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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Election Fever

I vote for Roco. My not-so-intelligent friends told me that my vote was a wasted vote coz everybody knows that only a miracle can make Roco win. Duh! Foolish thinking.
A candidate running for mayor offered a free trip to Mindoro last Saturday night. I feel it’s an indirect way of vote buying. Against my principle and ideology, I accept the offer. It’s our taxes they’re using anyway.
I didn’t enjoy the trip. The green landscape I used to enjoy during my trip to Mindoro isn’t green at all. They’re gray and lifeless. Or maybe it’s my mood that’s lifeless. Or maybe those damn campaign posters blocked the greenery. Maybe the latter explains it all.
There was a few changes in my beloved little town, or maybe none at all. Election is more fun and exciting than our town fiesta. Every candidate was unbelievably nice and always wearing a wolfish grin. Damn them.
One of our cousins was shot in the leg. Election related for sure. That’s one of the reasons why I believe Carl Marx and his idea of Marxism. I support the leftist when I was in the last years of my college days. But NPA’s ideologies have flaws.
Indelible ink was applied in the nail of my index finger. I just got feeling that I fulfill my duty as a citizen. Hoping that my vote will help change the future of this country. Just hoping.
I didn’t enjoy the trip back either.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Last Nyt

I can't remember what happened last night. I had five bottles of red horse beer with JJ in a cheap bar near our office and it really hit me. It slowed down my system. I ride the wrong jeepney route. I was supposed to ride a jeep going to Quiapo but when I woke up I'm in Pasig. Damn, I forgot to pay the driver and he's shouting at me "Hoy bayad mo!!!", I checked my pocket and without counting the coins, I gave it to the the driver.
I look around, familiarizing myself in the place where I'm in. I think hard how I got there but I can't remember...That's the first time alcohol really hit my memory. That was a cold night and its raining. It's still summer time but it's raining...maybe the weather was drunk too..
Then I saw a large sign which says "Pasig Public Market". There are few people on the street, and only a couple of jeepney was passing by. I check the time and I was surprised to know that it's already 1:00 am. I stayed where I am for 30 minutes or maybe longer. I'm hungry, cold and drunk and I lost my sense of time... I'm a confused, drunk and totally wasted guy in the middle of the cold rainy night...
Thank heaven! a jeep with a Quiapo sign stop in front of me. Did I wave at it? maybe not...maybe the other guy at my back holding a bunch of paintings did it...
When I woke up this morning, I'm famished. I recall how I got in Pasig Public Market but my memory fails me...
I got to have some food.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Friday Blues

There's no aircon in LRT, so I am drenched with sweat when I arrived at the office. Same routine. Check mail, answer phone calls, process papers etc.
I find an error in one of the columns in the newspaper (Inquirer Libre) so I take time writing the editor, informing them of their bullshit.I'm waiting for their reply, which I know they will never do.
Weather today didn't catch my interest, so I don't know what's the weather today, still summer I supposed. I don't talk to her the whole day and I feel somehow depressed because of how things are slowly changing. I intentionally avoid her. I don't know if she's avoiding me too...I really missed that "Wine" event. Maybe this set-up will help me, even if it's hurting me.
Today is Friday and I want to go out. A couple of beer perhaps. There's too many depressing things happened this past few weeks. I smile but I'm not happy.
And there's still that damn question I can't answer....UNTIL WHEN?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Bora I

April 29, 2004 is just a regular working day for me, but there's excitement in the office because we are sheduled to go to Boracay at the eve of that day. It's our annual company outing and this time we go a little farther and yes it is in the famous Boracay Beach, all expenses paid...
We took the bus ride from Manila to the Port of Batangas, then we took Ro-ro from Batangas to Mindoro-Calapan, took a 3 hour bus ride to Roxas then another Ro-ro ride going to Caticlan. Its a great travel experience because I got a chance to see the beauty of the countryside, the mountains, and the blue sea.
The ride is really fun.
We arrived at Boracay at 1:00 pm. The white, fine sand and the green water was really refreshing. It wash out all our exhaustion from the trip.
The colorful sunset, set against the green water and island terrain was definitely amazing..Great!!
I can't find exact words to describe that experince. I have to write a poem for that..the night life...the snorkelling...the beach..the foods... ahhhh..


Monday, May 03, 2004

Read Me: Disclaimer


This is my personal blog. You should not assume that the information available here is exhaustive, balanced, or worthy of your unquestioning trust.

Personal relationships and privacy

Do not assume that you know everything there is to know about me simply because you read my blog on a regular basis. Any judgements you make will be based on the information I have provided you about myself, which is probably vague, incomplete or embellished. Whatever opinion you form about me as a Jedi, or my life as a whole, is probably best kept to yourself. Remember, you are the reader. An obvious exception to this would be if I asked for your advice or opinions.

I am busy saving the world. Never contact me for more details on events or personal information than what I have already provided on this blog. Chances are if the information you seek isn't readily available, I have found it too personal or inappropriate to share. If you are my friend, sex buddy, relative, girl friend, drinking buddy, I will eventually tell you privately, so intrusive questions are not necessary, just leave it alone. If you are meant to know, you will.

If you have a real life relationship with me, or we had sex before, remember that communication is very important. View my blog as my online journal, no less sacred than a diary hidden between the mattresses. First of all let me know that you read and understand my posts, especially if I did not tell you personally.

If I do not want you reading my posts, or suddenly stop posting entries, don’t ask me why and if necessary, stop visiting my blog. It is important that as a friend, relative, co-worker or whatever, that your presence at my blog not impede my ability to express myself. Remember this is my outlet. I may not want you to read certain things I might write about you, or others you care about, in order to spare your feelings, avoid drama or maintain my privacy. You should respect this and immediately stop visiting my blog, and never relay any information you gather at my site to others who might use it against me, or else your life on earth will be like hell.

If I write about you and you don't appreciate it, approach me about it. Try to remain calm and polite. Explain that you are entitled to your privacy as well. There are many compromises that can be reached from using vague nicknames to protect your anonymity, or not mentioning you at all. If you are upset because I am writing negative things about you, be reasonable, try to see if there is a way to resolve the issues and mend your relationship with me. If that doesn't seem to be possible, stop visiting my blog. I will eventually get bored, move on and leave you alone.

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Never assume I owe you any response. I receive a few to hundreds of messages per day. I might gladly write back immediately, or will never reply. Try not to take it personally, because chances are it has more to do with my schedule than anything else. If you get upset and nasty about feeling rejected, you will probably ruin any chances you had of befriending me.

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You shouldn't contact me with my messenger services or my mobile phone unless I announce it on this blog. If you got it from someone else, forget you ever had it, I probably meant to keep it somewhat private.

I have the right to stop writing at any time for any reason I see fit, and at no point must I justify or explain these reasons to you or any of my readers. It's my blog, I can do with it as I please.

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The Chronicles of Yodz was previously entitled “The Struggles of the Warrior of the Light” inspired by the author Paulo Coelho. It contains a few posts in 2004, totally neglected the following year and was revived in 2008.

I write a lot during high school - inspired by my teachers. One time in my life, I wished of becoming a writer – that is why  my subtitle reads “Taming the defiant psyche of a frustrated writer.” 

I changed the template, done a few code tweaking and tried as much as I can to update it. It was previously dedicated for philosophical notes on finding the “light” and other mind and human psyche stuff but I find it too rigorous for my simple and inexperienced mind. I created it more or less on a whim and later became my personal rant page and a record of anything that inspires me. I love reading and this blog is my way of sharing and recording the things that I find interesting.

This blog contains ideas and rants on personal effectiveness, family and interpersonal relationships, places and travel, humor, annoying and amusing things, pop culture, technology, commentaries on local politics and human idiosyncrasies in general. It also serves as a record of my eccentricity, shenanigans and personal musings – which I’m trying to avoid because I believe “ideas” are more important than useless personal rant about me, myself and I - Who cares about what I ate for lunch anyway.

If you are human, you will definitely find something interesting here.

The Author

The name Yodz de Veas y Insigne is the name behind this blog, inspired by the famous Jedi Master Yoda and the concept of the “Force.” Christian is my baptismal name, a name suggested by a Catholic priest and was accepted by my parents. 

Along the way I choose to become Yodz, - freethinker, introverted, agnostic, pragmatic, and a reliable realist. We are given free will, but choosing one’s name is reserved to our parents, hence I believe that it is our natural right to have a new name picked and chosen by ourselves.

I am currently pursuing my masters degree in a university somewhere (in short, hoping for a better job). I am amazed by web technology and hoping to develop a famous web application someday – I hope. Web  technology really inspires me. 

I am from the province of Occidental Mindoro - Republic of the Philippines, I.T. teacher by profession but currently trying to survive a corporate world. I love books, travel, freethinking and philosophy, coffee and peanuts. I sometimes seems reserved and distant to outsider although I often have a great deal of wit and esprit.

On this blog, I encourage all visitors to give feedback and intelligent comments, share ideas and thoughts.

Yodz de Veas y Insigne
Warrior of the Light

My Fellow Bloggers and visitors,
I'm having a slight memory gap :) so kindly leave your blog/website link at the comments section below, I'll check it out. If I find it amazing, I'll post it in my blog roll. Please don't post it in my message board.

Happy Browsing!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

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