog's personality and credibility. Because their main purpose is to generate traffic,
they tend to do every SEO tricks available and jam their homepage with ads, links, dizzying and unnecessary widgets, etc. etc. I tagged them as "zombie blogs": alive for the crawlers, dead for the readers.

By the way, this blog is currently in transition - meaning, I'm moving from to my very own domain name which according to blogger will take two to three days. So please bear with the messy widgets and links during the transition. 

Here's the message I received from blogger:

I just hope the transition will run smoothly. I'm expecting a drop in traffic but they say it's normal.

I'm also thinking about a niche blog but currently I can't decide which specific category I'm really in so I decided settling for a Lifestyle blog in the meantime. This way I will not be limited to a specific topic.  

Well, I never thought blogging could be this fun, rewarding and educational. 

By the way, what do you think about the name of my new home "Yodisphere?" It's from my name Yodi.
I can't think of a better tagline now so I used "bringing balance to the blogosphere." But I was first thinking of using -  "the dark side of the blogosphere" to give it some character. 


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