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El Nido Palawan Island Drone Shots | Free Stock Footages B-rolls No Copyright Video Download [HD]

VIDEO B-ROLL / FOOTAGE Collection: El Nido Island, Palawan Philippines Drone Videos. Free to use video footage or as B-roll and no copyright. Feel free to download all available stock videos and use them in your production. You can download this video and use it in your projects, as video clips on your youtube video or for school projects. You cannot re-upload the whole video. Use it as B-roll or video clips only. You cannot re-upload the whole video on commercial stock footage sites.

WARNING: You cannot re-upload the whole video - or I might request take-down. Use small parts as B-roll or video clips only. You cannot re-upload the whole video on commercial stock footage sites. You cannot re-upload the whole video on your youtube channel.

All videos are under creative common license, it mean you can reuse this footage, but you can not copyright it.

Take your time to browse the channel and enjoy watching all the stock footage available to you for free.

PLAYLIST Free Stock Footage No Copyright Video Free Download Non-Copyrighted B-Roll:

Shot List

1. Aerial drone shot of remote coastline of Bacuit Bay Palawan

2. El Nido bay. Palawan island, Philippines. Slow motion shot

3. Aerial view of Miniloc Island. El-Nido, Palawan. 

4. Aerial view of Filipino boats floating in blue lagoon El Nido Palawan

5. Aerial drone footage circling a sandbar. 

6. Aerial footage of tropical beach on Helicopter 

7. Aerial drone flight over tropical paradise turquoise water

8. Sandbar near Snake Island with turquoise water

9. Snake Island and Sandbar surrounded by blue waters

10. Tourist tour trip banca boats in shallow water

11. Aerial view of tourist island hopping boat

12. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Aerial drone panorama

13. Aerial drone footage of tropical Ipil beach

14. El Nido Cityscape and Landscape. Beautiful 

15. 4k aerial drone landscape of beautiful Cadlao

16. Aerial drone view of Huge Pinagbuyutan island 

17. Platform in open blue ocean near Lagen island

18. Aerial of beautiful woman in a long blue dress

19. Rippled ocean water near Tapiutan strait

20. El Nido bay. Palawan, Philippines. Low angle view

21. Aerial footage fly over Snake Island, Sandbar

22. El Nido. A Dog on the beach in front of local boat

23. Traditional fishing banca boat floating in blue waters

24. Aerial drone view of Karst rocky Pinagbuyutan Island 

25. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Shallow lagoon

26. El Nido bay. Boat close up, Ocean lagoon 

27. Aerial view of big and small lagoon on Miniloc Island

28. 4k Aerial drone flying over old coral reef alonng coastline

29. Aerial footage of big lagoon with sharp rocks

30. Drone follow Island hopping boats in strait between islands

31. Traditional philippine boat bangka at sunset

32. Aerial footage of entrance into big lagoon

33. Aerial drone shot of high mountain covered

34. Boat hover over water surface facing tropical island

35. 4K Aerial circle fly over tropical beach

36. Matinloc island, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

37. Aerial view of Matinloc Shrine in El Nido

38. Aerial drone view lonely tourist boat on Tour

39. Aerial drone footage of Shimizu Island

40. 4k Aerial view of Cas Cabanas tropical beac

41. 4k Aerial fly along the Cas Cabanas beach

42. Aerial drone view of boats anchored in the beach.

43. Aerial drone fly along Coast of Cadlao Island

44. Top down aerial 4K footage of tourist boats

45. Aerial drone footage of tourist banca boat

46. Golden sunset behind Cadlao island in El Nido

47. Traditional philippine boat bangka at sunset

48. 4K Aerial drone view of Dilumacad or Helicopter island

49. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Matinloc island

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