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A Review of My Blogger Domain Transition

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After winning the Enervon Hapontukin contest and noticing that search engines are giving me traffic for the past few months, thus giving me a  few dollars on my Adsense account, I finally decided to have my own .com domain. Since I'm spending most of my weekend writing articles for this blog, I thought why not try making money out of it. The $10 investment is really worth it, because I'm enjoying this and I'm learning a lot from it.

I'm really glad the 3-day transition runs smoothly. All links are perfectly re-directing now. I had no issues with my Adsense account, sitemaps are being indexed again and traffic is going back to normal. However, I spend my whole Sunday evening editing my account links (Facebook, Ezine, Intensedebate, etc.) Although the old URL doesn't need to be revised (which I changed just to make sure), it bears the old site title and description. So, to avoid the confusion, I painstakingly edited my account on those sites one by one. 

I also added a separate blogroll page, because during transition, some of my widgets got lost. Check it out to add your link.
For those who have blogs at blogger who are planning to have their own custom domain, here are my 3 tips:
1. Before moving to a custom domain, read a lot of articles and forums first. Check out the pros and cons, known issues and guides. Losing access to your blog is really frustrating. 

2. Decide which domain name to use. Have a list, check it's availability and register the one you think is best. Remember, once you register it, you can't change it. Online domain name generators can help you in deciding cool domain names (because chances are, that name you badly want was already taken). Be creative.

3. You don't need much technical knowledge to have your own domain, so you should not be afraid giving it a try. Setting up custom domain through your blogger dashboard is easy and user-friendly. Specific instructions and guides are there, plus you can always check the blogger help pages. 
I think, that's it. Of course, the advantage of having a custom domain for our blog is simply because it gives a formal name and a more credible identification on the web. It also serves as an investment, the domain's value becomes higher if its targeted with high traffic and ranking.

All is set! More articles coming soon!

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